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  1. Giants had 10 other chances to win a game and finish 7-9. I don't want to ****ing hear it.
  2. This point really can't be overstated if one of the goals, if not the main goal, of this season is evaluating the talent on the roster.
  3. Raven on 10-3-2020 Raven on 10-5-2020
  4. there won't be 50,000 green jerseys in the stands this week
  5. Watched the E60 special again after the announcement. Unless I misunderstood or did not hear it correctly, in the special his Dr (or maybe it was the team doc) said he would never be able to move his ankle up and down again because of the missing calf muscle. The motion kinda jives with the video of him getting sprayed by champagne. The way my wife described it is he looks like he is trying to walk with a flipper on his foot and to me that was an apt description. If you couldn't move your ankle up and down it would be like trying to walk with a flipper. Don'
  6. Firmly in the minority here because honestly I don't see what the big deal is with using this on a temp basis for 2020. Rebranding takes time and to do it right they should get input from all stakeholders as they mentioned they would. Keeping it Redskins for the 2020 season and until the rebrand process is completed would have been an untenable position, so this is the lesser of two evils. Not ideal by any means, but I actually respect that they took this decision even though they probably knew they would be criticized relentlessly. I do believe Snyder had no intention
  7. So wonder what happens to the Redskins license plates that the Virginia DMV offers. As of today you can still order them (screen shot from just now online). Also wonder what happens to all that have been issued. Will the state force you to return ?
  8. I've been on the Red Tails bandwagon if keeping it "Red-something", but gotta be honest Red Wolves is really growing on me. From a branding perspective it could be very creative. If its Warriors so be it, but you have one chance to get this right and Warriors is just meh to me. (Plus I ****ing hate the Golden State Warriors but that's neither here nor there...)
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