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  1. DC9

    ES Soccer Thread

    More like Sorry Ball
  2. DC9

    ES Soccer Thread

    Advertised as flaky at their best aren't they? Would love Joey back for United. Not sure we'll see it. But the advantage of having an actual fullback playing fullback should do just fine for 3/4ths of the backline. Really good performance today and an even better atmosphere. Need to hold serve til Joey and Ox get back and then we're cooking. Also, that looked a little something like a proper creative number 8 today. Two world class goal moves there.
  3. DC9

    ES Soccer Thread

    Got an oddly good feeling this weekend is going to be cracking.
  4. DC9

    ES Soccer Thread

    Saw that he was particularly bothered after the game. That's a fan base and a club that just never get out of their own way.
  5. Wow. Let me know if that works out and I'll switch. I'm month to month with DTVNow and it's more expensive than that. I appreciate it.
  6. DC9

    ES Soccer Thread

    I will never forget how **** Tim Howard was in that game in 2014... I remember talking about it in here. Look at this "effort" on all the goals:
  7. I have unlocked all of them but the Nats, myself (DirecTV Now is awesome for Skins, Caps, Wiz, and EPL). I missed just about the whole of last season and I'm trying to remedy that. It doesn't look promising.
  8. Yeah, I'm local - I saw they blackout local games so that'll be tricky. I heard that you can get MASN on a digital antenna. Have you tried that?
  9. DC9

    ES Soccer Thread

    Honestly thought it was going to be Rafa who did in the high line on set pieces. All respect to Peligrini, they were all dangerous and we were frankly lucky to escape with a point. Far side lino was a joke the whole game. Really need to just sack up a bit. If we can maintain the lead through the month we get a real boost with our injured players coming back. Also that Ox kid was just added to the Champions League roster.
  10. What is the best app or service to use if I just want to watch Nats games? I have DirecTV now, which is a streaming service, but MASN is not an option for them.
  11. DC9

    Poll : Source of Massive Injuries the last 2 years

    I'm talking about in like 2008/2009 we should've been drafting his replacement. That's like over 1000 carries as a Redskin, I think. Betts was drafted in 2002... We drafted Trent like four seasons after Samuels started missing time. I understand your point about packaging dudes and picks. I'm more talking about how we (ESPECIALLY here) value the player over the shirt. I think the last 5 or 6 years and the deep factions in this fan base won't argue with that point.
  12. DC9

    Poll : Source of Massive Injuries the last 2 years

    It would be irresponsible for me to say I have data to support it, cause I don't... but we at least have the appearance of drafting for need with those guys. Dallas has moved around a lot at ILB and tried different dealing with Sean Lee. Going back to Vinny, most specifically and damagingly with dudes like Chris Samuel and Clinton Portis - is we NEVER drafted dudes to back them up or replace them (miss me with Stephon Heyer). We still don't really do that. BPA. It's worked in Baltimore and Philly for 20 years for a reason. We kept Samuel til what, 4 triceps surgeries? CP basically collapsed on the field in Atlanta.
  13. DC9

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I truly think that they did well yesterday (the beat reporters). They had a good plan and did a good job. Here's the thing a lot of you aren't taking into account - Bruce hasn't spoken in what, 4 years? You don't go out and absolutely destroy someone like that. You try and give him some softballs (Alex Smith) then you move in. As they were getting close to moving in Wylie started to smell blood so he called it. That's when the last question was asked, and it was the only question with balls. So - what did that interaction earn? Bruce speaking at the combine - where you'll have some sage in the room. Chess not checkers, men.
  14. DC9

    Brett Rypien. Opinions?

    Never draft a modern QB with a number above 19.
  15. DC9

    Brett Rypien. Opinions?

    That would be Brett Frerotte. Brett Rypien would be throwing sprint bomb against the Giants after holding out of camp.