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  1. How many Duke fans does it take to change a lightbulb???
  2. What is First Take? If you are talking about the show. It should be called, Next take. Rarely have I ever seen either of those conversations be even close to accurate.
  3. Halston on Netflix was pretty impressive. Ewan McGregor plays the role perfectly.
  4. PHX earned their spot, MIL got lucky because they are actually better without Giannis. Paul came to ball and Booker would be a beast on any team. As would Ayton. I imagine that Crowder will be the next one to get it going. Bucks won't win and should not. Suns are just a betterTEAM. That was an easy stack for me to bet on. Bucks might get one game.
  5. That makes me more curious to what you posted. She's a little person just like you but our reservations are at six. Gonna be a long night.
  6. Dinner out and a movie at home tonight. The God Committee. Birthday bliss. I am already in rockstar mode. My wife is in trouble tonight, because I am slow rolling it.
  7. Never had an issue in Philadelphia. Same everywhere besides minor stuff. I'll be there in about five months.
  8. Ever? Exactly. They are simply entertaining, and unrealistic. Wait, I recall this movie called back to the future. It was pretty clear that it was just for fun. Great Scott!!!
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