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  1. Remember a few years ago when Redskins fans kept praising the Browns "new and innovative" front office structure and were saying how the Browns would be a playoff team and light years ahead of the Skins by this time? Now here they are STILL hiring coaches and a GM again. lol
  2. The Cardinals screwed themselves so bad. They could have possibly had two first rounders tonight or 2 second rounders tomorrow night, but they were trying to be cute. Then you still have Lock and Grier that will most likely get drafted tomorrow night . The Cardz will be lucky to get a 3rd round pick now. That is really bad considering Josh Rosen was a top 10 pick last draft. Now, they are doing media control and saying they are comfortable keeping both Qb's which is some BS ass lies.
  3. No, at this point Rosen has been told by the AZ Cardinals FO that he is the QB of the team and to block out outside noise.
  4. Ok. Thanks for the responses about Daniel Jones. His highlights videos look good, but hearing that played bad in a short passing attack is concerning.
  5. Is there a big difference between the skillset of a QB like Rosen and these other Qb's like Daniel Hones, Will Grier, and Drew Locke? When I see their highlights they all look like the same QB. They should all be able to run the offense that Kirk Cousins was running while here. Also, I was wondering why there is such a dislike for Daniel Jones? He looks like the QB that will least likely to become an INT machine. His playing style is boring, but I think paired with a good RB and def he would be a good fit for our offense.
  6. I'm okay with this move. I was kind of excited for Josh Rosen (because it has been a while since we have had a "young QB" starting ), but I don't understand the meltdown from some fans. With the recent success of Mahomes and Lamar Jackson I think teams are going to go back to the days of letting rookies sit for some games and learn. Even if the Redskins don't get Rosen they still have an opportunity to draft Murray, Lock, Jones, or Grier and let them sit for some games or a full season if they are not ready to start .
  7. I see yall (Casserly and BA) ! Do what you have to do get your guy (Kyler) to drop into your laps just like last draft
  8. I started watching tape aka YouTube videos of Josh Rosens games that he started with the Cards. Since these are highlights it is hard to see what he was struggling with. What I did see is that he has good arm strength and a willingness to take chances and throw into tight coverage. His pocket awareness looked good the first few starts, but like with any rookie once the sacks started piling up he starting to backpedal and spin into sacks. Curious to read about what other people see when they watch him. I also stalked one of the Cardinals fan forums. The fans don't appear to be e
  9. Im so paranoid he is going to get injured I cant even enjoy these videos. I'll probably revisit them before preseason.
  10. The NFL will not suspend AP for this. My question though is why did John Keim make this a story tonight? He is one of the DC media members that gets so worked up when they are called out for reporting the team in the negative way. This is a shady article to put out tonight knowing that this team could possibly start to tailspin starting tomorrow.
  11. Updated Giants news: Pat Shurmur states Eli will still be the Qb ?: http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000980425/article/giants-coach-pat-shurmur-eli-manning-is-our-qb Kyle Laultetta arrested, nearly runs over cop ?: https://www.nj.com/hudson/index.ssf/2018/10/bad_gets_worse_giants_player_is_arrested.html Lauletta Arrest Charges: https://www.nj.com/hudson/index.ssf/2018/10/giants_kyle_lauletta_arrest_weehawken_police_provi.html#incart_river_index
  12. Odell Beckham SR rips NY Giants owner John Mara via instagram: https://giantswire.usatoday.com/2018/10/18/odell-beckham-father-rips-new-york-giants-owner-john-mara/
  13. He has been bad, but cutting him now looks like they are making him a scapegoat for their team issues. So far they have cut the GM, several coaches, and several players. If they continue to suck who will they blame next?
  14. Even though the team had an overall bad outing last night, watching AP was so much fun. I'm a big Rob Kelley defender on here but watching AP plow through the D-line for an easy 5 yards does show how less talented our other backs are. When the crowd was calling for AP to run on that 4th & 1 and then they exploded in a cheer when he hit the corner...that reminded me of the excitement we had in 2012. Now that Gruden knows he has a back that can actually pick up yards on first down, I bet he could hardly sleep thinking of different plays to draw up.
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