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  1. Same term we've been using for the past 25 years or so: masochists.
  2. The old man was gonna fire Gibbs and rehire George Allen. Mercifully, John stepped in to stop that from happening but oh my God, can you imagine George Allen 2.0 in the early 1980s?
  3. I'm inclined to agree that the foundation began to come apart when Beathard left town, just as the foundation of the "glory years" was set when he was hired in 1978. I wasn't alive during those years so it's hard for me to grasp how important he was to this team's success in the 1980s.
  4. I appreciate the feedback on this thread. I was still a toddler when Gibbs announced his retirement and by the time I actually started watching football, we were well into the team's current "dark age." As I said in the OP, for a team to be this consistently mediocre for this long shouldn't be possible in the current NFL. This franchise hasn't had a win total over 10 since the Super Bowl season nearly 30 years ago. Every other franchise - including the Lions, Bengals, and Browns (pre-1995) - have managed to have at least one season over that mark. That shouldn't be possible and ye
  5. And the kind of energy Joe Gibbs invested into coaching wasn't sustainable; it's incredible he lasted as long as he did over two different tenures and didn't end up checking into St. Elizabeth's or a divorcee. I know his second term wasn't nearly as successful as his first but considering who he was working with, it's a wonder he led this team to two playoff appearances and a playoff win in four years. The only other coach to do that in the Snyder era was...Norv Turner. And the only person to win a playoff game in Washington before Norv Turner was...Joe Gibbs. Come to think of it,
  6. I did not know that but it does make sense. I have to imagine that lead to some deeper, systemic issues that lead to the franchise's state today - something that's proportional to the payroll they had when the cap was implemented. And yeah - those post-Bethard drafts were not always the best. There were a few hits like Chip Lohmiller, Mark Schlereth, Brian Mitchell but when the franchise lost Bethard, it was noticeable. I believe 2007 was Joe Gibbs' best coaching job - even better than guiding the team through the '87 strike season.
  7. In the "America's Game" for the 1991 team, Gibbs mentions JKC getting in his face and telling him how much better Jimmy Johnson was doing down in Dallas. And the Squire wasn't wrong but as we all learned, Norv Turner and Charlie Casserly (combined) were not on the level with Jimmy Johnson. That's why the latter's gonna have a bust in Canton. The Cowboys, at least at first, adapted to the new NFL well. Maybe it's because Jerry Jones and Jimmy Johnson were new to the pro game while JKC and the front office in Washington were from the old guard. Furthermore, Cooke wasn't a particularly patient ma
  8. 1999 was the first year I really got into football and it was an exciting, albeit heartbreaking one. That's another important year of course but 1993 seems to be the year everything came to a head. I don't know why this team has had such a tough time adapting to free agency and the salary cap but they have in a unique way - like night and day. Hell, even the Browns were on their way to great things before Art Modell pulled the rug out from the franchise and the city.
  9. Saw this right before going to bed last night. I just can't with this year, y'all.
  10. While it's never particularly cut and dry, this franchise (like many others) seems to have fateful years that define particular eras of its history, especially if they've been around awhile. There's obvious choices like 1932 (founding), 1937 (first year in D.C.), 1962 (integration), 1971 (George Allen's first season), and 1981 (Joe Gibbs' first season) but I believe, at least for the franchise's current era, 1993 might be the most significant. It set the foundation for this team's improbable - like, statistically improbable - streak of mediocrity and it seems to be the year everyt
  11. For my own mental well being, I've been limiting my exposure to the Presidential Election but I did want to ask you all what the odds are of these two guys getting into a fight during the debates. Like a really good, old man fight - the sort you'd see on the bus on a particularly hot day where everyone's already kinda crabby. I think that's the only way this year's gonna break even.
  12. I know I'm late to this but let the record show I was on board with there being no official nickname for years. I love the aesthetic and culture around soccer in general so, like, why not go with WFC or DCFC for the long run? Encourage fans to bring big-ass flags to games - have people singing and **** during the games. Like This is way more dope than anything you'd see at American Football games.
  13. [Parents: Born in Washington, D.C.] [Grandparents: Born in Washington, D.C.] [At least one of my great-grandparents: Born in Washington, D.C.] [Me: Born just outside of Washington, D.C.] I mean, it was basically inevitable. Even if I've become estranged from the team as a fan (which will probably continue, even with a new nickname), I basically didn't have a choice but to at least follow the team. Hell, even my sister - who doesn't like sports - has a teddy bear with the team's logo on it (albeit faded beyond recognition).
  14. Is Dan Snyder, a ghoulish wretched man who never met a lawsuit he didn't like, still the owner of this franchise? Yes. Will this franchise, under his control, continue to be the epitome of mediocrity and gracelessness? Almost certainly. Am I still gonna rally hard against any effort to give Dan Snyder any land on the tax payer's dime, especially on the RFK Stadium site? You know it. Am I still gonna buy the merch with the new name and make that miserable trip to Landover at least once a year to watch them lose? ...yeah.
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