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  1. That's less than two days for some folks.
  2. To answer your question however. Not my first time with edibles, and yes, I loved them. Not at all bitter and no aftertaste at all.
  3. First time with these gummies. I had to get an uber home. I was lit. They are for home use only. I got caught slipping.
  4. Gummies...thanks. Functional... I'll need a few minutes.
  5. It's paid programing. Primary for the adults who were kids when the first one came out. There's sex, violence, and bad language. It's not really meant for small children.
  6. Skip the Sunkist strawberry lemonade. It's terrible.
  7. Just watched Homefront. Reminds me of the Arnold and Milano movie from back in the day. Entertaining, but not really anything new or standout in any way.
  8. Kosher Ham


    No Mercy? New Moon? Next Match?
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