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  1. Yet she leaked it to the public. Yet Ford said it was her civic duty. Feinstein could have still brought it to the committee to handle it privately.
  2. Here is what I got out of this: Fienstein screwed up royally. She sat on the letter for over a month. She had meetings with Kavenaugh and never discussed it with him. She never brought the letter to the committee. If Feinstein would have cared about the truth she would have brought it to the committee immediately and addressed it then in a private situation in which both Ford and Kavenaugh would have had their privacy respected and it could have been investigated properly. This was never about the truth, this was about political maneuvering. You don't sit on this for almost 2 mont
  3. Blah blah blah. Both parties are only for rights they like and against rights they don't like. Ps some of those "rights" aren't rights.
  4. OOOOOO OOOOO ME ME ME!!!! The answer is.....ZERO! But hey, the constitution is a inconvenience for the Dems.
  5. having been through the process with my wife who came here legally, I don't feel sorry for them. My wife and I waited a year to get her visa to come here. We paid all the fees and went to all the Dr. Appointments, did everything right. They need to go back to their home country and apply through the embassy the correct way, not jump the line over people doing it right. I don't feel any sympathy for them. Sorry you got turned away for jumping the line and you put your chance to get legal status on hold. Your own fault.
  6. I know there are people who don't understand the issue and they really need to educate themselves. While I understand that it is anecdotal, all of my conservative friends have no issue with dreamers, however, there has to be something done to prevent future dreamers. I get that there will always be some degree of dreamers, but we need a 90% solution now. We can work on the last 10% later.
  7. That's kind of the whole point, stop illegal immigration. The laws in place are good. We just need to enforce them. Better work site enforcement and punish employers along with quick deportation. You have to mandate E-verify. That's how you put a stop to it.
  8. I can 100% get behind the dreamers. The reality is no one really wants to kick them out. The problem is how to we prevent new dreamers 10 years from now?
  9. We need congressional reform. Term limits are a must. I also say that if there is not a federal budget by Oct 1 every year, then all of congress loses half their pay for a full year. I bet you there would not be a CR or failure to achieve a budget. They have one job to do and they fail at it.
  10. I just had a lady in my agency accuse the agency of racism because she didn't get the job she interviewed for. She accused the hiring manager (who is also black) of discrimination against her. I sat on the hiring panel for her interview and she did terrible. I am also black. But despite two of the people involved in the process being black, she accused the agency of racism. The kicker is the woman who got the job was a Hispanic female. She destroyed the interview, it wasn't even close. In this day and age, claiming some -ism or sexual harassment seems to more and more common.
  11. Looks like you can add Senator Al Franken to this list. Its headlining on drudge with a picture.
  12. Not 100% certain for this, but the Lautenberg Amendment might have a lot to do with this as if you are in the military and convicted of domestic violence then you cannot touch a gun. With the deployments and PTSD, it may cause a readiness problem for the military.
  13. Dang KB stay safe man. The wife has family in DR and she is worried about them.
  14. McGregor never hurt Mayweather at all. He played possum, let him throw his big punches, gauged his strength then you saw it in the third, where Mayweather decided to start boxing. From there it was all downhill. This fight was never in doubt. Floyd was having fun the whole time. He wasn't even tired.
  15. Canelo would have destroyed Mcgreggor
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