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  1. Wyndorf25

    Redskins vs Bears Prediction Thread: Monday Night Meltdown?

    Head: Bears 19, Redskins 16. Because Monday Night at FedEx. Pinero for the game winner as time expires. Yay. Heart: Redskins 21, Bears 20. I've always believed that it is amazing what you can do when you HAVE to. Snyder puts away the guillotine for one more week. Liver: Bears 38, Redskins 24. It doesn't make sense and neither do my drinking habits. Bears offense explodes, riding the suddenly accurate arm and shrewd decision-making abilities of one, Mitchell Trubisky and the featured legs of rookie RB David Montgomery. The Redskins actually keep pace on offense vs a VERY good Bears defense for 3 quarters and then collapse in the 4th, committing 3 turnovers.
  2. Wyndorf25

    So about this Chicago Game?

    Hmmm. I'll take a stab. Johnathan Allen may play and our complete D-Line all playing together plus Kerrigan (and god forbid Sweat actually shows up) should be able to pressure Trubisky into some mistakes. Also, Reed may finally be back and if healthy, well, you know the drill here... Look, we all know the Redskins history of futility in prime-time, especially Monday Night. We all also know that FedEx has now become a 50-50 home/away game eight times a year in addition to the other eight ACTUAL away games they play. My hope is that this team is now so young that they are naturally insulated from the failures of Redskins teams' past on Monday Night (and prime-time games in general). Especially the key contributors on defense: Allen, Payne, Ryan Anderson, Montez Sweat, Montae Nicholson, Cole Holcomb, and Jimmie Moreland are all relatively young and are trying to write their own stories with their performances moving forward (not to mention key FA pick-ups like Landon Collins who have had nothing to do with the teams' legacy of losing on Monday Night). On offense, young key players like McLaurin, Harmon, Roullier, Quinn, and Sprinkle (RBs, Guice and Love notwithstanding due to injuries) should be in the same frame of mind regarding how they can affect this team's fortunes in prime-time games moving forward.
  3. Wyndorf25

    Redskins vs Eagles Prediction Thread: 2019 Kick-Off Spectacular

    Head: Eagles 20. Redskins 10 Heart: Eagles 31, Redskins 20 Liver: Redskins 13, Eagles 10
  4. Wyndorf25

    Redskins vs Eagles Prediction Thread: 2019 Kick-Off Spectacular

    Rueben Foster might disagree...
  5. Fair enough. My real point was that I don't trust this FO to emerge from this situation without egg on thier collective faces (primarily Allen and Snyder) rather than making a point about the Patriots fortunes on trades.
  6. Fire Bruce Allen and promote Eric Schaffer to GM. If you must fire Gruden, then promote Kevin O'Connell to HC. And if Trent is not traded and makes good on holding out for the year (highly unlikely), then can the medical staff too and start new in an attempt to reverse this narrative that the Redskins are an organization that gets it's players injured and then spits them out. This is my fear as well. When coupling this sentiment with reports that the FO is rebuffing trade offers, I just have very little confidence that this FO will play thier cards right and not get fleeced by someone like the Patriots. AP is a good friend of Trent's and even he says he believes Trent will not play another down for the Redskins.
  7. Wyndorf25

    Can We Just Tee It Up Now?

    Yeah. I've seen this movie before...
  8. OMG...I was doing a mock draft for fantasy football on www.fantasyfootballcalculator.com and I wanted to see how they ranked the Redskins WRs. Put it this way, I was searching waaaaay down the list for Terry McLaurin and noticed they had Byron Marshall (a RB), Quinton Dunbar (a CB), Jehu Chesson (a likely practice squad player at best) and some other guys I honestly have never heard of, ranked ahead of him! lol
  9. True, but I think that's where a guy like Reed comes in. He may be fragile but he is physical. And let's not forget about what Harmon may bring to the table.
  10. If McLaurin can display consistency catching the ball, I would love to see him and Richardson as the starting WRs purely for the speed on the outside (while between the 20s at least). Imagine the operating room underneath for the likes of Reed, Quinn and Guice/Thompson?
  11. Yeah, I've read he's on his way to becoming a friggin doctor. That, alone, implies he is a special individual.
  12. Ok, fair enough. First of all I didnt realize Ray Rice was that small, but the Warrick Dunn comp is accurate. I wiil say though, those are some pretty special players you have cherry-picked. Most 5'9" 200lb backs are just not lead RBs in the NFL. But your point is taken.
  13. You make some good points, time-line wise but I don't think Love will ever be considered an RB1 due to his diminutive size. At best, he can become an Alvin Kamara change of pace type back.
  14. Upon further thought and research on the player and the fact that 2 of the 3 players I was pining for have been drafted, I'm fine with the pick. My initial reaction was knee-jerk because I was concerned that the Oline was being neglected and I felt more pass-catching weapons were still needed. I still can't believe the Redskins were able to get Harmon in the sixth round! As for Love, all I knew about him was that he was recovering from a blown tire and that he was a small frame back that I thought could be had in the 5th or 6th. He really was scintillating in 2017 and has huge upside as a change of pace back if he can regain his form. Chris Thompson won't be around in a couple years and even when he is, he's often hurt himself. I would even contend that Thompson has lost a step, I mean, he didn't look like himself last year when he was playing. So, I've been saying this a lot during this draft...I must give this FO credit where credit is due. At the end of it all, this was a terrific draft (on paper). Welcome to the Redskins, Bryce! HTTR
  15. Head-scratcher pick for me. Why Love in the 4th? With FS Dionte Thompson, OG Ross Pierschbacher and WR Kelvin Harmon all still on the board and they go small, injured RB in the 4th? Yuck. First pick I hate by the Redskins so far.