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    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    You very well could be right. But the way the tweet (didn't read the full article) said, "How do you like him?", that, to me, means he's getting an initial question, not a confirmation from a previous conversation. And as for Bruce possibly wanting Doug to not spill the beans, not sure why it would have to be handled the way it did where he didn't find out till the next day. Seems a bit disrespectful to the SVP of Player Personnel, IMO. In any event, if they didn't really want the deal leaked till the new league year, they couldn't have done a worse job at it.. lol
  2. Paul Cumberland

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    In thinking about the Kim Martin article in regards to whole trade situation for Alex some more, I think it may have something to do with separation of duties. I can see Doug being involved with the scouts coming up with a list and then letting Bruce know that's who they think is best - at which point Bruce takes over and does his thing - which is negotiate with the Chiefs. The only thing that is surprising to me is the FO not at least keeping Doug in the loop on the result. He didn't need to be there for the negotiation itself, but to be left out knowing the result only to be informed of it the way it was stated in the article is kinda disrespectful, to me. Also shows a lack of trust... Anyway, just saw this nugget as well... Woulda thought Jay would have had some input on who he liked ahead of time but perhaps not...
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    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Dan Steinberg on point here... Can't say I'm surprised by what Kim Martin wrote in her piece...
  4. Paul Cumberland

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    With Scot going to the stacked Browns FO now, I'm so damned envious of them. Cap space galore. Draft capital galore. I know they still have Hue as their HC but holy cow, they sure appear they are primed to make a big leap in the standings... And then... there's us. /sigh
  5. Paul Cumberland

    2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    I don't see much drop off between the top rated QBs this year and ones that will be selected on day 2. Regardless of the Kirk situation, we need to grab a QB in the draft. I'd rather see the team pick up a BPA stud with our 1st pick and get a QB on day 2..
  6. the way i read it, it's 4m over the 2 years.. so 2 per... + the incentives to reach 7 (3.5 per)
  7. Only problem with this is the funds from a June 1 cut don't actually hit the cap for use until June 2 and I doubt Breeland would wait 2 and a half months for the Skins to sign him.. He'll have plenty of suitors.. Starting corners are hard to come by. My guess is he'll get signed by someone early once the FA bell rings on 3/14.
  8. That's correct. That's the part that would become dead cap if we were to cut him in any of those years. An outright cut would incur 9m in 2018. And I should edit my previous post about pickup up 14m in savings. That's only if it's a June 1 cut. If outright cut, the cap saving would only be 8m. I hope he's open to renegotiation and a lowering of his salary demands this offseason in order to sign others. Kinda doubt it though. Yep, that's what's called restructuring - where future salary is turned into signing bonus and pushes out cap consequences down the road. This was a typical Vinny move which we've gotten away from when Bruce came along (his only saving grace, IMO). Everything hinges on what we do with Kirk, as you know. We can be players for some higher end FAs if he goes, but barely a player if he signs - even if it's on a LTD structured in a way to get a low 2018 cap hit.. I'm on record for not wanting any tag. That said, not gonna turn this into a Kirk thread.
  9. There is no guaranteed money in the last two years of the deal. The cap numbers are $14.5 million in 2019 and $15.5 million in 2020. They could let him go prior to the 2019 season and incur a $6 million dead cap charge; the dead cap drops to $3 million in 2020 Didn't see the exact date from my research but that would be the 3rd day of the new league year and you're correct, his 2018 contract becomes fully guaranteed then. Decisions, decisions...
  10. I agree with the renegotiation tactic but it has to be agreed to. Not sure Norman will take a pay cut or add voidable years. The other option is a restructure but that's what got us into cap hell when Vinny was around. Personally, if Norman looks himself square in the mirror and thinks he played up to his 20m cap hit in 2017, he's gotta be fooling himself - regardless of the ribs and lung issues. Some here will point out his leadership and swagger he brings to the defense. Personally, I'd rather have less of that and more play making ability. He's getting long in the tooth as well for a CB. Darrell Green being the exception to the rule.
  11. This isn't going to be popular with some, but with the thought of freeing up cap space, we could either outright cut Norman (gaining 8m in 2018 cap space) or designate him a June 1 cut (gaining 14m in 2018 cap space). When those funds are available is different depending on what kind of cut he'd be. Dead cap would be huge if outright cut (9m) but would provide cap funds immediately. Perhaps we can re-sign the younger Breeland with that though if contract is properly structured. A June 1 cut wouldn't provide funds until June 2 but would make the dead cap hit more bearable where it would be a 3m dead cap hit in 2018 and 6m in 2019. Those funds could be used for emergency/injury signings along with draft picks though normally we have our draft picks signed way before then so they can take part in OTAs, etc.
  12. PS guys count against the cap in-season but you gotta get to final cuts to sign them. There is no offseason PS. Not sure if reserve/future deals have any impact till OTAs and/or camp begins. Those players will hit the off-season roster at some point and be part of the 90 teams are allowed to have. As for the top 51-rule, I commented on that above your post here and how it could push some of the players I listed below the line. That said, those cuts still could occur before FA begins to free up cap space
  13. @OVCChairman Just as an example, say the QB signs a 5-yr contract with a fully guaranteed signing bonus of 70m. The signing bonus is split equally across all 5 years which is a 14m cap each year. If the year 1 salary is only 4m, then the cap hit is 18m in year one. QB pockets 74m in year one that way...
  14. That will be true when the top-51 rule goes into effect at the start of the new league year (3/14) which also coincides with the start of free agency. Team currently has 65 players under contract for 2018. Everyone I listed above 555k salary is above the cutoff line. Now assuming we sign larger contracts, it could push those people down and since offseason rosters are limited to 90 players, I can see a lot of those coming back for at least camp purposes, so yeah.. there's that, I suppose.. But that being said, if we need to free up space, I just wanted to point out which players could potentially be released in order to do so.
  15. @skinny21 There are a ton of the injury signees that can be cut without any dead cap consequences that will free up cap space. They are all small contracts but they do add up. Players in this bracket are: Montori Hughes (DE) - 790k Cameron Jefferson (RG) - 705k Tavaris Barnes (DE) - 705k Kenny Hilliard (RB) - 705k Ari Kouandjio (G) - 705k - though may be brought back to camp depending on what's going on with Lavaou and Long. Didn't make final 53 last season. TJ Clemmings (OT) - 705k - was pretty worthless, but maybe they bring back to camp James Sample (S) - 705k AJ Francis (DE) - 705k - though may be brought back to camp Demetrius Rhaney (C) - 705k Louis Young (CB) - 630k Alex Balducci (G) - 630k John Kling (OT) - 630k Cassanova McKinzy (OLB) - 630k Alex McCalister (DE) - 630k Kenny Ladler (S) - 555k Pete Robertson (OLB) - 555k - though would prob come back for camp Orion Stewart (S) - 555k Kyle Kalis (G) - 555k - I like this guy. Not sure why he was cut the final cut day but could be a released Ondre Pipkins (DT) - 555k LeShun Daniels (RB) - 555k Otha Peters (ILB) - 555k Manasseh Garner (TE) - 480k Dare Ogunbowale (RB) - 480k Added all up, it comes to ~14.5m added to the cap. His signing bonus alone on a LTD will far exceed the 34m franchise tag. Contract can be structured in a way where he gets HUGE dollars in year one (from signing bonus) and still provide a better % of cap hit to be able to sign others.
  16. ZB wanted 6m/year last offseason. Couldn't get it. Got about 100% raise from us when we signed him. He's proven he's worth more but not at 10m/year. Kuechly averages ~12m/year. Here're what the top ILBs get (courtesy of Player Team Total Value Avg./Year Total Guaranteed Avg. Guar./Year % Guar. Free Agency Luke Kuechly Panthers $61,795,295 $12,359,059 $27,000,000 $5,400,000 43.7% 2022 UFA Bobby Wagner Seahawks $43,000,000 $10,750,000 $8,977,427 $2,244,357 20.9% 2020 UFA Alec Ogletree Rams $42,000,000 $10,500,000 $18,907,529 $4,726,882 45.0% 2022 UFA Mark Barron Rams $45,000,000 $9,000,000 $15,000,000 $3,000,000 33.3% 2021 UFA Brian Cushing Texans $52,500,000 $8,750,000 $21,000,000 $3,500,000 40.0% 2020 UFA Brandon Marshall Broncos $32,000,000 $8,000,000 $15,053,000 $3,763,250 47.0% 2021 UFA Danny Trevathan Bears $28,000,000 $7,000,000 $13,500,000 $3,375,000 48.2% 2020 UFA Derrick Johnson Chiefs $10,250,000 $5,125,000 $2,000,000 $1,000,000 19.5% 2018 Void Paul Posluszny Jaguars $15,000,000 $5,000,000 $4,450,000 $1,483,333 29.7% 2018 UFA Kevin Minter Bengals $4,250,000 $4,250,000 $2,100,000 $2,100,000 49.4% 2018 UFA It's arguable he's a top 10 ILB from looking at that list. I'd pay him what he was looking for last year (6m/year), maybe a bit more. Perhaps get him on a LTD along with a decent signing bonus if that's what'll float his boat. Doing so could lower his 2018 cap hit - the savings of which we may need to spend elsewhere.
  17. I kinda equate the quantity or quality thing like having a leaky bucket to fill. If you can plug one hole, the other 2 are still going to pour water out, but if you can semi plug 3 holes, you'll still lose water but just not at as fast of a rate... To me, we have/had so many holes to fill in our bucket, just going with 1 stud or 3 mehs i kinda get the point of. JAX had no such holes like we did. And though perhaps they really didn't have any holes at all, they perceived that a stronger stopper (no pun intended) could be the final piece. Additionally, you have to look at fit with who else you have. Teamwork and being on the same page as they guy next to you has a lot to do with pieces working together well. Perhaps that's where we failed in our evaluation or perhaps it's coaching or maybe a combination...
  18. I think most, if not all, fans would want to know what's going to happen with Kirk ahead of time but it really doesn't work like that. FA comes before the draft. The team will have a plan in place for both. If it comes to pass that Kirk is signed prior to FA, they'll announce it. If they don't have him signed by the tag deadline (March 6), then they'll probably announce they're letting him test free agency but they'll still have 1 week left before then to lock him up. If he does make it to FA, the only thing that could throw a wrench into FA plans is if Kirk says he wants to accept a LTD deal with us after taking his whirlwind tour.. But I have to assume there's a plan in place for that as well..
  19. Paul Cumberland

    2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    This has yet to be confirmed but could very well hold true.. Note that Bryce Love is among them for those hoping to get him...
  20. As much as anyone, I guess... But here's the thing, Kirk wants to win and he's concerned with his legacy. He also says he knows that you can't hamstring a team with a high percentage of the cap in order to do that. Some people say that he's just saying BS with that but I personally have no reason not to believe him as I've never caught him in a lie. So assuming he's not bull****ting, if somehow Bruce & Co can persuade him to believe they can build a winner here, I believe we have as good a shot as any to sign him....
  21. Just per speculation on my part but if the reason for not getting an announcement on a LTD for Kirk is consistent with the reason why ZB hasn't been extended yet (which I believe to be true) then keep your eye on March 14 which is the start of the new league year and also coincides with the start of FA. Assuming we place no tag on Kirk (March 6th being that deadline), if we're going to have Kirk back, it will be announced very early once the new league year and FA begins.