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  1. thebluefood

    U.S. Congress Part 115 (GOP still rules the roost - barely)

    Oh ****! And right here in PA. Also, we're technically in the 116th Congress now so we'll need a new thread altogether.
  2. thebluefood

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    As happy as I am the Eagles are out of the playoffs, I can't help but wonder: have the Eagles become the anti-'Skins over the past 20 years? -Jeff Lurie seems to be one of the most respected and least problematic owners in the league -Since he bought the team in 1994, The team's successfully rebuilt not once but twice (once after the disastrous Ray Rhodes era and again after "The Chip Kelly Experience" imploded) -That's translated into nearly 20 years of sustained success in which they've only finished under .500 three times and have gone to two Super Bowls (winning one) -From what I can tell, they actively and successfully engage their fanbase and make their gameday experience an good one - even encouraging them to take the Broad Street Line to the Linc (I can't tell you how many times I saw their mascot on SEPTA's Instagram page) The 'Skins, on the other hand, have done the complete opposite over the past 25 years. I can't bring myself to ever cheer for a Philadelphia based team but as an organization, it's hard not to respect what the Eagles have been able to do over that span and it's really frustrating my hometown team cannot manage to take a step without finding new and exciting ways to alienate their fans and their community.
  3. thebluefood

    XFL Washington

    Eh, I think I'm gonna sit that one out. Unlike the AAF, which seems to be developing rules (and a culture) based on shorting the game and better enforcing player safety protocol, the XFL seems to double down on the worst of football's reactionary, macho bull**** (which is expected if Vince McMahon is involved in any capacity).
  4. thebluefood

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    Anyone else gonna watch the Alliance of American Football following Super Bowl Sunday? I think I may find a place to sit down and give it a watch. Shame there aren't any teams in the Mid-Atlantic or Northeast but I like the league's, apparent, commitment to player safety and I love the idea of no TV time outs (the NFL's bloated run-times are ghastly and one of the reasons I've been watching less of it).
  5. thebluefood

    2018: Start of the Philadelphia Eagles Football Dynasty

    From Reddit's NFL subreddit "Cool Brees Enough to Shrivel Nicks Big Dick"
  6. The question I've been asking myself lately goes a little deeper "does the NFL as an organization warrant my time and money" and the more I think about it, the more I believe the answer is "no."
  7. thebluefood

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    Harry Kalas' voice, the lights at RFK Stadium, the tight spiral caught perfectly by the NFL Films crew - what a great video.
  8. thebluefood

    Gameday Thread

    Speaking of kicking footballs: Just a reminder that it's hard. It's their job, yes, and their only job. But it's hard.
  9. thebluefood

    Gameday Thread

    I mean, we could always go back to having a lineman go out there and try to straight-on kick like
  10. thebluefood

    Gameday Thread

    After watching Darrell Green give the Birds their Lombardi last year, a part of me died...and was extremely grateful hockey season was in full season.
  11. thebluefood

    2019 Washington Nationals Thread - The Winds of Change

    I did just want to pop my head in and say "congrats and (sorta) farewell" to Chelsea Janes who will not be covering the team this year and will, instead, be covering the madness that will be the 2020 Election. I know she will do an excellent job on the political desk, just as she did on the Nationals' beat.
  12. thebluefood

    2018 NCAA Football Thread

    We miss him at ECU and this is, subconsciously, one of the reasons why (also, you know, the back-to-back-to-back 3-9 seasons didn't help). - - - But back to the playoff. If they wanna keep the playoff at 4 teams for the foreseeable future, that almost certainly shuts the mid-majors out from competing for a national championship. If that's the case and if you're not among the handful of teams that can, realistically, make it into the playoff, then what are you actually doing apart from competing for a conference title and a useless, pre-New Years exhibition? At least the "lower divisions" get to compete for a national championship of some kind (apart from the Ivy League schools). Mid-majors are in this awful, competitive purgatory where they're either homecoming fodder for the "big boys" or denied a chance for a championship because "MUH STRENGTH OF SCHEDULE." There's more than 120 schools in FBS. If the "mid-majors" just aren't good enough to keep up, put us in another division and let us have a chance to create our own system to declare our own national championship. The "power conferences" won't miss us because we were never relevant to begin with, right?
  13. thebluefood

    Pathetic crowds at home opener

    Not to mention its very public transportation friendly (as is the Linc in Philly). Seriously - how does accessibility not factor into these new stadium plans? These teams are in major, metropolitan areas. I know these team owners hate poor people the way I hate brussel sprouts but why would you put a stadium so far away from rail or bus stops like that?
  14. thebluefood

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    But for real - despite renouncing my fandom, I still like coming here because I still follow the team and all my friends are dorks (like the kind who will call it "sportsball") so I gotta talk about this somewhere.
  15. thebluefood

    What is the average age of our real fan base?

    I'm 27 but I've made my falling out with the organization well known on this forum (as well as the reason why I stay) so take that for what you will.