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  1. [Parents: Born in Washington, D.C.] [Grandparents: Born in Washington, D.C.] [At least one of my great-grandparents: Born in Washington, D.C.] [Me: Born just outside of Washington, D.C.] I mean, it was basically inevitable. Even if I've become estranged from the team as a fan (which will probably continue, even with a new nickname), I basically didn't have a choice but to at least follow the team. Hell, even my sister - who doesn't like sports - has a teddy bear with the team's logo on it (albeit faded beyond recognition).
  2. Is Dan Snyder, a ghoulish wretched man who never met a lawsuit he didn't like, still the owner of this franchise? Yes. Will this franchise, under his control, continue to be the epitome of mediocrity and gracelessness? Almost certainly. Am I still gonna rally hard against any effort to give Dan Snyder any land on the tax payer's dime, especially on the RFK Stadium site? You know it. Am I still gonna buy the merch with the new name and make that miserable trip to Landover at least once a year to watch them lose? ...yeah.
  3. Honestly, if there's any owner in the league who's a bigger snake-in-the-grass than Snyder, it's probably Jimmy Haslam. Those two, Stan Kroenke, and Dean Spanos are in that upper realm of POS NFL owners.
  4. By all rights, this should be a farce of a game and an insult to sports and the entertainment industry as a whole. So I'm predicting a thriller: 34-31, 'Skins.
  5. What really gets on my nerves about this whole thing is that directly up I-95, in Baltimore and Philadelphia, you have front offices that are models for consistency. Steve Bisciotti and Jeff Lurie have facilitated consistently winning teams and though the latter's is having a tough year (along with the rest of the NFC East), he's overseen two successful rebuilds in 25 years. Washington hasn't seen one in that same span.
  6. Dan Snyder at a recent front office meeting
  7. To this day, 20 years later - despite all the things that I've done and have happened to me, three words are still lodged in my mind and will remain there until I'm good and dead: Aikman to Rocket.
  8. If they really wanted to make PATs harder, they would have required everyone to kick them straight-on instead of moving the spot back to the 15-yard-line.
  9. I can't hate him - he really does seem like a good guy trying his best. Just...just hold on tight, Seattle. This might get sorta rough.
  10. Has there ever been a detailed account of the team's history between 1993 and 1999 - between the retirement of Joe Gibbs and Dan Snyder's purchase of the franchise? It seems like it was one of those "everything that could go wrong, did go wrong" situations and set the foundation for all...this.
  11. D.C. Flag colors - even with the three stars and two stripes (albeit as lightning bolts). Not bad at all.
  12. Something lost in this entire fiasco: how's the marching band holding up? Last I heard they were barely getting any chances to play on game day.
  13. Vince McMahon's pretty high on my **** list for the way he's treated his workers over the years so I'm nearly as loathe to give him money as I am Dan Snyder. Having said that, the league created a health advisory board over the summer so hopefully, this league won't go out of its way to be as cartoonishly violent as last time (though I'll wait to see how this plays out). Would be hilarious if the Defenders find a way to overtake the 'Skins as the most popular football team in the area, though. At least that will be worth a few laughs.
  14. The only team owner I can think of that started off as badly as Dan Snyder, only to actually facilitate a winning team, is Ted Turner with the Braves. But by the 20-year-mark, Turner had long since given up his "hands on" style of ownership and had multiple pennants and a World Series ring to show off for his efforts. Is it possible for Dan Snyder to finally, actually, no for real you guys get his **** together and do the same (albeit with a much longer arc)? Sure. Is it possible that I'll hit the Powerball next week and immediately stop going to work? Also sure.
  15. Lions are on a 3 game losing streak. You know who's really good at helping teams break losing streaks? Lions: 27 Ugh: 16 Edited because I'm a silly fella
  16. Oh ****, you right! = No but for real - who wants to place bets that Bruce Allen is planning some sort of 60th anniversary of RFK commemoration ceremony right now and will use it as another excuse to trot out some dudes who played for his dad and his dad's immediate successors? The stadium opened in '61 so it's right around the corner.
  17. Yes to all of it but the bold points were the ones that broke the camel's back. When the cheerleader story broke, I immediately took the 'Skins pennant down from my cubical wall and stuffed it away. Until this team experiences wholesale changes, I will never directly, materially, or willfully support this team again. It won't make a dent in Snyder's wallet but I feel like it's the right thing to do and it seems a lot of my peers in and around the D.C. area (or who have ties to the D.C. area) agree. This franchise has lost at least two generations and it will take an incredible amount of genuine and contrite effort to make amends.
  18. I can't speak for others of my generation (I was nine-months-old when they won their last Super Bowl) but I will say this: it isn't just losing. Losing I can handle. Losing happens. If this team had run into some hard luck, I'd still be a fan. But in the modern NFL, it's virtually impossible to be this consistently bad for 20+ yet the 'Skins have managed to do it. This team is not only perpetually mediocre but they're an actively alienating presence and it begins at the top. And why should people keep coming out and spending money on this? If the National Symphony Orchestra played this poorly for this long and was run by people like Dan Snyder (and who knows, maybe it is), the Kennedy Center would be empty all year long and the whole organization would fold.
  19. D.C. hasn't been a baseball town since the FDR Administration - and that was only because the Senators were the only show in town until 1937. I know the Post's poll only covered the District but that 10-year drop off is still pretty incredible. Winning, obviously, plays a none-too-small roll but so does not actively alienating the area you represent, which the Lerner Family and Ted Leonsis have managed to do. It really isn't that hard. The 'Skins, though, couldn't seem to swing that.
  20. 1.) Change the nickname. If I have the money to buy a multi-billion dollar NFL team, I can take whatever short-term, financial hit that comes along with rebranding. 1a.) After hiring a "transition team" to help with the aftermath, fire Bruce Allen and conduct an Stalin-esque purge of the management - from the front office to the strength and conditioning staff. This franchise's troubles are systemic and must be treated as such - clean house and start over, with all the slings and arrows that come along with it. 2.) Make a phone call to Jeff Lurie and ask him how he took a struggling franchise approaching rock bottom with terrible facilities and ask him how he did it in Philadelphia. As much as it may pain us to admit it, the Eagles have become the anti-Redskins not only on the field but off the field (i.e. actively engaged with with their community vs. actively alienated from their community) and Lurie is one of the more respected team owners in the League. He basically had to rebuild twice - once i the 1990s and then again after the Chip Kelly fiasco - and while it wasn't perfect, it was a sight better than anything we've seen under the current regime in Ashburn. 3.) After gleaming whatever wisdom I can from Lurie and the aforementioned transition team, rebuild the front office and let them get to work on "football matters." I know next-to-nothing about how to build a football team and I'm not going to pretend I do. The owner ought to be the person who writes the checks and is the public face of the team. Speaking of - 4.) Go on the most ambitious goodwill tour imaginable and apologize for the way the franchise has actively alienated the Greater Washington, D.C. Area and beyond, both through the press and through "town hall style" meetings from the Eastern Shore to Martinsburg to Newport News. This would include scouting for a new stadium site. This would also include multiple community meetings in D.C.'s 7th Ward where the RFK Stadium site is located. There's been a lot of justified push back against building a new stadium there. If this team is going to build a stadium there, we're going to go about it in the most responsible way possible.
  21. As much glee as the result gave me, we should keep in mind that only includes residents of the District. I'd love to see a poll that includes residents of the adjacent/nearly adjacent counties (MoCo, PG, Arlington, Fairfax, City of Alexandria, and Loudon Counties). Still though - this would have been unthinkable even 10 years ago and I don't think "recency bias" is the only reason for it.
  22. It's sorta funny - apparently, JKC was going to fire Joe Gibbs after his 0-5 start and rehire George Allen but his son, John (at least according to John) said it would be a disastrous idea and The Squire relented. And Gibbs was still a somewhat unknown commodity at the time but he remained patient and it may have been the most important decision he made as owner of the team. Schottenheimer, for better or worse, was a known commodity by 2001 and got kicked to the curb after an 8-8 season and Snyder opened the proverbial "mystery box." That may be the turning point for his regime. It's pretty much been all downhill since then. You sort of have to wonder what would have been if Snyder were patient and stuck with Martyball for another season or two.
  23. That's kinda how I feel, too. Let's all have a moment of honesty right now: wouldn't it feel kinda gross to see Dan Snyder lift a Lombardi Trophy over his head? Can you imagine an unrepentant and vindicated Dan Snyder?! If that doesn't fill you with some degree of disgust, I dunno if I wanna know you.