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RIP Stephen Hawking

Spaceman Spiff

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It's intimidating to try and offer up any words for him.  I'm not ashamed to say that a lot of what he studied and taught was beyond my intellect, and attention span. It's safe to say he was a genius, among geniuses. Tyson was the first person I thought of reacting when I saw the news, and I knew he'd have something to say pretty quickly, in a poetic, puzzling, physics-y way. RIP


He's free



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when i was in grad school (in the mid 90s), one saturday i was in my office trying to study for prelims.   It was miserable.  sucked.   


i stood up, and left my books just to stretch my legs, (and temporarily flee the torture).   I went to a alley/courtyard wedged between a bunch of buildings, 2 stories below ground level, that was almost always empty.   When i went around the corner, there was a guy in the middle of the space, alone, in a wheelchair, looking calmly at me.  I stopped in my tracks , did a double take.... because it looked just like stephen hawking. 


but you know, i didn't want to be THAT guy.   the guy that thinks every guy with ALS must be stephen hawking.  The guy that thinks that every black man they see looks like "that dude from NWA".    the guy that asks every asian person he ever meets if they possibly knew William Chang, a chinese guy they once met.....  I didn't want to be THAT guy.   so after i caught myself staring like a slack-jawed cleetus for a long couple of seconds....... i collected my wits, smiled,  said hi, and passed on by.



I found out that Stephen Hawking had come to campus to hear some OTHER grad student's presentation on some phenomenon that i will never for the life of me understand (talk about amping up the pressure at your department's seminar series!).    


I have no idea how, or why, he got from somewhere in the physics department to alone in an isolated courtyard in the middle of the social sciences complex.... ? but, it was cool :) 



RIP Professor Hawking

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On the anniversary of Marx's death and Einstein's birth, no less - three men I've come to admire for their own reasons. 


I remember watching a program Hawking produced on the Discovery Channel back when I was in college: "Into the Universe." I very much enjoyed it. I'll have to see if it's been uploaded on YouTube or something. 



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23 minutes ago, Mournblade said:

And by the way, THIS is a man worth mourning. A TRUE celebrity. Not some no-talent fool like Brittany Spears or Justin Bieber (hopefully

there are no threads about them when they pass, but I suspect in this forum, there will be). 

Making your point with a sledge hammer is not always so effective.

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