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  1. NFC East is going to be doable this year. All Kirk has to do is show up with his "air force'" crew and bomb away.
  2. If you start with the Helmet design ... which needs to be modernized and made more PC ... everything else falls into place:
  3. Yep ... look at all the feathers! They are all over the place! Needs some pluckin!
  4. Nope ... the present "red" helmet ... if you have "gold" pants you should have a "gold" helmet. Also ... I think the Logo with the "face" needs to be refreshed. They tried to do too much with design ... combining the "face" with a "tom-tom". The result is clutter with too many feathers ... makes it confusing to my B&G eyes. Logo should be clear simple symbol for maximum impact. Love the "Spears!" Bring em back!
  5. When it comes to unis ... two "classics" immediately stick in my mind: Notre Dame and Michigan. Its all about the headgear. Skins just gotta change their Helmet design. BTW, did anyone see the Florida State game Friday night. BC in Skins colors and the Seminoles with a gorgeous retro-Skins HELMET!
  6. Suppose the Skins turn it around and become a winner this year. The PC pressure to change the name will become even more intense. It should only happen!
  7. When you tweak bland ... you get Vanilla! Skins need a complete new approach to Uni a la Under Armour!
  8. For those who care, in 2012: 1. Skins wore the Burgundy Top/Gold Pants combo 7 times and won 5 of those games, 4 at home, 1 away (NO). 2. They wore the White Jersey/Gold Pants combo 6 times and went 3-3, all away. 3. They wore the Burgundy Top/White Pants get up twice and won both, one away (Phila.)
  9. Putting color aside ... I think the Skins' uni design is bland. I would love to see a fresh new "modern" design ... something with the suggestion of feathers, spears, etc. to make it look more aggressively war-like! And by all means, bring back the "spear" helmet design!
  10. Sucks! Skins need new unis for sure. And a new Logo on Helemt. The current Helmet Logo arguably is racist. I'm surprised RG3 has not forced Skins management to change this.
  11. After 20 years of losing its time to change the unis and bring out a fresh new look. The current design is bland and conveys a stale "losing" image. The helmet logo is a poor design (double featrher motiff is confusing and difficult on the eye). To top things off, the helemt Logo arguably conveys a racist image. It is beyond rationality that the Skins organization does not address this issue urgently.
  12. Skins long overdue for a makeover. It will help shake losing image. Danny should hire the Under Armour guy!
  13. Thanks for input Blitz ... will keep my fingers X.
  14. Yea ... I see that Directv's MASN (Channel 641) has the game scheduled in real time. Can someone report whether this Channel will be blocked outside of Wash-Balt. area?
  15. Could not agree more. But by all means change that awful helmet logo; it has a redundant feather, is associated with too many non-performing seasons/squads, and is politically incorrect. A fresh new HC, direction, and uniform ... I love it!
  16. The sun bouncing off the yellow made the HD signal oversaturate ... the color registration was better in the 2nd half ... sorry I can't say the same for the Skins' execution (or lack of same).
  17. We need to bring back the Larry Brown-Charley Taylor look of Burgundy and Gold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Best uniform ever IMO ... they should permanentize the Helemt design ... gets rid of the alleged "racist" component IMO.
  19. Less is more ... we should go to all whites with the top of the helmet feather logo used in 1961. This will do away with the offensive "redskin" logo used today!
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