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  1. What is the most common phrase heard from KC during high profile games Alex. You were looking for the question to your post, right?
  2. I have the same policy when going to Walmart....
  3. True...but that also helps them get the over 40 feet. Hell, in high school I was getting 41 feet. Standing long jump I could do over 6'. So Chase being able to do 30 with 3 jumps is not a surprise.
  4. Yeah...pretty sure no one side is blameless...no matter how you try and spin it....these people got away with it because they were donating cash to the politicians...hell...even Trump donated money to Clinton... Doesn't matter where it started...fact is it kept going...and you can't tell me the politicians didn't know about it....it was even a joke on Cheers....(Robin Colcourt said his yearly salary was a dollar to keep his taxes down). This is on all of them...democrats and Republicans. The laughable part is the only outrage you hear from the politicians now is not that the people g
  5. Pffft...a wrap is still not a sandwich.... And if OJ catches wind of this and makes any comments....I blame you...
  6. Before the pandemic, I was flying ALOT both in country and internationally, and I have HUGE respect for flight attendants all over the world...the **** they put up with is insane.
  7. How do you know.... you said you close your eyes when he kicks...
  8. Yes...let's blame the industry.... I will agree that other countries are somewhat different in their food quality..but from what I can tell from traveling to those places it's because they do a more regional thing, so less preservatives are needed. Here...we don't have as much of a regional diet...so....yeah....
  9. I was thinking more of him going on one of his rants...gets a Snickers and turns into someone else to be honest...lol
  10. Since I'm in NY...and had to take Cuomos harassment training (ironic huh)....I don't think I'm allowed to comment in this the way that is warrented... But I will say it sounds similar to buck cakey...
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