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  1. I hate that anyone keeps taking shots at us, but when you don’t win more than 10 games max in any one season for 20 years, there’s no rebutting it. This is what I hate. We’re essentially the “Cardinals” of the NFC East now.
  2. Believe it when I see it. I’m still taking the under on 50 wins and s second round win until they prove it. On paper does nothing for me anymore. Been saying the same thing for the Redskins and said the same until the Caps brought home the cup.
  3. 2010 to 2015 isn’t old. It was practically yesterday. Old man rant here, but I love watching old games on YouTube that are before 2000.
  4. ^^ Agree. Hood should be a DE, not NT. But it shows his versatility and team first mentality.
  5. I don’t think it was the boss. Boss is a cool lady. I think it was more of a big middle finger to the department and county.
  6. Strange happenings at work. My co-worker is 62. She could retire and had been talking about this being her last year. Last Monday before the 4th, she texts me at work and tells me she won’t be in all week and can I put her on the department calendar as “on vacation”. She said, see you next week. I drove in this morning and her car wasn’t there. She gets in before I do and I’m in at 7. My boss comes in and asks our team to meet her downstairs at 8. Well, I never really checked her desk, but I looked over there and all her things were gone. Boss informed us
  7. No, you are thinking of 1989. Dallass went 11-5 and lost to Detroit in the divisional game while we were drowning the Falcons. Even though the Cowboys were an up and coming team, no way they come to RFK and beat us again.
  8. After the 11-0 start, we lost to Dallass. We came out refocused the next three weeks and continued to destroy teams. Honestly, there wasn’t one team in the NFC that I thought could beat us in the playoffs. Never nervous against the Falcons (we blew them out 56-17 during the season), knew it was a formality against the Lions and only the Bills gave me any slight concern. After the 1st quarter I knew they couldn’t hang with us. We were moving the ball at will and our defense was literally “beating” them up. Never feared any team that year. We were the Alpha Dog.
  9. If anyone needs more information about Uranus, Amanda Hugginkiss has what you need.
  10. Can someone check the bathroom for a Hugh Jass and let him know about Uranus?
  11. The rules back then wouldn’t allow super teams. There were great teams, but not super teams.
  12. The system needs to change. Been broken for way too long. Might as well contract 3/4 of the league. What’s the point in having more then 10 franchises? This is why I haven’t watched a full NBA game in 15 years, including Wizards games. Joke league.
  13. I do to. Mostly from Amazon. If something happens to all the music online, I still have CDs. My new truck didn’t come with a CD player. I have a small stereo at home that I bought at BJs for $80. Sounds as good as my Onkyo system from back in the 90s.
  14. I saw that, but I don’t know too much about those guys.
  15. Re-signed Boyd and signed C Nic Dowd from LA at $650k. 51% faceoff wins. Battle Boyd at 4C.
  16. Still not enamoured with bring back Orpik, even at a reduced salary. He’s 38 and while he had a good season, I’d rather roll with a younger player.
  17. DTV never goes out unless it’s a bad thunderstorm.
  18. Damn I hate losing Beagle. One of my favorite players. In Todd we trust.
  19. I see our love fest on NHLN is gone and it’s already turned into PPHN or Pittsburgh Penguins Hockey Network. They’ve been talking about all their moves and how they can get back to the SC Finals.
  20. Sorry for your loss Mary. Hail to your Memaw.
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