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  1. If you look at Ryan's career he is amazing until he is announced the starter, the guy. It isn't about being paid with him, it is about everything being on his shoulders. This open competition took balls by RR to call for and it should bring out the best in Ryan. I also think Taylor could be special. Maybe not Tom Brady special but competent starter without breaking the bank, if signed early, special.
  2. I was just quoting some trailer park boys. Love that show not sure i can link to any videos from here.
  3. The receivers are terrible. We don't get great production from our TE's either.
  4. i have some just don’t know how to get it lol
  5. that is an incredilous comparison and a very debatable fact pattern on houses. i had season tickets. i stopped having fun around 2009. i should have bought more real estate in hindsight.
  6. i think 8-8 is a ceiling and 3-13 is the floor. something in the middle is likely. maybe 6-10.
  7. I would just make cousins take more reps in preseason to get him ready for the beginning of the year.
  8. That is sad. I read that the management gave him a huge pay raise and assurances he would be the next head coach, and the bill told him how much he meant for him to be on the sidelines with him.
  9. Good teams execute really well, including recognizing talent. The pats just retained Josh M, as OC even though he had an offer to be a HC.
  10. If Cousins hits FA he may take pay cut to play for the patriots.
  11. I wouldn't be surprised if the Pats go after cousins when Brady retires...
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