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  1. Pffft...shows how much you know..the African American fraternity as well as the Latino Fraternity used to play it that way too...damn kids....
  2. Well...how short is the crop top? Don't even get me started on the beer pong game...because you are completely mislabeling it. If you're going to appropriate a game from my generation then please name it right. Beer pong is played on a ping pong table with paddles and beer in each corner. The game you are most likely referencing is actually called Beruit or TEP, and usually involves more beer then the incorrectly named Millenial version... Now it's more accurate
  3. Gravity is the biggest serial killer of drunk and drugged up people...
  4. Pffft....get an original thought...I came up with that on the first page.... Here...you can have a drink too...
  5. Nothing...nothing at all.... Here have a drink...
  6. Hmmm...I wonder if he'll fit on the St Andrews Cross.... I mean the honored guest's seat...
  7. Damnit...now we need another virgin...I mean guest...
  8. You are all just leaving yourself open to get caught...I think you are all looking to get caught... First off, if your gonna do an eyes wide shut type of orgy, then you need acid to get rid of the body...just dissolve the evidence up, dilute the acid and evidence and dump it out at sea...sheesh...amateurs
  9. Adult sleepover? Is that the PC version of orgy?
  10. Idk about this. My wife's sisters swear constantly, and saying they are dumber then a box if rocks would be an insult to the rocks
  11. Xameil

    Xbox One Vs Ps4

    Rumors are going around that depending on how it does there will be more in VR
  12. Xameil

    The airline experience has become miserable

    Ok..see your point there...but again...all airlines have the same quality planes...at least in the US. I travel quite frequently and some of th nicest planes I've been on are in Asia. I see this more times then I can count. Or the person bringing on an object that is WAY too big to bring in the plane and arguing for 10 minutes in why it needs to be on the plane and not checked.
  13. Xameil

    The airline experience has become miserable

    Sorry...that's more on the customs rules than the airline. I've had colleagues have the same issue with other airlines when they have to land somewhere unexpected on international flights. Did you hear about the woman who got fined $500 because she brought an apple into the country she got on a flight from Paris? https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.usatoday.com/amp/540655002 International laws in flying SUCK.
  14. Did I ever say it was exclusive to him? All I am saying is hes in the no win situation with alot of fans. No matter what hendies you guys will **** and moan. So yes, its blind hatred. Hell, up where I am I dont even ever hear his name anymore when it comes to anything. Just see him on game day in the owners box. So not sure if the hatred comes from actual facts, or assumptions that most fans have because of what he did in the past. From what I've read in interviews...its assumptions.
  15. I'm sorry, but u dont see how his issue with We Hail is farce. To him..it was bad. He's the majority owner, that's his prerogative, and the type of stuff he should be dealing with. The PR around this team is awful, not denying that. My entire argument is that no matter what he does, the same voices in here and in the public toast him. The only consistency is the blind hate towards him