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  1. thebluefood

    WP: 20th anniversary of Snyder

    Except for the most important metric: money. Snyder made a $800 million investment and now it's worth $3.1 billion (according to this Forbes). That's 5th in the NFL and tied for 10th in the world. They're tied, mind you, with the Golden State Warriors, who are currently in the most dominant run for any NBA team since the Auerbach/Russel Celtics. This mediocre, infamous franchise run by perhaps the most despised man in the D.C. Area (which, again, is one hell of a feat) and they're still making money hand over fist. If that isn't a hustle of epic proportions, I don't know what is. Dan Snyder could shoot nuns on the 50-yard-line for halftime entertainment and this fellow owners still wouldn't vote to unseat him. You can write all the op-eds about him and that franchise but as long as he keeps making the franchise and, by extension, the National Football League money, you might as well bash your head against a wall.
  2. thebluefood

    WP: 20th anniversary of Snyder

    From the comments: "You have to work hard, I mean really hard, to be the most hated man in this town. Lots of competition. Yet that is the one thing this tiny little fraction of a man has managed to accomplish. Over and over and over and over again." Couldn't have said it any better.
  3. This would be PEAK CAPITALS
  4. Call him "The Sea Lion" because he's a Penguin killer.
  5. -Glad we didn't get swept. Buccos are leading (or nearly leading) the NL in most major pitching categories so the low scores also don't bother me. -What does bother me is the team's inability to turn hits into runs...again. If all you can muster is 3 runs on 11 hits, you've almost certainly got a hitting with RISP problem. -And yes - another wasted Sherzer Day. He didn't have a gem of an outing but he did go 8 innings and only gave up 3 runs. With the aforementioned offensive production, that should have been more than enough to take the series.
  6. This is where I stand with potential, future, playoff opponents - especially with the Islanders. The Caps only beat them by 1 point to win the division and split the series against them in the regular season. And it isn't as if they're just barely beating the Penguins right now - they are wrecking shop. Last 2 games have an aggregate score of 7-2. And this is where I stand in general. Unlike the Islanders, the Capitals have been living on the edge so far. They damn near gave up a 3 goal lead in game 1 and wasted ample opportunities to put the Canes away early on Saturday. Caps couldn't convert on any power play opportunities in Game 2 (including a 5 minute major) and had to win it in overtime.
  7. Soccer too, strangely enough. Those rivalries in Europe are hard core. We think our rivalries are strong here but folks straight-up hate each other based on their fandom. It's wild.
  8. Honestly, though, I'm so glad we get a break from playing against division rivals. It's hard to really kick back and enjoy a ball game against a team you genuinely despise. Baseball's too pastoral and easy going to sustain that kind of hatred for too long - not like football. Football was made for hate.
  9. The last two nights were absolutely cathartic - pull their hearts out of their chests in extra innings on Tuesday then stomp on it with a 15-run shellacking last night. I just love it so much. Eat a big ol' bag of ****, Philadelphia.
  10. The last two games have been very uplifting. Though we lost Monday, we lost because we were beat by a better team that particular day. We didn't beat ourselves. They were just better on that particular day and that happens in baseball. Yesterday's game need no additional comment. I really hope this is the kind of baseball we're going to see from the Nats moving forward. I don't expect a win every night but as long as we don't beat ourselves and fight until the last out, I'll be content. If they do that, they will be competitive because this squad is chalked full of talent.
  11. thebluefood

    Greatest Athlete in D.C. History (team sports)

    Barring something exceptionally shameful with his behavior, Ovi's place on our sports Rushmore is safe. I don't know if he'll break Gretzky's record but he's moving up the goals leaders list at a relentless pace. It's incredible. Baugh (among other things) made D.C. a football first town. Ovie and the Caps over the past decade or so have seriously challenged that as a hockey team, something that shouldn't even be possible in a city south of the Mason-Dixon line.
  12. "Aye, there's the rub." Someone brought this up on the Nat's subreddit that this team's been jinxed ever since the 2012 NLDS and it got me thinking because what happened that night was...unnatural. It was a choking that defies reason. Throughout the past 6+ years, this seems to be a problem over and over and over again. You can't tell me this team wouldn't have at least one pennant under its belt were it not for that night and what it wrought. And yes, I know curses aren't real and it's more complicated than that so please spare me, you miserable pendants.
  13. I'm glad the team won yesterday and at least won't get swept but we were up 12-1 at one point and the Mets still made a game out of it. How?! Even with a mediocre bullpen, that's a safe lead. Maybe a run or two scored, fine, but eight additional runs?! And that comes after the bullpen blew a lead on Saturday. I don't doubt their desire to win but it seems like there's some sort of weird aura around this team - spanning several managers and rosters - where there's a fear of winning. It's like watching an episode of Bojack Horseman through a baseball game with all the self-sabotage.