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  1. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/07/12/new-washington-football-team-name-will-not-be-warriors/ New name will NOT be Warriors Washington Football Team president Jason Wright said recently that the organization would unveil a new name and logo in early 2022 and we now know one potential name has been eliminated from the competition. In a written piece posted to the team’s website, Wright said that the team believes “it is important to prioritize the views of those who have been hurt by our historical use of Native American language, iconography and imagery”
  2. 5 straight div games to end the season is quite unique. I wonder if that has ever been done in modern NFL.
  3. LOL where is the other DAL game? <edit to add> must be WK 14 right, so 5 straight div games to end the season??
  4. The last few pages of this thread seems to have gotten off topic...not that I have anything interesting to add, other than I like the Washington Burgundy & Gold.
  5. I kinda wish they would just go with the Washington Burgundy and Gold. No mascot. No made up names.
  6. If this happens my August West jersey will be on order within minutes
  7. We should start hearing some rumors on schedule. Usually start seeing some of the bigger games drop early April with full release prior to the draft.
  8. Plus Wentz trade could result in the Colt's 2022 1st rd pick too. Eagles will have capital next year to do whatever they want.
  9. Both can be telling the truth if NFL is only denying having received the report, and not the actual contents. Is there an actual statement from the NFL on their letterhead so to speak, or just reporters saying what they've been told.
  10. So now the WFT is going to have an NBA dance team. Maybe if we're lucky we'll get Red Panda too. And some halftime FG kicks for free Dominos pizza. This is getting embarrassing now.
  11. My guess the entire Raiders organization
  12. Giants had 10 other chances to win a game and finish 7-9. I don't want to ****ing hear it.
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