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  1. desertbeagle85

    Snyder values Norman's "star power and sizzle" despite coaches?

    What has this team done from the time Snyder took over? Nothing The Redskins are a trash organization and team now because of that bum and Collins is just another Norman. You don't win Superbowls with over played players like Norman and Collins. Look at the Pats and why is it Snyder after this much time as owner can't figure it out. Or maybe he just doesn't care. He is a business man and makes money. Let's hope everyone that is tired of this product continues to stay home on Sunday and not make this man money. Players like Norman don't fool me.
  2. Well he's lost weight to be a TE as well. Not sure he would be good at guard at a smaller weight
  3. Agreed he already knows Snyder is going to throw him under the bus next year and hire someone else. Jay hasn't had a healthy or talented team yet. I personally don't blame him for his time here. Even though I do believe he needs to improve of some head coaching aspects.
  4. Well he was horrible for the Gaints and from what I saw the Skins want to use him as a guard. We'll see how this works out.
  5. Breaking News Redskins make big move picking up WR Quick. Bahaha Quick spent 2018 on the fringes of the Redskins' 53-man roster. He is veteran depth for a shockingly thin receiver corps.
  6. We have addressed anything but one position. So yeah I'm disappointed, but not surprised.
  7. He played all positions on the online and knew the system. Yes I know he's 34 but with that being said he would still be a nice player to have considering the offensive line is always banned up. Point is we always seem to let players walk in order to sign the hot free agent. Yet that hot free agent never wins the Skins anymore games. Free agency did not start 24 hrs and you know that. Give me a break I think this is a pipe dream and still not the answer if the Skins have to give up a lot of draft capital.
  8. How about TY Nsekhe I'm sure Collins is a hell of a lot better player when comparing him to DJ. With that being said have the Giants been winning games with him? So in other words one player especially a good safety doesn't make a team that much better when they such at so many other positions.
  9. So let's see it's almost the end of the week and we let a bunch of players walk and signed Collins. Sounds about right for this organization. Superbowl next year
  10. That's called Doug Williams putting on a show. The Skins didn't want him back.