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Redskins vs Seahawks Prediction Thread: Rock Fight in a Glass House

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When: Sunday Nov. 5th 4:00 p.m. 3:00 CST

Where: CenturyLink Field Seattle


 Rock fight in a glass house. That pretty much sums up the 2017 Washington Redskins thus far. A lot of broken pieces all over the place, and no chance of running out of rocks for the foreseeable future. Injuries have decimated this team, and the replacements are now starting to drop like flies. What exactly is going on in the strength and conditioning dept. at Redskins Park? Are they on strike or giving the players Dick Gregory Bohemian diets?


Ready? Jordan Reed, Ioannidis, Lauvao, Long, McClure [back-up ], Trent Williams, Breeland, Scherff, Crowder, Nicholson, TJ Clemmings [ back-up ], Nsekhe, Jonathan Allen, Hopkins, Foster, and Morgan Moses is on the verge of being out with 2 bad ankles.


So, I ask again; Ready? To go to Seattle? To play the Seahawks?


Sunday, the Seahawks survived a scare by the Texans, winning on a last minute TD pass to win it 41-38. Wilson has apparently picked up his game, throwing more touchdowns but throwing more interceptions as well. The Texans gave them all they could handle and then some, as the Texans' Deshaun Watson threw for 4 TDs and well over 400 yds. Wilson combined for 472 yds passing and running, as the Seahawks barely squeaked by a very tough playing Texans team.


The Redskins, well, injuries are reflective of how the team is doing. currently on a 2 game losing streak, as Cousins couldn't find the WRs enough, relying on TEs Reed and Davis with Thompson for the majority of his yardage. The absence of a running game shows, and when pretty much the entire offensive line is out with injuries, its hard to expect anything at all.

Defensively, they hung in tough, as Josh Norman was back on the field, scooping up a fumble on the very first play against the hated Dallas Cowboys, and held tough for the most part. The deflating point IMO came at the blocked FG, which was scooped up by a Cowboys player and taken all the way down to the 4 yd line of Washington, where it was an easy score for them as momentum completely vanished from the Redskins. Still, they played as hard as they could, and was in the game until the end, when Cousins pass was tipped and picked off by Dallas, sealing the victory.


Sunday will not be a fun day for this team. The injury bug has gone on a rabid biting frenzy, essentially taking out half of the team and the majority of the better players. The Seahawks' defense is stout, especially at home where the crowd really gets into it, and a sea of blue & green covers the stands, unlike FedEx Field, where it appears any visiting team's fans show up in droves.


I still say this will be a hard hitting, physical game. With a patchwork offensive line, the Redskins gameplan has to be getting the ball out of Cousins hands quickly, he cannot afford to hold onto the ball or he will be having frequent visits with the roots of CenturyLink Field.

Defensively, the key has to be keeping Russell Wilson in the pocket and forcing him to make mistakes. Their biggest threat is their TEs, and if they can be blocked in, the Redskins have a good chance of pulling out one of those miracle upsets, but it will take a mistake-free game on all sides of the ball.


When the whistle blows and the ground stops shaking,

the Redskins just don't have the horses to pull off the upset, its just too tough to get a win there.


Redskins   16

Seahawks  27


* First correct score prediction wins a new Redskins cap and a few other goodies.


  Good luck and as always,   G O    S K I N S !

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I am debating whether flying cross country is a smart move at this point but it's been arranged for a while so I will be there. Also a night out in Seattle it always fun.


Can't predict that it we will pull it off though and I don't like predicting us to lose so I won't do the score thing. My only prediction is a gutsy display and we hang in there.



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Too early to predict a score for me in this one. Need to see who will be available. I like the way the game shapes up on the periphery for us in a lot of ways, but obviously that all gets rendered moot if the volume of injuries is too high. 


Seattle's defense isn't as bad as they played last week, but they aren't really a great D anymore either. They've had some other lapses this year as well. And their offense isn't nearly as good as they played last week. I think we match up VERY well with them when we are on D-- other than Wilson and his scrambling-- but he hurts everyone with that. 


I think we can limit them offensively for sure-- our corners aren't good-- they are dominant. If Breeland plays we have the best corners in the NFL and that hampers any offense. Hawks also don't run the ball all that well, although we are hurting on the DL. 


My big question is what we will have on offense? If it's the same OL that ended the Boys game I just don't see how we can possibly move the football. However, it sounds like Scherff might play-- and let's say he plays and Big Ty plays-- well, now the OL has a fighting chance and maybe we can move the chains enough to turn it into a plodding low-scoring affair. This is one of those games where you just want to keep it close and maybe you get a break late. Hawks coming off huge emotional win and everyone will be on them this week. There is some Vegas value in the Redskins here-- but only if we get a few of the OL back. 

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 With Thomas not playing, thats a huge boost of good news for the o-line. 

Let's hope he doesn't play.


 After thinking about it for awhile, this is exactly the type of game that no one expects them to win, then they turn around and play balls out football and score a huge upset.  I can totally see them winning this game. They're trying to keep up with the Rams, and they will hit speed bumps along the line, and this could very well be one of those bumps that serves as a little payback for the 2012 wildcard loss at home to them. 

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I dont like this matchup. This game could get ugly really fast with all these injuries continuing to pile up. I just want the team to make it outta there with no more injuries but a win in Seattle would be dam impressive. Hopefully this is not another late day prime time matchup where fans all over over America get to see us possibly get blown out.

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Head: Seahawks 27, Redskins 17. Another loss in a game that the Redskins prove to be formidable for the first half, but the healthier team playing at home simply pulls away in the second half. Anyone see a pattern?


Heart: Seahawks 38, Redskins 10. I AM heartbroken over the perceived fortunes of this team, given the current state of injuries. I really believe this team could be a contender if they weren't just so decimated by injuries . They have played HARD in every game so far, but they just don't have the horses to close the deal week to week and this week the wheels come off.


Liver: Redskins 24, Seahawks 23. Cirrhosis from celebratory drinking, still believing in the flickering hopes that this season will still amount to something.

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There is absolutely no reason to pick the 'Skins to win this.  Seattle got off to their usual slow/"what's going on with them?" start to the season before doing what they always do and now they look very good again. 


Even if Earl Thomas doesn't play I am not sure what we can expect out of an offense that has no running game and no Wide Receivers worth a darn at the moment. Usually even against a better team I can manage to fit some puzzle pieces in odd positions to force myself to predict a win with my heart.......not this time.


Seahawks 28

Redskins 17

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