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  1. Damn it, looking at that picture had me thinking first time brother against brother Super Bowl?... then it dawned on me the Niners Ravens Super Bowl handful of years ago... oops already happened LOL So when the skins win 11 games this year could Jay be considered coach of the year?
  2. Now that he doesn't have such a conservative qb throwing to him...watch him explode this year..
  3. ^^^I'm sorry but the music just doesn't fit the video...NO, NOT BECAUSE THE PLAYER IS WHITE!!...who puts the music with the video's?
  4. Bruce Allen even thinks himself should be fired..he said it during the owners meeting when interviewed..what a ****ing moron!!!..
  5. I realy hope to see Maurice Harris get more time...I'm sorry but that catch for a Td against Minnesota should get him more time..does he not run his routs good enough?..he seems to have good hands..good at positioning his body for the catch.
  6. I like this idea.. Very, very well said...I realy thot Grant was very reliable...hope him and luck hook up nicely..
  7. Okay so this whole ordeal with Michael Bennett has me really fired up again about the NFL.... apparently there is a report that the Seahawks never knew anything about the incident until Friday... I wish I really knew what happened as far as what the elderly lady did after. Just over the last 5 years several incidents have happened and I don't know right off the top of my head sorry I don't go and research all this stuff and what have you before I post here but several incidences in the NFL wear so and so was unaware it's just gotten ridiculous.
  8. Watch for Grant to have a big year for the Raven's..rather they overpaid or not I'm not sure..I no GM
  9. Oh and this is so true...giants and panthers recently fighting over Gano.....mark Moseley right.. and that was just off the top of my head no help from Google LOL..nick novack...I believe is his name.. a Redskins hero,2006 no time left on the clock one field goal attempt from beating your long time rival the field goal attempt is a couple yards further from a field goal he just attempted and missed...the kick is up and just drops inside the right goal post..BAM HES MY HERO!!..
  10. Thank you so much for sharing that bit about the quarterback who came out of jail to win a game over the Cowboys.. that's interesting... that's why I love coming here because I learn stuff I never knew. Being a Redskins fan this is very rude and offensive and other Redskins fans should be ashamed of themselves for putting likes on this post and laughing at it..this is a very VERY proud team rich in history and and haha SO VERY TRUE...Ahh so comical but your statement isn't to far off when describing this franchise.
  11. What part about seeing the redskins is a dream?
  12. I never understood the violence and destruction that takes place after winning a championship. I was going to start a new thread about this. But I come this far. Would anybody feel like posting Clips or stories of the destruction going on in Philly. I don't get it someone please help me understand... My favorite team just won the championship so I'm going to destroy stuff instead of hugging it out with felo fans I will break windows and vandalize things... I don't get it, and as much as I would love to sit and say what a bunch of morons in Philly, it happens in every city
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