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  1. Reads like McCune was actually one of the ringleaders of this
  2. Xameil

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Thinking about this...if Dan is at an owners meeting, we probably wont hear anything until he is back in DC
  3. Xameil

    Be afraid. Be very afraid....

    I think no matter what, Bruce is gone
  4. Maybe I'm missing something..I see nothing wrong with what they are doing...I think everything linked to Target being a bit strange, but if Target owns them, then that's not strange at all...
  5. Xameil

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    So...rumor leaks that Snyder is considering getting rid of Allen...Trent Williams suddenly releases a statement that is completely damning to Allen and does not blame Snyder for anything... So...anyone else think Snyder gave TW the go ahead to speak his mind against Allen?
  6. Xameil

    Anyone ever met any music stars?

    Great...now we're all a part of the Degrees of Bacon
  7. Xameil

    Anyone ever met any music stars?

    Yeah...her and Samantha Fox were my teenage fantasies... Even back then I would get the "you're a metal head why would you like Samantha Fox songs" my reply was... "she sings?!?"
  8. Xameil

    Anyone ever met any music stars?

    Well...ok...my 13 year old self doesnt care about that...in fact...it only enhances it... Adolescent fantasy in tact...
  9. Xameil

    Anyone ever met any music stars?

    I gotta ask why....my 13 year old self needs to know...
  10. Xameil

    I'm over the snow already!

    We got about 24 inches from Sunday till Tuesday. This is in Upstate NY. LOVE IT
  11. Ok...first...it was a joke ;). Second...I think we've seen that scenario soooo many times and coaches are always chastised for it...most of them on our team have been WRs and 1 named Perine...
  12. Shanny's fascination with Beck was definitely an argument against legalized pot...
  13. Xameil

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Panthers

    Lose to the Redskins, get fired...
  14. His use if gas over charcoal and subjecting his Oline to cheap grills is unforgivable