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  1. Paul Cumberland

    HapHaszard's Passing

    Thinking about you today, Hap.. I'm sure you were there to ensure a good landing on Mars...
  2. Good to see you back here too. And as far as this whole COO hire goes, personally, I could see it going either way. Could be something where Dan feels he doesn't need Bruce for anything other than the Stadium deal and on the other hand, it may be something Dan is doing to help Bruce do exactly what we all cringed about when we learned he was going to be more involved on the football side of the operation after the firing of Scot. Only time will tell.
  3. A 2013 story coming out in 2018. Let's hope this is has already been taken care of
  4. Paul Cumberland

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    You very well could be right. But the way the tweet (didn't read the full article) said, "How do you like him?", that, to me, means he's getting an initial question, not a confirmation from a previous conversation. And as for Bruce possibly wanting Doug to not spill the beans, not sure why it would have to be handled the way it did where he didn't find out till the next day. Seems a bit disrespectful to the SVP of Player Personnel, IMO. In any event, if they didn't really want the deal leaked till the new league year, they couldn't have done a worse job at it.. lol
  5. Paul Cumberland

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    In thinking about the Kim Martin article in regards to whole trade situation for Alex some more, I think it may have something to do with separation of duties. I can see Doug being involved with the scouts coming up with a list and then letting Bruce know that's who they think is best - at which point Bruce takes over and does his thing - which is negotiate with the Chiefs. The only thing that is surprising to me is the FO not at least keeping Doug in the loop on the result. He didn't need to be there for the negotiation itself, but to be left out knowing the result only to be informed of it the way it was stated in the article is kinda disrespectful, to me. Also shows a lack of trust... Anyway, just saw this nugget as well... Woulda thought Jay would have had some input on who he liked ahead of time but perhaps not...
  6. Paul Cumberland

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Dan Steinberg on point here... Can't say I'm surprised by what Kim Martin wrote in her piece...
  7. Paul Cumberland

    Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    IIRC, that was a PFF rating where he was leading the league on PA Passes a few weeks before the end of the season. He was surpassed by Mariota in the final couple of weeks
  8. Paul Cumberland

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    With Scot going to the stacked Browns FO now, I'm so damned envious of them. Cap space galore. Draft capital galore. I know they still have Hue as their HC but holy cow, they sure appear they are primed to make a big leap in the standings... And then... there's us. /sigh
  9. Paul Cumberland

    2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    I don't see much drop off between the top rated QBs this year and ones that will be selected on day 2. Regardless of the Kirk situation, we need to grab a QB in the draft. I'd rather see the team pick up a BPA stud with our 1st pick and get a QB on day 2..
  10. the way i read it, it's 4m over the 2 years.. so 2 per... + the incentives to reach 7 (3.5 per)