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Redskins vs Giants Prediction Thread: Super SIC Christmas Edition

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When: Jan.1st 2017

Where: FedEx Field


Sing it Kenny Loggins! "This is it !  Make no mistakes where you are...You're back's to the corner".  Great lyrics and is fitting.

But then again, every year on January 1st, I always blast New Years Day by U2. "Gold is the reason for the wars we wage". Yea, that Championship ring.

But when all else fails, there's 'The Voyage' by The Moody Blues.  Can never go wrong with that one baby.


OK, back to topic.

On new years day the Redskins welcome the New York Giants to FedEx Field for the final game of the regular season.

Back in week 3, these 2 teams met in New York, and it was the Redskins getting a close 29-27 win, the first of the season for the Skins.

New York is coming off a Thursday night loss to Philthadelphia, and have a few extra days to heal and get ready. Their defense has come up big over the 2nd half of the season, as they have only lost 2 of their last 10 games, and with the Bucs losing have clinched their 1st post-season berth in 5 years.


The Redskins come off an impressive win in Chicago against a depleted and defeated Bears team. The offense seemed to get back on track compared to the Monday night collapse, but not only that, the defense came up with 5 interceptions in the game, which was a more than welcomed sight.

Cousins, playing without his favorite target Jordan Reed, spread the ball around generously and RB Thompson had himself a great day as well, catching and running in a score. But the big news of the day was the turnovers by the defense. Bears QB Matt Barkley had a day he'd rather forget about, as the Redskins secondary was receiving Christmas gifts all through the game. They still gave up a lot of yardage, but whats on the scoreboard is what counts the most.


Enjoy it, relish it, because the likelihood of that happening again is not good.


The Redskins and Giants have a history of playing some very big games, and week 17 of the 2016 season will be one that's more important to Washington than New York. The Giants have clinched a playoff spot, and the Redskins are looking to do the same, with a little help. The Lions vs Cowboys game is important, and a lot of hopeful eyes will be paying close attention, and as much as it hurts, a Cowboys win is best.  I think.


Look for this game to maybe not have as much luster to it than usual; its not certain that Eli will sit out the game to rest up for the playoffs, but it would be a big help for us. After watching 2 teams lose their QBs for the season this week alone, they may choose to be safe than sorry and sit Eli.

The Redskins need this win, no doubt about it. Already securing a winning season 2 years in a row is a big boost to the team's overall direction, and what better way to get it than to get in the post-season in back-to-back seasons as well.


Make no bones about it, this is a rivalry game, and strange things can and normally do happen. Gruden will have his hands full, keeping the players focused regardless of other outcomes, and getting 1 extra day to heal is always a bonus.

It is crucial, it is crunch time, this is it, mistakes cannot be accepted; the players must be focused on their jobs because even without Eli, the Giants are still a dangerous team to deal with, but it is at home, and there shouldn't be a blue jersey in the stadium on new years day, burgundy and gold should be everywhere.

When the dust settles and the playoff spots are locked in,

the Redskins rise to the challenge.

Redskins 33

Giants 25

* First person to correctly predict the score wins a new Redskins cap or V-neck shirt or beanie.

To everyone, I hope you have the merriest Christmas ever, please drive safe, enjoy time with family and friends, and as always,

Hail to the Redskins !

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I think we sack up and get the win.


Re-watching some highlights from the week 3 game.  Lots of 50/50 stuff.


Things that went their way -

1)  There should've been a flag on that punt return where one of their players blocked one of ours into Crowder when he tried to field the punt.  Giants recovered the muff and ultimately scored a TD.


2)  That pick by Bruton in the end zone was clearly a pick.  Ultimately resulted in a FG.


Things that went our way -


1)  The fake punt which ultimately resulted in a FG


2)  The third and long screen to Crowder which went for a TD


So 10 points either way.



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Repeat of the performance the Redskins had against Carolina.  Sadly, I think the defense is not ready and the Giants are feeling pretty good.  They have started to hit their typical late season playoff stride. 

Giants 20

Redskins 10


The offense just can't get anything going and the defense allows a TON of yards but doesn't allow a ton of points.

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I've read multiple articles in NY papers imploring the Giants to sit starters, will see.




Ben McAdoo now has the biggest decision of his rookie season: Should he risk injury to Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr., and a handful of his defensive stars on Sunday in the meaningless — for them — final game of the of the regular season in Washington?

Have a seat, guys.

This is not 2007; the Giants are not playing an undefeated team and Manning is now almost 36 years old.

Although Washington is still alive for the No. 6 seed, the Giants have no obligation to play their starters to help the other contenders. McAdoo has earned the right to play this any way he wants.

This is an easy decision. McAdoo has to do what gives the Giants the best opportunity to get to Houston.

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The entitlement is mind-boggling.

One week, the New York Giants’ sideline staff is sticking needles in footballs in the middle of games, taking PSI measurements and squealing to the league that their opponents may be cheating. The next, their head coach is wandering around with a walkie-talkie, communicating with his quarterback because the coach-to-quarterback communication system went down. And he’s doing it in full view of the stadium.

The punishment will be coming down on Tuesday for John Mara’s team and the NFL Operations office will no doubt have a voice in what the penalty will be. It’s been reported the Giants will likely be handed a fine. Maybe it’ll be something in the $500,000 range, which would be about the equivalent of a halftime worth of concession sales. Some deterrent.

UPDATE AT 5:33 P.M.: It wasn't even that. The Giants were fined $150,000 and coach Ben McAdoo was fined $50,000. In addition, the Giants' fourth-round pick in next spring's draft was dropped to the end of the round . . . but, since they're 10-4 heading into this weekend, it's not going to be much of a drop.

But why would the NFL Operations folks -- the ones who mete out fines -- feel compelled to go tough on Mara’s team? Everybody loves John. A cornerstone guy in the league and all that, management council leader and son of Wellington. Former Giants coach Tom Coughlin is working on Troy Vincent’s operations team this year and so is Stephanie Durante, the daughter of Ann Durante, Mara’s longtime secretary with the Giants.

One would imagine the intensity of the walkie-talkie investigation was as tepid as the one that led to the one-game suspension of Giants kicker Josh Brown in the offseason. That suspension was quietly handed down without explanation after the league’s investigation poobah Lisa Friel -- lifelong Giants fan with an actual shrine to the team cobbled together in her home -- farmed out the domestic-violence investigation of Brown and the league turned up virtually nothing.

When the stuff hit the fan and it came to light that Brown’s case was a lot more sinister than the league wanted anyone to know, the NFL hid behind its so-called Shield, affording none of the transparency it by now owes the public .

This is what happens when you enjoy most-favored-nation status. The ones who’ve been scratching backs, smoothing passage and doling out favors and influence for decades are the ones that enjoy the benefit of the doubt.

A Mara rolling in the mud with a Rooney, as nearly happened earlier this month when the Giants tampered with footballs to try and prove the Steelers tampered with footballs? Hell, no. That was squashed with the most cavalier of "nothing to see here" condescension.

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