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  1. Skill player!! Definitely a good idea
  2. Tremble the best blocking TE by far
  3. If that kid from Auburn ran a 4.2ish 40 than my interest is piqued
  4. Skill players at top of best available... lets go WR/TE
  5. I'll say this, you'll know when he's on the field without even seeing his number. Damn, those arms are long. Hopefully they can cultivate this kid.
  6. I'm all good with Stanford players with pre-existing injuries
  7. Does anybody really think Mills/Trask/Mond are franchise potential?? Target QB in 2022
  8. Wasn't Tremble getting 2nd round talk last month??? Kid seems like a smart player, appears very coachable
  9. They said that about honey badger... league has changed since than to and you can have coverage LBs
  10. I have no idea, in a league where speed is coveted, this kid is a pure playmaker
  11. I’ll reach and say between Delrio and Rivera they probably have JUST a little more knowledge about the linebacker position then the whole state of Kentucky combined. let’s hope we landed a big one here
  12. Davonta Smith is a straight baller, any team that gets him gets a pure football player
  13. Mark me down on the Zaven Collins bus, all in. Love guys with stories of hard work and dedication, pure football player with world class athleticism. I know LT is needed but this kid is clearly special. Add to a winning culture with another all around good character player
  14. Liking a European for overall winner, they just seem to have better understanding of match play. Going Spain with Rahm & Sergio at 7-1& 12-1 respectively. Added Spieth on Weds at 10-1 Have a group winner pending today with Cantlay (already in) & Rahm at 4-1.
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