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  1. Bonez3

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    Pay him, he is equivalent to signing the best OL in free agency. Further, outside of a poorly handled personal matter that became more personal than business, he's been a true Redskin. I ain't mad at him, would love him back for a nice 3-5 year run
  2. Please no! Fork out the extra 3-4 million and pursue Henry or Hooper
  3. Hmmm... how about Foster? Hopefully he has a role etched into the vision. Still, with Chase Young, Sweat and Foster there is some nice talent. Wouldn't 'spend' there. Hunter Henry and Tre Boston fill needs with high end talent, can't see us not making a move on these players
  4. I think Hunter Henry should be prime target at TE, forget Olsen. Beasley is the kind of speed you want in this league but I think we're gonna have good depth at LB, especially if we retain Kerrigan. Beasley gonna be to much money
  5. Bonez3

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    Drop the dead weight with Norman and Reed... Offer the olive branch to TW with extensions and market value top dollar. Still would have plenty of cap space for top TE if available or another CB
  6. Bonez3

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    I would love to have TW for 3 more years. He's emotional, shown that through his career and he handled last year wrong. I can get past that. We lock him up top dollar for 3 years and send him off with SB championship in 2022. He could be an ancho on that side of the ball as we grow over next 3 years to championship contender.
  7. Bonez3

    Welcome to the Redskins Chase Young DE Ohio State

    This position is the 'QB' equivalent on defense. There is no way we can pass on this player, a definitive 'blue chip', but further, he becomes the cornerstone of an already well built unit. We have surrounding blue chips on D line/MLB/S and this makes this pick even more valuable. The value Chase Young will bring to this team is multiplied because of what the Redskins have in place. I'm so excited for the coming years.
  8. There's 0.001% chance a QB isn't the first pick in the draft. Close thread please
  9. Damn, that Flowers montage was pretty damn impressive
  10. Bonez3

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    This Tua news is only gonna grow as we get closer to draft and he's fully cleared by medical staff
  11. Bonez3

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I seriously can see a Mia-Det-Was 3 way swap where we still retain Young. The NY Cheating Mara's will be left out in the cold. How great would that be
  12. I'd be thrilled if we locked up Allen, Flowers & Scherff to long term deal. I'm over my spat with TW and maybe get him back in the building with new regime. From there, FA is always dicey so I don't really want to test the high end waters. But a young, talented CB is about the only position I would consider splurging on. We do need depth at OL, so I wouldn't mind a mid level without intention to start necessarily.
  13. All I wanted was competent, bright defensive minds to take this talented side where it can be. This is every bit of a championship D with a game breaker edge rusher and a blue chip corner added to the mix.
  14. Time heals all wounds, come back Trent. I, for one, will forgive you for some of the selfish behavior. Handle your business with the franchise, a lot of the fan base will certainly welcome you back See the doc, get your sheet right and start playing for the burgundy and gold again
  15. Bonez3

    Serious Question: Do you regret letting Cousins go?

    December... Check Division game with huge implications... Check Prime Time... Check Kurt doing what Kurt does... Check I simply didn't see the outside corner... unfortunate.