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  1. I wanted to Philly to lose because I wanted them to have nothing to play for in the final week. I can't see us beating them if they need to win to be honest but who the hell knows. That said you are right, Chicago will have something to be playing for the final week which makes a VIking lose more probable.
  2. Suffolk_Skins

    FS: Two tickets vs. Giants 12/9

    PM'ed you.
  3. I brought flights to Jax weeks ago please beat them Giants so I can at least have an exciting week before then
  4. I just want us to stay alive next week as I have flights booked to JAX! Unlikely at this point, what a shame. Ok I will play the game, what is the better result for us out of Philly and Dallas? Although I guess as we are 1pm it could be over by then anyway.
  5. I looked at all of it and I am convinced 9-7 get's it done. Win tonight and I am convinced we get in. Lose tonight and I am convinced we still have a chance.
  6. I'm in Philly now having a few beerski's.
  7. Oh vikings play Seattle as well? That's helpful. Win tomorrow and I think we are playing football in Jan one way or another. Lose and I think it goes down to about 25% - 30% chance, so yea, big game.
  8. Yes it keep life interesting until Jan and would be a step forward. True, I don't think they are winning down there though but who knows
  9. It would hurt more than a bit, at least a division title would be a long shot at that point and the Eagles would be right back in it with the tiebreaker against us. Just would not end the season. A win would be huge, a loss not catastrophic. A few twists and turns yet. I hope the team plays like it is must win though.
  10. If they held on against Philly last week they would have had a chance, unbelievable really
  11. Sorry I should have quoted the guy you replied to, not you. I was just entering the conversation but my point remains I've read tomorrow is must win about 1500 times tonight but it's not actually over if we lose tomorrow.
  12. Ok if we lose to Philly and beat the Giants and Jags, do you really think we will be out of it going into Christmas? I don't. Why because one of Philly or Dallas is losing next week and we would still have Philly to play at home (and we would be 8-6) Ok I am not saying we are suddenly going to do that if we lose tomorrow, that would be three straight loses but the narrative that the season is over tomorrow isn't 100% correct, it's must win for Philly not quite for us. That's my opinion.
  13. Suffolk_Skins

    The Conspiracy Thread

    For those that buy into Cowboys Eagles next Sunday and wouldn't Fox/NFL love that to be for first place. Monday night, flags at the ready lol
  14. 9-7 should do it I think, everyone plays everyone
  15. Suffolk_Skins

    Breaking: Redskins claim Reuben Foster NFL.COM

    A lot more going on here. The first allegations were dropped and judge said there was zero evidence but then he was arrested again (same victim). He has not been found guilty of DV at this time.