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  1. Looks more like he's doing his best Carson Wentz week 1 impression to me. What are you watching??
  2. How bout dem The Football Teams Hells yea baby!!! Living in Philly country it’s definitely something to smile about. Now, I’m gonna be a little disappointed with anything less than 8 sacks a week
  3. C’s tonight. I got a pretty good feeling refs gonna ‘influence’ game for Celtics. NBA knows LA-Bos will generate better ratings
  4. @Destino I agree, hard to build bridges with past injustices. But, everything that is wrong with America can be fixed with everything that is right. But I do feel there is a lot to discuss but emotions are understandably high.
  5. @visionary There is no doubt in my mind that police culture is in need of massive reform. That's blatantly obvious and has been for me. But, I also feel there is more to gain if we can have a real conversation the incorporates everything about this topic. I feel now is obviously an ideal time with so much attention, but I have heard very little in the way of actual conversation.
  6. The message and the messenger need to be uncoupled. Take who said it out of the equation and simply start the 'conversation'. The mistrust by both police and the African American community of one another needs more spotlight.
  7. @zskins I, like most, feel the police culture has to improve. I also get that message from Sheriff Clarke and in all the 'we need to have conversations', I hear very little of that particular side. Unfortunately, any sympathy to law enforcement right now and you run the risk of 'not being aware'. I am saddened by the many unnecessary deaths and ongoing brutality in our country. But, to have a true conversation, I think everything has to be on the table. That will promote change and real conversation.
  8. It's written in the stars, read the leaves man
  9. Of course he would have season/career ending injury on day 1 of pads. No, this football team isn't cursed.
  10. Seriously... Chase, Allen, Payne & Sweat. It just really should be that good> nothing to see here
  11. I said similarities. not identicals. VoR basically outlined the similarities. I have been and still am a huge Haskins fan and feel he is leaps and bounds better QB than RG3 was. But there are this eerily similarities. Frankly, with the work Haskins seemingly has put in and his preexisting talent, I don't see much manifesting. But if a glimmer of doubt sets in than I can see something 'similar' manifesting. I will stand by Allen's potential for being a very competent or even good QB in this league Nah, I ran it by internet filter site 'Is this racist.com'. Cam
  12. Hard not to see the similarities of the RG3-Cousins scenario. Man, I watched Kyle Allen in the mid part of last season throwing the ball like a seasoned vet. He fell off toward the end, maybe teams figured him out. But yea, There is no doubt in my mind this will be a competition
  13. The Washington Football Club... LOL, what a joke.
  14. I truly feel terrible for Dr. Fauci. 6 months ago 99% of Americans wouldn't know his name. His accolades in medicine prior to this pandemic were nothing short of incredible. He was editor of the most reputable medical books in the world. He lead the country through the AIDS epidemic. He is one of the most respected figures in CDC history. However, he gets besmirched by a total moron and now half of America only knows him as an alarmist, quack, and conspirator. He is nearly 80 years old and this is his crowning for a career any physician couldn'
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