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  1. Dude you need to buzz off. I never called you a liar and I didn't have one drink last night. This is getting ridiculous and I'm tired of the small little undermining attacks. I never once reported you, but at this point I'm about to. You keep making up bs that isn't true. I already said I'm done and you keep on trying to provoke me. The mods said to stop so I'm stopping now. I'm sure you won't though.
  2. I haven't rehash anything I commented on a comment from a mod. You came back into the conversation said I called you a lair. Which isn't true. I just went back I never called you a liar. Yet quotes like this are alright though? "your relationship with reality is a tenuous one, beagle." "Is that uncommon in your human interaction? Get it together, Beagle." Who's attacking who? I'm sure I'll be the one banned though. I'm not commenting on this anymore. You do what you want.
  3. Well maybe I shouldn't use the word liar, but this is getting ridiculous. I clearly did not say anything that bad or else I'd already be banned. As for what I said I stand by everything I said except for liar. The truth is people come in and say things all the time about something without any proof. You did the same thing and I'm sorry saying your family works for the Skins or what ever it was is not a source. So I called it out as not being a source. The fact that this is still a topic almost 24 hrs later is sad. I let it go and put it to rest. Now you and your friends are on a w
  4. Nothing I said was a personal attack. I was joking that what he said wasn't true. Not sure how that is a personal attack. I made a joke about his source and I used Bruce as the joke. So again not sure how that is a personal attack.
  5. Let's hope the play calling helps him out and doesn't hurt him. I don't want to see this. Run Run 3rd and long Pass Lets hope there is some creativity with the play calling and they let him pass more than just 3rd and long.
  6. I asked you where you got your information and you said family. I'm sorry that's no different than a reporter saying I have a source. When they never actually give who there source is. I have never seen anyone talk about trading Dunbar or asking to trade for Dunbar. So for you to come in here and say that there are a number of teams that would give up a 1st rd pick for him. Sounds like BS to me and I'm sure I'm not the only one.
  7. No seriously my family works for the NFL and the word is Bruce is a great GM. Many teams would trade a 1st Rd pick to the Skins for him.
  8. Only 2 things would make that possible. Snyder selling or Snyder dieing. I don't like the guy, but I wish death on no one. So here's to hoping the ****er goes broke and needs to sell the team.
  9. I wonder how Snyder feels right now. Sitting there with his Astros hat on mad at the world. Both the Capitals and Nationals have become champs. While his garbage ass team can't even sniff the playoffs. Here's to the Nationals and the Capitals, **** you Snyder.
  10. What's significant to you? He's already missed 2 games this year and I believe he's missed at least 3 games or more every year. So your telling me your family is the one that told you Dunbar would fetch a 1st Rd pick from a number of teams? That's like me saying my family said that the league thinks Bruce Allen is a great GM.
  11. i don't know where you posted that, but I believe that it's absolutely false. No way Dunbar is worth a 1st rd pick. The guy gets hurt a lot and is good at times not great. No way we would get a 1st for him.
  12. Don't sign the contract if you don't want to be here. The guy is under contract and yes he looks like a . Bruce is the biggest , but right now screw both of them.
  13. So what does him failing the physical mean? Either way Trent's starting to look like a clown as well.
  14. Lol I bet my post is why they're giving him a 2 week exemption. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/10/29/trent-williams-contract-may-still-toll-by-a-full-year/
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