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  1. Get ready. We are about to find out that this whole mess has been BA's fault and not Dan's. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/07/03/bruce-allen-indirectly-benefits-from-lack-of-wft-transparency/ >>There’s no reason to believe that the league tiptoed around Allen as a favor to him. Instead, the thinking is that the deference shown to Snyder incidentally encompassed Allen, allowing him to not be directly tied to any of the general conclusions because the league decided to conceal any specific findings or accusations. Thus, to the extent that a full and comp
  2. I suspect Ron thinks the same thing and that's exactly why he apparently decided he had greater needs than drafting a QB this year.
  3. Dyami Brown is really high on him too. https://www.si.com/nfl/washingtonfootball/news/dyami-brown-connection-qb-fitzpatrick-washington >>Fans of the Washington Football Team still might not be all-in on Ryan Fitzpatrick as the next quarterback. After all, who expects a 38-year-old not named "Tom Brady'' to change a franchise? But Fitzpatrick role is not as demanding as all of that. All he has to do is get the ball to the right target, limit the turnovers and watch what happens next. After 16 years in the NFL, that doesn't seem too hard, right?
  4. NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year 2 years in a row? Would be nice if it happened. https://www.si.com/nfl/washingtonfootball/news/case-washington-jamin-davis-as-nfl-rookie-year >>.....Rivera swung big in April at the No. 19 pick with the selection of Jamin Davis. The athletic Kentucky linebacker can play sideline to sideline and be effective at near every level of the field. The expectations are high for Davis to step in, learn the playbook and contribute in both the base 4-3 and subpackages as well. How talented can Davis be in his rookie year? CBS Spo
  5. Aaron Rodgers is 38 also. Would he be worth the price the WFT would have to pay to just have him play another 1-2 years?
  6. So is Ron sneaking another QB with good potential but low cost in the back door the way he did with Heinicke? Is he seeing something in these QB's that other teams are missing? I know, people are going to say that XFL season was only 5 games and that's not long enough for him to really show anything. Most people (including me) were on Ron for not going after one of the top 5 QB's in this years draft. I heard him say somewhere later on that there had only been 1 QB in this years draft that they really liked though and he was gone well before Washington could have moved up to get him. Most specu
  7. Sad news indeed. RIP Colt.
  8. From what I've heard, Washington has been high on him for a while and he's moved up the rankings substantially. That may have been Ron's plan all along. https://www.drafttek.com/2021-NFL-Draft-Position-Rankings/Top-College-QBs.asp
  9. 19 was just too far down for this particular draft. I can't believe we weren't aggressive enough to move up. When you look at what Chicago gave to the Giants to move to #11 and get Fields, I can't believe the WFT couldn't have beaten that. NY may not have wanted Fields in the division though.
  10. Less than an hour to go now and I am soooooo....stoked. I've been looking forward to this particular draft for so long.
  11. Why doesn't that surprise me in the least?
  12. I'm sure he's still PO'd at the Niners because they were his first choice coming out of college but they passed on him in the draft. I'm sure he would prefer them now though compared to GB.
  13. No way Rodgers ends up in Washington. The price would be too high for WFT, GB doesn't want him in the NFC and he apparently wants to play for a western team. He's such a prima donna anyway that he will probably whine if he doesn't end up with one of his "preferred" teams.
  14. Wow. This is some theory. I doubt it would ever happen but it sure is interesting to think about, especially now that Baltimore got all those draft picks for Orlando Brown. https://nypost.com/2021/04/24/ravens-could-dump-lamar-jackson-in-radical-move-nfl-expert/
  15. Washington fans have had so much bad luck over the past 20 years (the worst break being Snyder buying the team and everything else that has stemmed from that) that we are long overdue for some really good breaks in my opinion. If TH can show that he can play every game like he played that playoff game and become THE guy, that would be a HUGE break for this team and fans (especially given how little he cost us).
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