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  1. Xameil

    Ooooweee Dunbar wants to be traded!

    Ok...that's a bit of a stretch...maybe a dimmed lights CB1.5...
  2. Expect the number in China to jump again. Most factories in the big areas are opening back up tonight. So I would expect infected people that have hidden or are not showing symptoms yet to be around uninfected...next couple weeks might get interesting...
  3. Xameil

    Michael Avenatti guilty on three counts of extortion

    And now...Avenatti will have a pain in his ass to deal with...
  4. Who ya calling My people?
  5. I read about this and ask myself... How is this a surprise to anyone.. This has been a theme in multiple spy movies...we already know Hollywood cant come up with original ideas so they obviously got it from somewhere...
  6. Sandwich from Papa Johns?!? Does it taste like that hot dog abomination or the Vienna sausage dish from hell..seriously I didnt think spaghetti Os could do that. And for conversations sake, DiBellas makes one of the best subs ever, and their chocolate chip cookies are like crack
  7. In all fairness...it was a very important debate...I mean if you mis-identify what a sandwich is, it could be life changing
  8. Well...then...until the discussion returns to a pointless secondary debate...the great sandwich debate shall be tabled and be as open as an open faced Salisbury steak sandwich...with gravy....I shouldnt have skipped lunch...
  9. Dear lord...see you deviated from secondary talk so therefore cant debate sandwiches...but then you bring it back to the secondary...I'm just so confused what we're debating now...was it popcorn?
  10. Pffft..stop trying to pad your resume...the insult just shows you know I'm right
  11. I dont know...your opinion on wraps and sandwiches kinda knocks you down from worth a round 1 to a late round 2... We will have to consult the draft board...
  12. Does your performance during that contract warrant a high end beyond burger?
  13. Ummm duh...they would trade him for an Impossible Whopper. You can only trade a vegan for a non meat meat product...
  14. It's the great sandwich debate... It dates back to when Carlos Rodgers was here and started as a discussion on the Monte Cristo...then evolved into the sandwich debate..and now it's back in full force...the part of this that will REALLY blow your mind... It only seems this debate happens when discussing the secondary...