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  1. This is what I'm talking about...if I had been watching being able to send the vibe and cheering that play wouldn't have happend
  2. We lost cuz I wasn't present...and when I say present I mean the TV was sabbatoged by u tube..right after we scored..the commercial break before they got the ball the damn station or what ever got stuck on u tube commercials the direct TV receiver wouldn't even shut off..had to un plug it and wait for it all to reboot and it finally come back on..just in time for Kirk's second pic...I wasn't present to cheer on the defense when the giants drove down to take a 3 point...we lost because I wasn't able to watch
  3. Could it be Sua Cravens destiny as well as ours for him to play at free safety as early as this Sunday?...Ever since the passing of my favorite Redskin of all time in Sean Taylor I have dreamt of having another safety with the same traits or as close to as Taylor's. I was realy hoping for Collins when we selected Scherff and than we selected cravens in the second round this year and knowing that he could play safety put a smile on my face, and I was realy hoping we would have started the season with him in the position but I've possibly waited patiently long enough for the game and i hope it b
  4. Nothing about the cowboys is cool..including the manager,water boy, and owner!
  5. Umm that being said let's go bucs!!...here's to hoping the cowboys lose a second game in a row to begin the doooowwwwnnnnnwwaaaaarrd sppiiiiiiralllll of failure and to haha see haha jeruhs face ...I love the look on his face when HE loses lol
  6. Your 52 years young?.... I have never seen a picture of you I don't know you from Adam but I just didn't imagine you being 52
  7. It...just... doesn't calculate reading or hearing someone say Ahh bummer the cowboys lost...sorry to nit pick..I hear where ur coming from...we needed a giants loss yes, and when ya get to this time of year when ur needing this and that to happen with other teams and ur defense is lead by "#yoyourdstinksBarry" ur better off focusing on the up coming off season, bearing a miracle at this point we're lucky to make it in, to most likely drop in the first round..now for me I'm just taking one game at a time not even thinking about the playoffs, just focusing on the panthers now and all I can say i
  8. What's wrong with Breeland?...I noticed it in the eagles game that he just doesn't play with the same fire,passion...the touchdown sproles got right behind him in the corner was very head scratching..I know Bree has him by 6 plus inches in height...if Joe Barry is not **** canned I'll be extremely pissed. I know we could go for a little more talent in the linebacker position and definitely on the line and safety but we have somewhat talented enough players on the field right to be playing better than the way they've been playing? So it has to be Joe Barry/Berry whatever. But I can't help to wo
  9. I'm realy pumped for this game...realy REALY excited about the skins..I like the chances of J.b making the adjustments needed on the defense and the o is clicking and I have a man crush on crowder and any one else just barely getting over the turkey day game?.. And I hope I'm not beating a dead horse but that loss to Dallas knocked me out!.I don't have cable of any sort when I have data I'll stream what ever ya call it and watch Netflix,so no NFL network ESPN anything nothing Nada..I didn't even come here or any other football sites for a week..I still don't even know who won betwe
  10. R u ****ting me?!?!..Joe buck and Troy Aiken by lavar is calling the game??..I better warn the old man
  11. I would just like to get this in and I understand many around here don't like lengthy post including myself...Happy Thanksgiving Redskins Nation.. I hope for everybody for a safe and happy holiday and that I will actually be thinking of the Redskins fans around the world that will be enjoying the game at the same time I will be, doing most likely the same thing I will be, sitting around the TV with family and friends cheering on our beloved Redskins..focus on our redskins team at every moment..I'm going to get bashed for this.I'm sorry ahead of time..especially to the younger generation forget
  12. I really hope I don't sound ridiculous or like I am... trolling? But Stefan skins thank you so much for posting those tweet things...love em!
  13. I love me some cravens...but ignoring your mothers phone calls??!!.....Httr baby!!..it's Dallas week!
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