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  1. Oh man, all the enemies Snyder has made over the years are really getting after him. He's got to be wondering where all the love has gone by now! They are determined to get him and are regularly sprinkling these stories along one right after another now. Yet another story drops, this time about financial malfeasance and him apparently sending goons to the house of the co-owners' investment banker. I love it, this is more fun than watching Washington beat Dallas. I'm starting to believe that there really is a good chance that he may have to sell the team. It's just a shame that his
  2. Trevor matich blasts him pretty hard. https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/trevor-matich-says-dwayne-haskins-205050318.html
  3. Pickings for the future seem pretty slim. Sam Darnold? Carson Wentz? Please......!! Ryan Fitzpatrick will be a FA in 2021 but will be highly sought after (including by the Dolphins as a re-sign) and expensive. Not looking to him as the future but as a stopgap. https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/2020/12/22/washington-football-future-quarterback-options/?itid=lk_inline_manual_26
  4. Merry Christmas everyone. It's Christmas morning and Santa Snyder has brought us yet another ****show for a present, this time as a headliner on CNN. At least he can't keep saying that his problems with the press are because the Washington Post has it in for him.
  5. I heard two rumors today. One is that Bill Belichick called to see if Dwayne was available and the other is that the Raiders said they were willing to help out our QB mess by sending Derek Carr straight up for Chase Young.
  6. I don't think he has any trade value at all, particularly after watching him in today's game. The first half offense wasn't great but the second half offense looked absolutely terrible. I cringed every time Haskins got the ball and it seemed clear that they didn't want him to throw it. The WFT was open to trading him before the last trade deadline and apparently didn't get a single call about him. I don't think anything about today's game would have improved his standing in that regard. I doubt they will want him back as a 3rd QB next year either. I have no idea what the team will
  7. I probably wouldn't be able to either if I had to go through life with a name like "Jeremy Sprinkle".
  8. RG3 is still his old self: https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/12/02/robert-griffin-iii-sounds-off-on-lack-of-preparation/
  9. He reminded me of Darrell Green chasing down Erik Dickerson to prevent a TD in 1986....a play that will stay in this team's lore for a long, long time.
  10. I can't believe this would ever happen. I can't believe they would ever see Haskins as the one to take them to the post season. https://fansided.com/2020/10/29/dwayne-haskins-trade-rumors-steelers-cowboys/3/ >>Let’s go crazy with this final one. No matter the reasoning for the recent fire sale of defenders, Jerry Jones will refuse to admit the Dallas Cowboys struggles. Even if that means just making the postseason, he’ll consider that a win. Slight problem with that since Ben DiNucci isn’t going to be the man to take them there. While DiNucci is a feel
  11. I think Kyle may surprise people who thought he was not a good choice to bring in here by Ron. He could turn out to be better than many think. On this list, he was ranked #5 behind #4 - Jackson, #3 - Goff, #2 - Watson and #1 - Mahomes. It's also interesting to see where the QB's on this list are today compared to where they were when this list was made last year (2019). I think Kyle Allen could turn out to be at least a Kirk Cousins level QB if not better. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2857471-ranking-the-nfls-top-10-quarterbacks-under-25?share=email
  12. Where are the people who wanted to fire Ron after the first 4 games?
  13. So....he's not dressing again for the Cowboys game. Does that mean he's not likely to dress again for the rest of the season? I can't see him having any value to the team at this point and I can't imagine any other team being willing to trade for him after this incident on top of everything else. If they won't play him and can't trade him, I can't see them doing anything else but cutting him. If so, that means the team would finish the season with Allen as the starter and Smith as the backup (or vice versa) and Logan Thomas as the emergency QB. That's not a great situation to be in
  14. It means teams calling Washington about trade possibilities. There have been none so far even though fans and media have been speculating on trade possibilities. https://www.nbcsports.com/washington/football-team/report-no-team-has-called-washington-about-trading-qb-dwayne-haskins
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