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  1. Again...only reports I hear about him demanding release was from a reporter. Adrian Peterson, arguably his best friend on the team has said that was a surprise to him. So I dont really buy any of this until I hear it from TW.
  2. In all honesty it has remained private. Only fan and reporter speculation. I have heard nothing from TW or his agent, and only heard Bruce say he knows what the problem is. Nothing else. TW missed off-season workouts that he wasnt going to be at anyways due to injury. So not seeing where this is not being kept private.
  3. You must be an oddity then. Everytime I goto a restaurant in Germany and Italy, I can pick out who's European and who's American by how they eat their pizza. I pointed this out to our European sales team, and they agree. Edit: just noticed you live in Fairfax according to your profile..so you have been Pizza Americanized...
  4. First off that's deep dish...and second I still see most people wat it with their hands. Just a normal thin crust pizza they use knife and fork...its like eating a candy bar with a knife and fork...just weird...
  5. I thought West Virginia was the non-forking family tree state......
  6. That doesnt help their case... You're talking about the same people who eat pizza with knife and fork, and love mayonaise on EVERYTHING
  7. I'm fine with squirrels.... Now chipmunks? I hate those tunneling little ****ers
  8. Xameil

    The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)

    That's the one...
  9. Xameil

    The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)

    I took you for the inflatable spider sex toy type of person.. ( I would have attached the pic...but I think that may be considered NSFW)
  10. Probably smokes fags too...
  11. Makes me miss the old crew....that koozie had some great adventures...it was supposed to come to Saratoga to watch a horse race, but apparently had other commitments...lol
  12. "THE SKY IS FALLING" Must suck to have to live like that...
  13. Because....idk...I got nothing....I gave up trying to understand some people on here around the same time we stopped tracking the travelling koozie..... ...let's see who remembers that..
  14. I think he explained that this is being handled internally...I guess that's welp worthy for the chicken littles and front office haters....