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  1. Did you honestly think he'd post with the games KC has done? He'll appear when KC has a good game..
  2. Lol we had teachers around me complaining about a plan to get rid of snow days and make snow days work from home days...I can just imagine the pushback to giving up their summer...
  3. Thats what she said....
  4. I'm just going off what I read...oh and solar panels really aren't as efficient as you'd hope. The more efficient energy is coming from outside CA...they get most of it from neighboring states.
  5. Oh...I was talking about SoCa....northern CA gets most of theirs from Oregon and their wind and hydroelectric
  6. Sooooo...they better get going on their hydrogen fuel cell cars otherwise there will be a HUGE drain on the power grid...oh and they still do get a good amount from combustion
  7. Lol I told them the same thing. While I don't agree, I understand. However, Dr's I have talked to are getting upset about this overtesting. Especially if its just a runny nose or sniffling. If it's like this now during allergy season...just wait until common cold season hits in the northeast...
  8. If she had a fever..or even close to a fever, I would agree.. BUT a runny nose or just sniffling is not nearly enough to subject a 4 year old to testing....twice...in 3 months
  9. So..here is where I am having a HUGE issue... My youngest daughter has allergies. So she woke up, was perfectly fine, no fever, no runny nose...nothing. she got sent home because of a sniffle...that's right 1 ****ing sniffle... She's out of pre-k and me work from home until a negative test. This is the 2nd time in 3 months we've had to do this. Can we find some ****ing middle ground?!? Subjecting a 4 year old to this for 1 sniffle is ****ing crazy..
  10. Ahhh ok...sorry misunderstood ya before. So far I am pleased with how her school is handling it...but it's only been a few days...my opinion may change in a couple weeks.
  11. Difference is that this is being done real time. She can see her friends that are in the class and I believe they can see her.
  12. So, I would consider the school my daughter goes to as being a fairly large one ( over 800 in the 9th grade). This is the first week of school for her. So far, I haven't heard any complaints. For her, she's virtual Monday through Wednesday ( the whole school is virtual on Wednesdays). Today is her first day of actually being in class. Basically the virtual students watch the class from home, so it's the same lesson as the rest, and if have questions can still ask the teacher. The teachers have been good at getting the students ready by making sure they have their google classroom links all set
  13. As it has been said several times....his getting cut most likely had NOTHING to do with his ability to play.
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