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  1. Los Angeles definitely is better. I'm talking about simple stuff like fried rice and egg rolls. Don't even want to discuss the entrees. Thumbs down. Btw the joke there was the bullet proof glass.
  2. Chinese food is not nearly as good in the south. Why is that? Give me a spot in DC that were already covid prepared any time over what I've had down here.
  3. Heard a funny little joke the other day. Question: Can you tell me three, two letter words that mean little or tiny?
  4. I already did and I'm home now. Never want someone to lose their livelihood over twenty bucks. I feel better about it.
  5. Just realized that the lady at the sub shop gave me all of my money back. Feeling kind of bad about it. Should I go back and fix the problem?
  6. Wait.. you didn't know? At least I had one of my favorite teams win today.
  7. Going to a bar for the early games with some friends. Rocking Redskins gear from head to toe. Even socks and sneakers. HTTR.
  8. Both are pretty solid defensive players. That's fouls to give also.
  9. They are going to likely lose two or three players, and they are cash strapped.
  10. No alpha male on the team with the talent to lead. That's why the Clippers lost. They are going to have to quit all the load management crap. Play when I feel like it mentality.
  11. We'll see. Dwight and McGee are well rested. I say Lakers in five.
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