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  1. Bonez3

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I'm going on the record to give a big props to Haskins in one category... QB IQ Since day 1 this kids been groomed to be a QB. You know who hasn't? Murray Murray a 2 sport star and is just that, a star. I truly watched Haskins play, not throw or 'make the throws'. Watching a QB win is important to me. Can't be taught in NFL. Haskins knows the importance of a 'winning QB'. He's be primed to do this since a child. Murray is gonna be a player that looks at his reflection in my opinion. Maybe not the best metric to judge for a 1st rounder, but I'd be thrilled with Haskins at 15.
  2. Bonez3


    Slow hips and generally medium club head speed. Fade/slice is the default hit. Looked into mechanics of strong grip and feel I can make the adjustments to reap the benefits of the strong grip. But, may end with more neutral. I got into weak because of low hand thumb placement that improved my swing. But I really turned over bottom hand toward target to overcompensate. Now I feel I need to get some more power and may correct my default slice/fade.
  3. Bonez3


    Thinking about changing grip from weak to strong... advice?
  4. Bonez3

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I'm really amped to get a playmaker D prospect at 15. Wouldn't be upset if they went L but highly doubt that. Fact is, if they ht on a playmaker at 15 on D this team is going to be playoff ready for next few years. D line stacked with talent, second level with Kerrigan/Foster/15th pick and secondary anchored by Collins should be more than average. Pretty exciting addition with Foster, I really think we become an average team with our defense alone (8-8 range) with a nice LB at 15. Also would probably be BPA as well.
  5. Bonez3

    Reuben Foster Will Not Be Suspended!!

    Good news from a football perspective. Skins now have clear direction for a draft. I think an edge rusher is a must. Hopefully somebody slips
  6. Bonez3

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I wouldn't be upset at all if we went TE/WR... Not to bring up 2009 memories. But if somehow we could land Hockenson and M. Brown, that would be 2 instant playmakers. Still think we're 2 LBs away (ILB, Edge) from a playoff caliber D, but those 2 pick would be very welcomed. Oh yea... 3rd rounder for Rosen
  7. Getting rid of the individual mandate was taking out one of the legs of the ACA. The remaining major provisions being expanded Medicaid and pre-existing condition coverage. The fact that this administration openly went after the pre-existing condition provision is unfathomable to me. But hell, go after the whole damn thing, why not.
  8. DRC won't (can't, if he does than you can make an argument about tanking) play corner... AP won't get much more than 100 carries if Guice stays healthy
  9. Any talk of WR in FA is ludicrous... We don't have a QB. Now, take that to the draft thread and it's worth entertaining. I actually like the Flowers signing in regards to things we could be doing and should be doing in FA. Land a very young project with prior top 1-2 round grade. Little risk, high ceiling. Landing a solid cheap vet G for very cheap would be on the other end of that prudent spectrum. Going for a 5-8 mil dollar WR is pointless. I also like the Collins move in that he is also very young and prior All-Pro. There is no reason the Redskins shouldn't get significant 'prime years' usage out of him and ceiling also very high. The 2 moves I don't care for is AP and DRC. Neither of those are truly needed and frankly could have filled with late round or even unsigned rookies. With a health Guide and CP, we really don't need an aged RB (and I love what AP did last year). We're just very unlikely to win this year. DRC as a free safety... great for 1 or 2 years and thats far from guaranteed. I think we could have trimmed some fat with these moves
  10. We should trade for a WR, especially when we are in even worse QB limbo than when RG3 was here. Just do it, baby!
  11. Wonder what D. Dennard is asking for at CB?? His ability is there, former 1st rounder and not getting a lot of attention. I think he might be a nice fill once Norman is cut next year.
  12. Bonez3

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Looking at the OLB spot in round 1... one of the most impactful position in the league and we'll be in prime spot to land a likely blue chipper. I've stated WR is need but much more variability in the success ratio at that position. I think it accomplishes both need and BPA together.
  13. Do we really need a 35 year old TE with questionable hands on a 7-9 team at 5 mil per year. We invested in Reed, Mr. Glass, but still the investment. Get Sprinkle more action and roll that money into Scherff extension. Meanwhile, make concentrated effort on getting LG/ILB (either draft or FA). Drafting WR in 1st round would not be mistake IMO given talent at the position this year.
  14. You mean using the majority of their top draft spots over the past few years isn’t enough?
  15. Bonez3

    Starting QB 2019???

    Tress Way is the way