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  1. Common sense vs evidence based medicine... The studies unfortunately didn't look at transmission with the vaccine. While the liklihood of transmission may very well be reduced and even unlikely, no doctor can give out unfounded advice. Further, we know that reinfection occurs Dr. Paul is a joke, but we knew that
  2. Reminded me of Russell Wilson tonight. Amazing effort Not so sure he’d want to leave the system he knows, we should get him for market value low end 2nd string money
  3. Get Watson Please, by all means necessary
  4. It's the Wasington F'ing Football Team!!! We would have beaten Hurts to. We can beat Brady!!! Lets go now!!!
  5. Wentz will at least get to see his future team win a division title without him
  6. On the bright side, his stomach must be feeling better. I mean, you know, exposing yourself to COVID when you have a coach who just beat cancer and potentially getting the whole unit infected. But yea...your coach battled through chemo. The true QB on this team is better than you on 1 leg. The other QB in a cast is probably better than you in wheelchair. But you needed to go to the club after a loss. Selfish ****, enjoy blowing that one contract in your life in less than 10 years and bunking with Maurice Clarett. Bye loser
  7. It was really the first time all year where I was truly optimistic and felt like, yea, we can do this. Being in the hospital where so many of our patients were treated over the past 9 months and thinking about everyone's efforts in that. Just want to share it was a good moment
  8. I got the vaccine yesterday. Feel fine. It was a truly special feeling to look around and take in what was happening. Can't say I've felt that way in medicine about anything else in my career
  9. Two 1st's and a 3rd for Mariota. Just saying
  10. Looking at the 'number of daily cover patients' and the '% of inpatient beds used' may not be adding up. The way hospitals determine inpatient beds may skew that. It's not good right now, that's for sure
  11. Tim Settle Jr. has football awareness, end of statement
  12. Gibson delivering this year and McLaurin last year is how champions are built. Keep going Football Team!!
  13. HA- You're right, I should have limited the 're-sign' talk to the D-line. Just hyped after the game. But the LB positioning the NFL has almost been relegated to punter status, so hell, re-sign the LB's to. Is Rueben returning next week
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