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  1. Are you actually asking if it was a June 1st cut on March 5th?
  2. Ah yes...hundreds in the entire fleet catching fire.... I'm sure there's a more economical way to upgrade...
  3. Not to mention the reward states no questions asked meaning the shooter can return the dogs and not be asked how they got the dogs....
  4. When you listed the games..pretty sure I got it now...it was definitely brain fry from being around and speaking to morons at work... I honestly believed that MS was basically releasing all games on PC as well so technically there were no XB exclusives. But based on your comment I was mistaken.
  5. Sorry... maybe my brain has been fried because of morons at work...but what do ya mean?
  6. Problem is technically they are never exclusive. They will always be released on PC as well. Then if PS dwarfs XB numbers, it makes financial sense to make the game for them as well... Anyone remember Sega? Game company, decided to do a console, still sold games to Nintendo, Coleco Vision (I believe they existed at the same time) and PC. Sega arguably even had the better system in the Saturn. But financially it made more sense to them to abandon the console and just make games. Companies ALWAYS sell consoles at cost or below. The money is in the licensing.
  7. OK....but to my knowledge that was never a pre-requisite, albeit it probably should have been. You die from being stupid you get the award wether you have kids or not. If you all of a sudden put that rule in then absolute brainiacs like the guy who died from strapping a missile on his car will have to give the award back, and that's just sad because he really deserved it.
  8. Not sure following your logic.... Procreation is not a factor that excludes you from Darwin... Dumb, ignorant people can procreate..hell my wife has 5 sisters that have proved that...multiple times...with multiple men... Yes, you may all throw up now... Edit: should also add...none are married to any of the kids fathers....1 was before she cheated on him with half the neighborhood and I wish I was exaggerating. ..now you may go throw up...
  9. Yay...I love when an agency that claims to be going bankrupt spends BILLIONS.... They can't even figure out how to deliver a book that was literally sent from a location 10 miles from my house 300 miles to the east then 300 miles south before finally getting it to me 3 weeks later...yet I can get a package from Vietnam in 3 days via DHL.... Yeah...it were the trucks that were the problem...
  10. I've said this before and I'll say it again... My youngest has been going to preschool everyday since August. Her school has had 2 cases the entire time. My oldest is in an over 3000 person school system with over 800 in her building. They have been in school 2 days a week with virtual the other 3. They have had positive cases, with many of them being students that were fully virtual. There has been ZERO cases of a positive student getting other students or teachers sick and ZERO cases of teachers getting students sick. This idea of a school being a superspreader locati
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