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  1. I think Kyle may surprise people who thought he was not a good choice to bring in here by Ron. He could turn out to be better than many think. On this list, he was ranked #5 behind #4 - Jackson, #3 - Goff, #2 - Watson and #1 - Mahomes. It's also interesting to see where the QB's on this list are today compared to where they were when this list was made last year (2019). I think Kyle Allen could turn out to be at least a Kirk Cousins level QB if not better. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2857471-ranking-the-nfls-top-10-quarterbacks-under-25?share=email
  2. Where are the people who wanted to fire Ron after the first 4 games?
  3. So....he's not dressing again for the Cowboys game. Does that mean he's not likely to dress again for the rest of the season? I can't see him having any value to the team at this point and I can't imagine any other team being willing to trade for him after this incident on top of everything else. If they won't play him and can't trade him, I can't see them doing anything else but cutting him. If so, that means the team would finish the season with Allen as the starter and Smith as the backup (or vice versa) and Logan Thomas as the emergency QB. That's not a great situation to be in
  4. It means teams calling Washington about trade possibilities. There have been none so far even though fans and media have been speculating on trade possibilities. https://www.nbcsports.com/washington/football-team/report-no-team-has-called-washington-about-trading-qb-dwayne-haskins
  5. Just speculation by some Steelers fans but some there think Haskins might be a fit there behind Roethlisberger. Would you take corner Justin Lane and a 4th round pick for him? Layne was a 2019 3rd round pick with talent but who apparently hasn't been producing. He looks pretty uncertain to me but it's interesting to see what others might think of giving for Dwayne. Just a 4th round pick alone might be worth it if they could get it. Seems unlikely though. According to NBC Sports there has been zero official interest from other teams in trading for him. https://steelerswi
  6. I have long felt that regardless of how well he played or not, he had a long ways to go in the maturity department. He was apparently told repeated times that he had to improve and he didn't put in the work. Finally, he was told he had to improve or lose his starting job and he apparently handled it like a 5 yr old. The first flag for me about lack of maturity was at the end of the WFT - Panthers game when he ran up into the stands to take selfies with fans before the game had ended. The other red flag for me was his purchase of a $250,000 plus Bentley when he first got here. Obviousl
  7. Is Kyle Allen underrated? He can't be a worse choice than DH. From October, 2019: https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2857471-ranking-the-nfls-top-10-quarterbacks-under-25?share=email >>5. Kyle Allen, Carolina Panthers Though he doesn't possess the star power of Minshew, Carolina Panthers quarterback Kyle Allen has quietly been one of the best young quarterbacks in the league dating back to last season. He's gone 4-0 as a starter in relief of Cam Newton, and not just because he has a quality team around him. Allen is accurate and decisive with his throws,
  8. I wouldn't go giving Dan too much credit for such a great hire as Jason Wright. It's my understanding that the NFL gave his name to Dan with term "given" most likely meaning "strongly suggested", "strongly recommended", etc. The same goes for Beth Wilkinson, whose name was also apparently "given" to Snyder. I can't speak to Ron or Julie Donaldson however. Ron was chosen before any of this started so he was probably legitimately a Dan choice. I just don't know about whether Julie Donaldson was completely Dan's choice or not. They pointed out in Sunday's show that all of this change
  9. A couple of points. First, if you missed the one hour ESPN special, it is being re-broadcast tonight (Monday 9/7) at 10 pm on ESPNNEWS, again on at 1 AM (Wednesday 9/9) ESPNNEWS. I believe it is also on again (Saturday 9/12) on ESPNNEWS) at 9 AM. It is also on the ESPN.com website in the “on demand” video section, at least it is at the moment. This is all on my current Xfinity lineup. Yours may be different. It will possibly be re-broadcast more times on one of the ESPN networks. The show is "Sport Center Special", "A Franchise In Crisis - The Washington Football Team". I watched
  10. A lot of people say that Snyder will only be fined after the investigation and not be forced to sell the team. They say this current team situation is different in the NFL's eyes from the Panthers situation with Jerry Richardson because Snyder has not been shown to be personally involved to this point (whereas Jerry Richardson apparently was). I don't think there necessarily has to be an apples to apples comparison between the two team situations. The Washington team's alleged offenses may not match those of the Panther's exactly but may very well exceed them when taken collectively. I think i
  11. That raised my eyebrows a little when I heard it too but in the context of all the other claims both in the show and in the Post articles, I decided it was believable. I remember way back years ago when Snyder was still trying to buy the team, there was a story about him being in a restaurant in I think it was Denver. He was supposedly in a conversation with several other people when a waitress interrupted him talking to take their drink orders. He allegedly had her fired because she interrupted him. This was before he had even purchased the team and gotten the reputation he has
  12. The main new news that I remember seeing was the part about the player following her out to her car and continuing to ask her out, which you already pointed out. There was also remarks from a woman who said she was told she wasn't allowed to go to the bathroom at times because employees weren't allowed to "wander around" when Snyder was in the building. The main thing for the show for me was that it brought the stories in the newspaper to life and gave them a much more vivid and real quality. It also provided an opportunity to go into the claims in more depth. The same show is su
  13. I watched the entire program. It was on the 1pm airing of Sport Center on ESPN2 today (Thursday) although it had originally been scheduled for noon. It is apparently going to be re-aired today at Sport Center 6 pm with a second part tomorrow (Friday) on Sport Center. Don't know whether it will be the noon or the 1 pm version so I will DVR both. There is apparently going to be a 1 hour show on it Sunday as well. I don't know the time yet for that. I thought the show was brutal. The cheerleaders said that the only acceptable solution to the problem for them is the complete removal of
  14. Roger Goodell, Commissioner National Football League 280 Park Avenue New York, NY 10017 roger.goodell@nfl.com A coordinated letter writing campaign might be best. Here is a portion of the letter sent by the Native Americans to Roger Goodell in July to formally request the team name change, along with the link to the entire letter. It could be used as a prototype. Note the CC list at the end. Copying the CEOs of major team sponsors (such as FEDEX, Nike, Walmart, Pepsico, Bank of America, etc.) and other important people tends to get more attention than just sending a letter to the
  15. Once Beth Wilkinson came on board, I suspect she starting slowing things down considerably and putting lids on wherever she could. Probably one of the first things she did was a phone call to the WaPo attorneys warning them to be very VERY careful about what they publish. This probably caused the Post to sanitize the article and remove any parts of it that they thought they could get sued on. It seemed like no coincidence to me that Thursday morning, right after a certain local TV station and other sports outlets, Twitter etc had started going on and on about how this "sickening,
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