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  1. Well, I think it's still too early to say that it's really Haskins' team yet but that's for the Haskins thread. If you accept Case's assumption that Haskins IS the starter though, I would say go after Sudfield or look to draft a backup QB. Picking Cousins in the 4th round turned out pretty well I'd say.
  2. Dan definitely didn't look very happy or healthy. That big IMAX theater on his yacht must not be helping him relax as much as he probably thought it would.
  3. The Skins have been and probably still are in worse trouble than any of us ever imagined. We now know that Snyder doesn't know how to use a calendar. Yo, Dan...the season is over. All 16 games have already been played. There are only playoff games and the SB left to play now.
  4. SonnySideUp

    Who should be the next GM?

    I just did a google search on the "new Redskins GM" just to see if there had been any new developments in the FO and almost fell out of my chair when this came up on a Redskins web page that was undated but with Ron Rivera's picture on the top: >>Redskins Introduce Scot McCloughan As New GM Watch Redskins new General Manager Scot McCloughan's introductory press conference.<< It wasn't until it dawned on me that it was Bruce standing next to him that I realized what had happened.
  5. SonnySideUp

    OC - Scott Turner incoming

    I agree. I think people are reluctant to let him go because of what happened with Sean M, Kyle S and Matt L, even though KOC hasn't demonstrated enough yet in my opinion to show that he is in the same league as those three. KOC may indeed turn out to be very good but so far, his work showing Haskins has improved has only spanned a few games...not enough in my opinion to be conclusive yet. Also, I haven't been that impressed yet with KOC's game calls. For example, I don't think that the play calling on the offense was that great in this last Cowboys game. I'd like to see KOC stick around but I wouldn't be surprised if Ron either replaces him completely or at least brings in a more experienced OC for him to play under.
  6. Ron is clearly well regarded by his players: >>Panthers players were clearing out their lockers Monday in preparation for the offseason. Upon hearing the news of Rivera’s imminent hiring by Washington, they were lavish in their praise of their former coach. Panthers defensive tackle Gerald McCoy said he would tell Washington players that “one of the best things that ever happened to your career is about to happen. He (Rivera) is one of the greatest men I’ve ever been around, one of the greatest coaches I’ve ever been around ... he’s going to turn that place around. Guaranteed.”<<
  7. SonnySideUp

    Welcome To The Redskins: Ron Rivera, Head Coach >>Ron Rivera Is the Right Coach to Change the Culture in Washington After firing team president Bruce Allen on Monday, Dan Snyder finally seems to be cleaning house. And the former Panthers coach is the perfect person to get this franchise back on track.... ....Panthers defensive tackle Gerald McCoy was asked on Monday what he would tell Washington players who are about to get Rivera as their coach. “The greatest thing in their careers is about to happen,” McCoy told The Athletic’s Jourdan Rodrigue. <<
  8. SonnySideUp

    Who should be the next GM?

    I love Doug Williams but please don't let it be him. He is refreshing and honest to listen to as a spokesman for the Skins. Unlike most Skins management he has a lot of heart. Definitely keep him in the FO but not as GM though.
  9. He definitely fills the mentor role well but I'm not so sure about the backup part. That's still a big question I would think.
  10. So, will Rivera's hiring revive the now dead rumors of a few months ago that the Skins will go after Cam Newton...this time as a backup/mentor for Haskins? I can't imagine they will keep McCoy and deciding whether to keep Keenum must be a question also. Newton's status in Carolina is apparently still in question though but there are probably a number of teams that would still make him a starter. Also, Alex Smith probably keeps the role of Haskins' mentor and Newton would probably be too expensive as a backup for the Skins. Still, I wonder if Ron might try to fit him in somehow here.
  11. Jay Glazier just reported on FOX that Bruce is being re-assigned elsewhere in the Skins org but outside of Football ops. I hope that's not the case (I hope he's gone completely) but I wouldn't be surprised if that is what happens. George Allen was a big name in Redskins football when Danny was growing up and he gets sentimentally attached to big names. For that reason, I suspect it would be very hard for him to let go of Bruce completely.
  12. The crime TV network “Investigation Discovery” aired a show last night about Sean Taylor’s death. It was the episode called “Football Fatale” in the series “The Perfect Murder” and I believe it was first produced in 2017. There are no scheduled re-airings on TV that I can find but anyone who is interested can view it online at: The show is about Sean’s life, the investigation of his murder and the trials of the idiots who did it. It’s bad enough that we lost him but it hurts even more when one realizes just how stupid his attackers were. I thought the show was fairly well done and very positive about Sean and his family.
  13. SonnySideUp

    Next Coach?

    I don't think you will see Meyer on the Skins' sideline. IF he comes to the NFL at all, I think it will be to the Cowboys. Even with offering a ton of money, I doubt Dan could put together a package that would compete with the Cowboys, even with JJ as their GM. Here's what Meyer said about the Cowboy's job in October: >>When asked in October if he’d consider the Cowboys job, Meyer’s response was “absolutely.” “That’s the New York Yankees,” he said during an interview with Fox’s The Herd with Colin Cowherd. “That’s the one. Great city. They got Dak Prescott, Zeke Elliott. You got a loaded team. … To me, that’s the one job in professional football that you say, ‘I got to go do that.’”<<
  14. SonnySideUp

    Welcome to the NFL Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    I don't know how good he is eventually going to be but I was pretty nervous watching him limp around on the field during the game. I kept wishing they would take him out. All I could think of was RG3 limping around on the field during the Jan 2016 playoff game and me yelling at Shanny through the TV screen to get him out of there. Griffin was already playing on a knee strain from a previous game and finally injured it worse, pretty much wrecking the rest of his career. I just thought it was a pretty dumb more to leave Haskins on the field limping like that today but what the heck do I know?
  15. SonnySideUp

    Welcome to the NFL Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    I heard that one of the first things he did after getting signed was to buy a new Bentley for himself. Anyone know if that's true?