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  1. Schefter just tweeted that GW is finalizing a deal as jets DC so there goes that
  2. Man I wanted us to go hard after Gregg before I saw this article. Now I want them do whtever it takes to get this done. GW would bring a refreshing amount of accountability to that defense. And honestly I think it would be good for the culture of the team and I honestly think it would probably be good for Jay as well. Gregg could be the bad cop to Jays good cop which they don’t have right now. I guarantee you we wouldn’t get an answer like Manusky saying yeah we laugh and joke a lot at practice because it’s hard to keep these guys attention for 40 mins. I’m all on board to do whatever it takes to get this done. For once I actually think it would be a good thing for Dan to throw his weight around to get this done if need be.
  3. It’s been said over and over again the Williams-Snyder relationship was supposedly fixed years ago. Finlay even just said on 1067 that supposedly Dan let Gregg use his plane a few years ago when his father was sick. So if he doesn’t come here it’s not because of his relationship with Dan
  4. Maybe not a 1 year job. IF and I say big if Snyder really regrets not hiring GW it’s very possible that if he’s here and Gruden gets let go he’s made the HC
  5. Mrshadow008

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Yes and all of those guys are head cases. We’ve seen this movie over and over and over again. Team signs a bunch of high priced free agents in win now mode. It literally almost never works but mcvay made it work with those head cases on his roster. That speaks volumes about Mcvay. Not to mention he was smart enough unlike our coach to put a really experienced staff around him in Wade Phillips and Jim Fassel. He’s getting the right amount of credit
  6. The the head coach thing was something actually said by Russell this morning on the Junkies. He said one of the reasons Gregg might would come here is because if he comes here and the team succeeds it makes him look good and also if he comes here and the team sucks but his side plays well it opens up opportunities for him. Also Smoot said years ago that Gregg and Dan patched their relationship up
  7. Chris Russell on the junkies right now is that Gregg Williams is very seriously being discussed inside redskins park
  8. Mrshadow008

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Didn’t they offer pleasant the Dbs job and he turned them down to go to LA with Mcvay?
  9. Mrshadow008

    Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    The franchise isn’t but dan is winning off the field
  10. Mrshadow008

    Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    Maybe he’s planning on having the games on the yacht so he doesn’t have to worry about ticket sales
  11. Mrshadow008

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    The one person I hope it is is Joe Gibbs. And honestly not even so much for football reasons. He’s the one person with enough clout and respect from Snyder to be able to keep Bruce out of the football operations. He’s also the only guy I believe that would be able to tell Dan hey this is what I want and what needs to be done and have Dan listen. From a football perspective he doesn’t even have to do that much just defer to Kyle smith and Eric Schaefer.
  12. Mrshadow008

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Chad Ryan even posted a picture on Twitter from an Eagles fan on Reddit talking about how bad he feels for the redskins fan base because of how bad it’s gotten. I won’t post it here because there’s quite a bit of bad language but it says something when even eagles fans are starting to feel sorry for us
  13. Mrshadow008

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I don’t Know how to embed tweets but barstool Nate who is a big redskins fan posted a text message from somebody close to the organization that the team is avoiding using Twitter right now because everything being tweeted is vitriol towards the team with the #FireBruceAllen. Basically the fans have bullied the team off Twitter
  14. Mrshadow008

    A New Beginning - Embrace The Noodle

    It’s not that Bradford wants to be done with football as much as he can’t play football anymore. His knee is bone on bone at this point so he can’t practice