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  1. I really agree with the second opinion concept. Frankly, this is a medical issue and not a necessarily a 'football operations' problem. I get the vested interest team doctors might have. It should be transparent and available second opinions. Most Americans rely on their employers for healthcare and insurance because the have to, financially. The majority of these athletes, TW include, can get their own private insurance and go anywhere they want for second opinions, and quite frankly as an owner I would encourage the for personal satisfaction. Kinda not a 'Redskins' thing here (and I'm not saying their medical staff is good or bad, nor am I defending organization). I get TW being frustrated with the 'medical situation', but there shouldn't be any obstacles (if there is at all) to second opinions.
  2. Bonez3

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Crowder and Smith absolutely did NOT deserve a second contract. The 2015 draft was good, 2016 below average
  3. Ended his letter with ‘I’ll be ready to go by camp’. Interesting... a lot of CP in some of those blocking highlights. Damn, I think we have a New Orleans type backfield forming
  4. He is probably the most explosive defender Redskins have drafted since Arrington. Bailey, Orakpo, Kerrigan all were/are good to great players but this kid has 'explosive talent' all over the field. Only Arrignton compares based on film highlights. This really desn't mean a lot (see Arrington, who was outperformed from a career spect by Kerrigan), but damn, we got a special player here.
  5. If he's a full go by the medical team than let him get his beak wet in the final few games. He's gonna be chomping at the bit and 6-8 touches a game will be good for him.
  6. Bonez3

    Does Doctson even care?

    The dead money?? It's a 10million dollar option and I would think all goes to dead money. Either you pay him or you play him.
  7. 100% 1st or 2nd round grade last year. Frankly, many had him # 2 behind Barkley if he entered last years draft. I'd say PUP to start year and let him ease in this year with some reps in December maybe
  8. Bonez3

    Does Doctson even care?

    I was on board with the Doctson pick, kid had game film that definitely warranted a 1st round grade. Being a diehard ND fan, Fuller's success is no shock to me (although injuries have hurt him). These 2 players are forever linked given the 1 spot swap with Houston. Plus, we were looking to replace Djax and Garcon, so either player could have been drafted and that may have been the thought. With that said, Fuller is the better player. Doctson has not showed 1st round potential in a single game, Fuller has shown to be a game changer from time to time. I would be happy with a 3rd in return for him. I hope he does well but to pick up a 5th year option for that kind of money does not make sense based on his injury history and development up to this point.
  9. I'd really like to think the Redskins were setting this move up since January. Send Doug Williams to Duke bowl game, Russini used as a pawn, last minute news Snyder is running show. Nothing for nothing, seems like a great draft and the team has a serious identity (Defense) and a new franchise QB.
  10. Bonez3

    2019 NFL Draft discussion thread

    Tidbits I'm hearing I'm really liking early on: 'Terry McLaurin is the best gunner in the nation' - Teammate Holcomb led team in tackles multiple years, underrated talent multiple team captains Harmon's work ethic Pierschbacher big game experience, 4 straight NCG's Haskins putting league on notice Moreland's big play ability, record setting at his level. Kick block specialist, whaaaa Sweat may have been misdiagnosed Love interested in medicine, demonstrates diligence and character Just couldn't really ask for more from talent/need/character perspective. On the surface, early on, looks to be really solid. '
  11. Hot Damn... This is a solid pick. I'll go ahead and say he contributes this year. That 'Alpha Receiver' piece here is sick, certainly not about 'Hollywood' Brown persona. More about that work, love it
  12. Wes Martin Pick screams star power and sizzle to me.
  13. We're on last pick of round 5 and 1 of these guys on the team and another not drafted. Maybe our scouts know more than us
  14. Is this pick a sign our scouting department is looking beyond CBS sports and ESPN prospect rankings and may know something?? Kid had a hell of a highlight reel vs. Michigan. Liking the idea we may have snagged a gem. Thing I like most (outside from gorilla strength), 2 year captain.
  15. Yea- 'if' was definitely directed at Reuben Foster (talent side) and our unproven DB's (Moreau, Dunbar- coaching side).