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  1. Protesting is fine. Riots and looting are not. Unless it was Halloween,I wouldn't be allowed in any place without being looked at suspiciously, hell I was told that I couldn't gamble inside of a casino because I had my face painted. I said to the guys your dealer has her face painted? To no avail.
  2. Kosher Ham

    The "Re-Opening" the Economy Thread

    Key word. HAD....
  3. Kosher Ham

    The "Re-Opening" the Economy Thread

    That's a lot smaller living quarters. Nice truck though.
  4. Kosher Ham

    What's your theme song?

    I can refute that statement. I just hope the evidence is not erased. I am certain that I brought up the subject about this a while back.
  5. Kosher Ham

    What's your theme song?

    For me...
  6. Kosher Ham

    The Liquor Thread

    Or whippets?
  7. Never. I'm a DC guy. Those shoes have always been ugly, most folks are from the DMV really that wear those at all
  8. Kosher Ham

    The Quarantine Thread

    I have only had take out food once in three months. Lost about five pounds and cooking at home has been enjoyable for us.
  9. Kosher Ham

    Nazis showing up at places uninvited.

    That woman looks Korean to me.
  10. Kosher Ham

    Camping & The Great Outdoors

    Sounds like it could be fun. Just not for me.
  11. Kosher Ham

    Camping & The Great Outdoors

    My wife is into hiking, not camping. Personally, I prefer air conditioning and a comfy couch. Generally I will just pay for their little hiking adventure. I can tell ghost stories and make smores at home. Not to mention that I am a horrible fisherman. I don't worry about the wilderness, I hunt. I simply can't get into camping.
  12. Kosher Ham

    Some More Cops Who Need to Be Fired

    If they were still afraid of a potential threat, why didn't they zip tie his feet? Unfortunate death. This was clearly excessive.
  13. There is a thread that changes the title entirely too often. It's not intriguing, it's annoying.
  14. Kosher Ham

    Florida....? oh yeah, Florida.

    Where did he carry the paint?