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  1. Your score is: 52123 (GRADE: A+)Your Picks:Round 1 Pick 24 (PITT): Trey Lance, QB, North Dakota State (A+)Round 2 Pick 19: Pat Freiermuth, TE, Penn State (A+)Round 3 Pick 10: Tylan Wallace, WR, Oklahoma State (A+)Round 3 Pick 18: Kenneth Gainwell, RB, Memphis (A+)Round 3 Pick 21 (TENN): Richie Grant, FS/SS, Central Florida (A+)Round 3 Pick 28 (G.B.): Jabril Cox, ILB/OLB, LSU (A+)Round 3 Pick 36 (TENN): Darius Stills, DT, West Virginia (A+)Round 4 Pick 19: Cameron McGrone, ILB/OLB, Michigan (A+)Round 4 Pick 20 (MINN): Alaric Jackson, OT, Iowa (A+)Round 4 Pick 23 (PITT): Keith Taylor, CB, Washin
  2. This is my best score, finally breaking the 50k mark. I could not believe Chase fell to 19, Ive never seen him go outside the top 10 in any mock I have done. Your score is: 50997 (GRADE: A+)Your Picks:Round 1 Pick 19: Ja'Marr Chase, WR, LSU (A+)Round 2 Pick 22 (IND): Pat Freiermuth, TE, Penn State (A+)Round 3 Pick 16 (L.V.): Richie Grant, FS/SS, Central Florida (A+)Round 3 Pick 25 (CLE): Trey Sermon, RB, Ohio State (A+)Round 3 Pick 26 (MINN): Alim McNeill, DT, North Carolina State (A+)Round 4 Pick 5 (CLE): Baron Browning, ILB/OLB, Ohio State (A+)Round 4 Pick 7 (DET): Anthony Schwar
  3. @gooseneck I'm not sure what is more impressive, your God Score of 1,775,111 or whatever it is that you did here in order to have all of your picks in just the third round!
  4. Most recently, I was pounding the table for Antonio Gandy Golden. I suppose the jury is still out on him and his career so far, but it is off to an inauspicious start.
  5. Your score is: 49816 (GRADE: A+)Your Picks:Round 1 Pick 22 (TENN): Trey Lance, QB, North Dakota State (A+)Round 2 Pick 19: Pat Freiermuth, TE, Penn State (A+)Round 2 Pick 21 (TENN): Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah, ILB/OLB, Notre Dame (A+)Round 3 Pick 16 (L.V.): Alijah VeraTucker, OG, USC (A+)Round 3 Pick 20 (IND): Daniel Faalele, OT, Minnesota (A+)Round 4 Pick 19: Rodarius Williams, CB, Oklahoma State (A+)Round 4 Pick 20 (MINN): Anthony Schwartz, WR, Auburn (A+)Round 4 Pick 22 (IND): Jordan Smith, DE/OLB, UAB (A+)Round 5 Pick 19: Divine Deablo, FS/SS, Virginia Tech (A+)Round 5 Pick 20 (CHI): Pete Wer
  6. The name may change, but this awesome looking cap will always be awesome if for no other reason than to commemorate this crazy, but ultimately successful season that instilled a weary fan base with legitimate HOPE.
  7. This season may not amount to much in the standings if TTFKATR misses the playoffs...but man! Some very memorable wins HAVE occurred this season!!!
  8. Believe me, I know! I just thought it was funny while I was doing a mock that it played out like that. lol
  9. Last 5 Picks:Round 1 Pick 1 (LAC): Penei Sewell, OT, OregonRound 1 Pick 2 (DET): Dylan Moses, ILB/OLB, AlabamaRound 1 Pick 3 (DAL): Patrick Surtain, CB, AlabamaRound 1 Pick 4 (NYG): Samuel Cosmi, OT, TexasRound 1 Pick 5 (WASH): Trevor Lawrence, QB, ClemsonNext 5 Picks:Round 1 Pick 7: MIARound 1 Pick 8: CINNRound 1 Pick 9: CARRound 1 Pick 10: ATLRound 1 Pick 11: JAXView Draft SummaryView Remaining PlayersYour Picks:Round 1 Pick 5: Trevor Lawrence, QB, Clemson (A+)
  10. I thought this draft was even better than my last one, especially given that I didn't have to even trade up to land Lawrence (which is obviously so incredibly unrealistic for him to fall to pick 14). That and I wound up with a total of 10 picks and I was able to hit on all of them. Lawrence is the jewel of this mock, but Pitts in the late 2nd would be an immediate upgrade at TE. Asante Samuel Jr. would be a steal in the 3rd, Mayfield could project as a possible starter at OT and Coxie has the production that could make him a viable WR2 in this offense. RB Borghi draws interesting c
  11. Ok...No one can accuse me of not planning ahead...The sim currently has the Redskins selecting 14th overall in the 2021 draft. Your score is: 45208 (GRADE: A+)Your Picks:Round 1 Pick 11 (MIA): Trevor Lawrence, QB, Clemson (A+)Round 2 Pick 14: Hamsah Nasirildeen, FS/SS, Florida State (A+)Round 3 Pick 19 (DAL): Terrace Marshall, WR, LSU (A+)Round 4 Pick 14: Abraham Lucas, OT, Washington State (A+)Round 4 Pick 17 (IND): Tommy Kraemer, OG, Notre Dame (A+)Round 4 Pick 19 (DAL): Ben Cleveland, C/OG, Georgia (A+)Round 5 Pick 14: Trey Dean, CB, Florida (A+)Round 6 Pick 14: Dazz Newsome, WR
  12. Welp. WIth the team moving on from Peterson today, I think Gibson is going to be the team's breakout player--on offense, at least. I see him being used in a role very similar to how the Saints use Kamara. We can just hope he is nearly as effective.
  13. Funny thing is that two of those players I wanted still got picked by the team.
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