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  1. Bonez3

    4-3 Starting Lineup

    I stated that put him there with limited coverage responsibilities. Straight downhill, blitz/backside responsibility with almost no coverage. Gotta think differently. If you had Sweat and Young with Kerrigan as a partial run/primary blitz weakside backer- Could that be a scheme for him. He reads plays very well. Seems like his sacks are somehow getting to a spot where the QB was going to be vs beating guys. Playing weak side, he would have more ability to read and use those instincts. He's a good tackler to. You'd have to roll safety over to entirely cover slot and flats, but the scheme would be for pressure so hopefully the safety can make the right read and handle the coverage
  2. Bonez3

    4-3 Starting Lineup

  3. Bonez3

    4-3 Starting Lineup

    Does Kerrigan have any ability to play weakside OLB in 4-3, less coverage responsibilities. Just wondering how he's gonna fit?
  4. Maybe Dr. Conley could better explain his 'prophylaxis' strategy. Hopefully he can comment on the potential shortages that this practice would cause vs perceived benefit. It's one thing to treat lab confirmed COIVD-19 with variable data. Show me the prophylaxis studies and benefits vs harm... That's disappointing on many levels.
  5. It's the job, and frankly the personal profession, of the White House doctor to follow true evidence and not patient wishes and conventional wisdom. Dr. Conley, you sir, seem fraudulent in that letter. a humina, umina, umina
  6. Well, I know my average length of stay. I don't need google. In fact, it was rhetorical... It's very long, and very costly *Edit: And even if Medicare added 120% to their reimbursement it would be squadouche. Oh yea... come get your knee replaced now, I'm sure you're feel real safe.
  7. I'm sure there's commentary out there and probably in here about the herd immunity 'hope'. I get most probably don't subscribe. But, out of curiosity, even if we lose 3.5 million to death (approx 1.5% mortality), where do we put the other 19% of severe illness? It's a grind, there's no real 'place' to put them. I would like to know national average for length of hospitalization stay for the average Covid-19 patient. Further, I would like to know the amount of uninsured or underinsured affected. Talk about economic collapse
  8. Bonez3

    Reuben Foster; can he come back?

    Nerve damage- such a horrible thing to hear for anyone, let alone a young athlete. Without any factual knowledge, looking at that video around the 3:35 mark there seems to be significant deficits in the left leg. God speed on recovery Reuben. Best of luck either way
  9. Bonez3

    The "I wish we got that guy" thread, 2020 Edition

    Once I heard we were interested in D. Duvernay from Texas I watched his highlight tape and dang... I probably would have taken him in 3rd and hoped Gibson fell to 4th. Who knows though. That catch at FedEx against Maryland is insane
  10. I would have bet money on the spot if I could have that Trump was wrong about Chera's age. He's just wrong about almost everything, I probably would have gotten terrible odds regardless of him being such a dear friend that Trump had known for so long. Trump will come out today saying how he was right somehow, probably go on some sort of birth certificate witch hunt.
  11. “Also, gear up with face masks”???? I would comment more about him and this but I won’t. The remark is analogous to telling soldiers in war to get battle ready with guns and had only given them knives. ”no excuses” ... so hypocritical. Is that Harry Truman plaque about where a buck ends up still in the White House?
  12. HI Guys & Gals... Wishing everyone the best and be safe. I try not to post about my profession for a number of reasons. I am a hospitalist, basically a doctor in the hospital. Yes, I'm smack dab in it. Been on the board for over 15 years. Really just want to thank everyone for posting relevant links. I have used this site to inform myself with such fluid and dynamic changes. Please respect the situation. We're all hoping for the best, but seemingly have to expect an impact very shortly. All I want to share is to practice STRICT social isolation and distancing. I understand the challenges of all the workers. But, take personal responsibility and limit all interactions (especially in hot spot areas, but everywhere). Share this with everyone. Please don't PM, not because I don't want to answer, I simply am swamped. Take care, maintain balance and as always HTTR
  13. Where's the Hunter Henry talk??? TE has become a must have in this league. I think to many discussed SFO's defensive build in this years super bowl and not enough about both team's all-pro TE's and the role on their respective teams. Hooper and Henry should be #1 targets. Bradberry would be nice, but expensive. Boston should be aggressively sought.
  14. Bonez3

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    A 2nd rounder should be easily attainable IMO, maybe not at the top of 2nd, but a contender in the middle to late round. Shouldn't be hard to move him for a second with the value he would give to a contending team. Definitely not a 1st with the talent in this draft and so many QBs and Its going in the 1st. Prime targets with a lot of cap space and mid round 2nds available: Buf, Mia, Seattle, Indy (their 2nd pick in 2nd round)