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  1. Miles. Not even close. The last one was more of a surprise, for example - we were "Spurs" in that scenario. This one was a team that has beaten down the door for a trophy, unluckily lossed all three finals (Pens vs City, no hand balls given vs Sevilla, and injury/Karius gaffes last year). This squad needed it and deserved it to get over the mental hump and these fans needed and deserved it as well.
  2. Not sure that final didn't set English football back to the 80s, but who really cares. Tactically I think Potch got it right with the 5 man midfield, that was always going to disrupt the flow our our midfield 3, but no one really looked arse to do anything but let Mo and Mane run onto long balls after the early pen. We wanted it more. Klopp got everything right with his subs. Would've liked to have seen Ox get on, but I thought Gomez was the right sub and you have to leave the Scouser on the pitch til the end. What a night. Didn't sleep much, just made a
  3. I really don't think there is that much to it. If you look at the players that Klopp wants, it's essentially a player with three things: 1) Ball handling skills 2) Pace 3) Heart/Work Ethic The rest can be coached. Another reason why I was shocked we never went for Ben Afra, lol.
  4. Why are we talking letting Harry Wilson go to Wolves? Kids a player and if you want a domestic cup run that's the type of kid you give the arm band to to lead the youngins out there. I trust the process and all and there are certainly worse places he could go to sharpen his skills than Wolves, but if for no other reason than to show the kids that get sent on loan that you will be rewarded if you have a good spell, he needs to stay.
  5. Still not really over that so I'll opine. Sometimes chances go and sometimes they don't. I had an intra game right after 3-0 to Barca and when I got there one of my teammates asked me what happened. I said "I don't know, we dominated them and they just finished - we didn't." The Suarez goal was excellent football. The free kick was obviously world class but out of nothing, the first Messi goal fell right to him. 3-1 was harsh. 2-1 was more like it. 3-0 was beyond flattering to Barca. Second leg we dominated and finished. There's no place like Anfield.
  6. Disagree partially. They've been very safe in the draft in general the last several seasons. They now have a lot of good players but not many/if any great players. That's the definition of patience. The way I say it is that gets you from poop to mediocre. Getting from mediocre to great is hitting on guys like Doctson, etc... which we don't.
  7. Man, I thought Brendan was going to do it. Games like yesterday have me convinced that God hates Liverpool. It's going to feel so good when we win the title, but it's going to be hard as ****. I'm enjoying this journey and I'm proud of this team.
  8. I ****ing love this team. I do. My wife and kids usually leave me alone when watching a game... they saw the score and they all came and sat down next to me, or at least in my game room, and watch for about two minutes before the free kick that Shaq put in. As soon as that happened and big Div knodded that ****er in, I scream and jumped so loud and hard that the house shook. Then they watched the 45 minutes of stoppage time with me and it was great.
  9. If memory serves, he wasn't consulted on the Danny Warfel wearing of number 7. He wasn't happy. That he proactively did this was attention dollars for, Joe. But also I think he deserves it.
  10. I haven't laughed this hard in a loooong time. https://twitter.com/_Chris_Hurst_/status/1114642421701402624 I'll tweet the pic to Carra see if he'll rock it just to spite Martin Tyler. We'll go from there.
  11. Pretty much. It's also become insufferable the commentary against the club. Like does it really mean that much to you to not see us win it? Well have some of that. Nothing left to say but "Mo Salah you little dancer!" (Wife is literally making me this t-shirt as we speak)
  12. At least that would force an identity on us. The Nats are a bit of a rudderless ship at the moment. Used to be strong pitching and defense. Now we look like a Danny Smith special teams unit.
  13. Since when was this kind of talk allowed in here?
  14. That was the kind of effort you get from Champions. What a game. Always felt like we were scoring a second, even after the Cissoko miss and the almost corner in the 70s... But can I just pick a little more from this bone I've had for years. Spurs haven't scored a legal goal against us in about four years and today was another example. Even that couldn't stop the roll. ****ing made up for this week.
  15. I made this post in the Ereck Flowers thread: Let me tell you lads a little story I like to call "The Ballad of Big Mike Williams" No... not one of the receiving Mike Williams'.... but the Tackle Mike Williams who was the 4th pick in the NFL draft in 2002. He bounced around from city to city and buffet to buffet in the early years of his career. Then was out of football for a time before coming to work for Coach Keeping it Medium, himself. He weighed over 400lbs when he showed up to Redskins camp, eventually dropping a ton of weight so that he could play g
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