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  1. Bonez3

    Greg Manusky Why Isn't He Fired Yet?

    4 MAN RUSH WITH A PREVENT SOFT ZONE... SOLID STRATEGY. Seriously, if you rush 4 please bump and run the 3 wide outs. So bad
  2. We need an absolute dumpster fire sale for draft picks ala Raiders. Williams has to go. See if there are any takers for Reed, Thompson, Norman, Richardson. We got the young QB. Build a damn team once and for all. Dline is solid, fill some O line and secondary holes. Continue to cultivate the LBs
  3. Bonez3

    Redskins vs Cowboys Prediction Thread: Early Season Battle

    If they would only start winning, people would care. They never win anymore
  4. Bonez3

    Trade Suggestion - T. Williams to LAC for M. Gordon

    We are on the verge of an epic, all time worse season. We should almost certainly be in the top 5 of draft. Get another 1st rounder to offset the lost 2nd and we are onward with the build. Really need O-line and secondary help
  5. Bonez3

    Sports Wagering thread

    Love the Dolphins at home with points Like the Falcons on the road with points
  6. Bonez3

    Sports Wagering thread

    September is for underdogs
  7. Bonez3

    Fantasy Football 2019

    PPR: D. Watson/Kyler Lev. Bell/Fournette/Lindsey Julio/Gollday/Josh Gordon/Kirk Hunter Henry/Hockenson
  8. Bonez3

    How's the Redskins Roster shaping up?

    I haven't been able to watch preseason but Kidsy's name pops up every week and is there any talk of him catching on?
  9. Bonez3

    Does Doctson even care?

    The only thing that has me confident he'll make the team is the stuff we never seen and has been reported frequently, even last year with Smith throwing, that he flashes in practice. Heard it a few times... 'once he gets going, he makes and shows elite talent in catching the ball'. I get it, could be all lip service, but something tells me he has flashed once or twice in practice. I think he's definitely on for one more year
  10. This whole situation sucks. He never made one statement. Weak
  11. @volsmet maybe we're watching a different NFL. Mines watered down with pusyfooting primas... Maybe you're eye is better trained or you have more connections. But to be below average in this league is really hard to accomplish, even for the Redskins Kerrigan is a LB, stop
  12. We're a 6 win team. We just won't have the QB play. The rest of the offense is essentially gaining experience (RB, WR, OL) with multiple key players in those positions in their 1st or 2nd year inNFL. A 1st round pick at this point is a no brainer if we could get it, EVEN IF TRENT WANTED TO BE HERE!!! Bruce should seal the deal in the next 2 weeks. 2 first round picks in next years draft (with ours likely in top 10) would really start to chart a course
  13. Bonez3

    0-5 Start, Tell Me It Can't Happen, Please....

    Not if we start 1-0... don't kid yourself with your eternal pessimism Old School, 1-0 is very much a real possibility. Let's just start there
  14. Bonez3

    Running back depth chart

    Love has to spend year on PUP... the 3 Rb's are going to be AP/Guice/CT. This position is the most predictable.