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  1. Does Gruden ever argue the calls with the Refs?
  2. I would love run run run, I think its better than alex trying pass pass run.
  3. but who the coach wants to turn into a deep threat.
  4. Jay, run the ball out of the i. It's the skins strength, stop forcing round pegs in square holes.
  5. Cliffmark1

    Safety Clinton Dix to the skins

    Ha Ha
  6. this is the kind of game the Giants would win in the past.
  7. The giants are going to come out pumped against the Redskins. They do every game. The like beating the skins more than the Cowboys or Eagles imho. They could easily steal Redskins pride and end their season.
  8. Alex Smith opinion from a KC fan. Alex Smith isn't quite as bad as everyone is making him out imho. He is Alex Smith nothing spectacular, a few misses, but competent if conservative play that won't lose you the game.
  9. wow that was a nail biter. Nice win!
  10. Honestly we had 2. RG3 just had to be taken out of the game, and not put back in until Kirk cooled off which may have been never, but then you trade RG3. RG3 could play he just couldn't play the way his Dad wanted him to at that point. The ineptness is mind-boggling.
  11. The whole team is run like that. They want to be smarter than everyone, but maybe they should just benchmark the good teams.
  12. Kirk was not gone. His side made an offer to us. If we accept it without condition he would have to stay, that's contract law. There was so much time to get something done, it is disingenuous to say "he was gone."
  13. Weren't you one of the most optimistic people about the 2018 Redskins? WR were good enough, Alex was better than Kirk, etc. etc.
  14. Redskins won last week, so there is no way Redskins win this week...
  15. how could they not kick the field goal when they got that gift of a penalty.