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  1. You very well could be right. But the way the tweet (didn't read the full article) said, "How do you like him?", that, to me, means he's getting an initial question, not a confirmation from a previous conversation. And as for Bruce possibly wanting Doug to not spill the beans, not sure why it would have to be handled the way it did where he didn't find out till the next day. Seems a bit disrespectful to the SVP of Player Personnel, IMO. In any event, if they didn't really want the deal leaked till the new league year, they couldn't have done a worse job at it.. lol
  2. In thinking about the Kim Martin article in regards to whole trade situation for Alex some more, I think it may have something to do with separation of duties. I can see Doug being involved with the scouts coming up with a list and then letting Bruce know that's who they think is best - at which point Bruce takes over and does his thing - which is negotiate with the Chiefs. The only thing that is surprising to me is the FO not at least keeping Doug in the loop on the result. He didn't need to be there for the negotiation itself, but to be left out knowing the result only to be informed of i
  3. Dan Steinberg on point here... Can't say I'm surprised by what Kim Martin wrote in her piece...
  4. With Scot going to the stacked Browns FO now, I'm so damned envious of them. Cap space galore. Draft capital galore. I know they still have Hue as their HC but holy cow, they sure appear they are primed to make a big leap in the standings... And then... there's us. /sigh
  5. Just as scouts tend to question the abilities of short QBs, I think it's time for the league to put a height restriction on owners with no grandfathers clause.
  6. Interesting twitter poll here... Thought about putting this in one of the Kirk threads but since Allen is leading the way at the moment, decided to put it here..
  7. I wonder if this kind of thing will get Danny's attention and motivated to make some changes
  8. If somehow we're able to get a fresh new start in the FO, I'd stop with the whole "it's who you know" comfort thing. We've become Tampa north, it seams. Bruce and now Doug both have track records that are not the envy of the league. We need to break this trend. I know I read our GM search, after the Scot debacle, said it cast a wide net but the fact is, not one qualified person wanted to be here, be it due to the perceived money slight (1.5m annual salary) or the disfunction/track-record of working for Snyder since he's owned the team. But, per chance, we can somehow attract one of the up
  9. Not that there aren't extenuating circumstances but....
  10. To be fair, we don't know if we tried or not. Could be we did try and it was just a low-ball offer his agent laughed at.
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