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  1. This actually makes me feel alot better about the situation. If anyone knows whats really going on it's probably AD
  2. DJD2

    Would you want HBO Hard Knocks to feature us this year?

    Maybe all the TW drama moves the Redskins up in the pecking order for Hard Knocks.
  3. No doubt. And who knows maybe he did and his doc suggested he shut it down whereas the team didn't. All this is simply speculation at this point though and we may never know what actually happened to get them to this point.
  4. This sounds extremely possible. If so I wouldn't blame him one bit.
  5. On recent communication with OL Trent Williams: "I talked to him a little while ago. This is personal between him and his agent and our organization, and we will handle it accordingly. Trent knows we all want him back. I want him back in the worst way and I know his teammates want him back in the worst way, but at the end of the day there is a business side of pro football and that’s what he is about right now. So, we will find out what happens.. So looking back at this quote from Gruden it takes on a little more meaning. I wonder if this was a slip-up because he then goes on to talk about it being about the business side of football.
  6. Florio floating the idea that it may be about more than money. Word emerged on Tuesday that Washington tackle Trent Williams isn’t present for the team’s mandatory minicamp. His concern reportedly is contractual. There’s reason to believe, however, that the problem could be bigger than the size of his paychecks. Consider this: It appears that Williams hasn’t been around at all this offseason, and that the team had done a great job of keeping it all very quiet. “We have been talking to Trent a little bit here and there,” coach Jay Gruden told reporters on Tuesday. “He is not here [at practice], you are right. As far as holding out for whatever reasons, that is between Trent and Eric [Schaffer] and Bruce [Allen]. Hopefully, we’ll get it all situated soon and get him back here.” Gruden’s comments seem to validate the notion that the concern is contractual. But there’s a sense in some league circles that Williams is concerned about more than his contract, and that he has hard feelings against the team regarding the manner in which the tumor/growth on his head was handled. Indeed, it’s not as if Williams is withholding on-field services as leverage. Gruden confirmed that Williams wouldn’t be practicing, even if he were participating in the mandatory minicamp. “Yeah, he is still recovering,” Gruden said of Williams. “He wouldn’t be able to practice anyway. He is still recovering from that. He’ll get that taken care of.” The real question is whether he thinks the team did enough to ensure that it was taken care of, and whether that’s contributing to his current decision to stay away from the team.
  7. Hate to see one of your team leaders pull a dick move like this but I guess this was a business decision he and his agent felt they needed to make for whatever reason. If this doesn't end up going his way, I wonder what other "business decisions" he'll make during the season when the inevitable nagging injuries kick in.
  8. I heard Dan Snyder gifted him an autographed Frank Frazier 76 jersey at signing.
  9. <Just in time to cue the new conspiracy theory> Clearing the way for Riddick and Saban in 2020.
  10. DJD2

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    Pretty sure he's a widower.
  11. Definition of rearranging the deck chairs
  12. DJD2

    Take the full cap hit for Smith in 2019

    If they can do it all in 2019, then go ahead and rip the band-aid off.
  13. DJD2

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    How anyone can continue to support this organization by giving it any money whatsoever is beyond me.
  14. DJD2

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    You could probably sneak something through the bag inspection if it wasn't too big or too obvious but I suspect you would be approached and asked to leave fairly quickly once you get noticed inside. Bruce loves to walk from the team hotel downtown to the TC site. I am not a proponent of people being harassed in their daily lives, but I think it would be quite comical if a group of protesters was set up on his daily route and ready to blast him as he walks by. That and he knows it gets buried quickly.