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  1. Hey all, so after the streams end - how can I at least listen to something? I'm currently on sports talk 980 but I'm nowhere near local to DC these days. Any other way to listen or watch anything post game related? it sure would be nice to watch them put on those hats, t-shirts!
  2. I can't believe it. Well, ok then. They can't be Brady and the Bucs though... right?
  3. The incomplete passes thrown by that guy were mostly drops. He threw some nice long balls. I'm digging him
  4. what a disappointment Gandy golden guy turned into. Just a nothing burger the entire season. Btw, the new QB is already playing better than Traskins.
  5. Watching Haskins try to play QB makes me want to vomit. He has the entire team quitting.
  6. I suppose so, but I don't think that Rivera will fire him. But there are reports that the team will hire another GM. The new GM may tell Rivera to fire him. I do hope they draft a QB and get a good one finally
  7. Just sayin, you can blame the play calling all you want, but when you have trash at the QB position there isn't much you can do. Screens, check downs... I mean what are your options when your QB has completed 1 pass and the other 4 looked truly awful.
  8. I'm pretty sure Jamarcus Russell is better than Haskins. He's truly ****ty. It took 13 minutes and 30 seconds to complete 1 pass for 5 yards.
  9. For everyone who thinks that Haskins has value in the market for a trade you're fooling yourselves. He's shown immaturity and teams know that he was shopped prior to the trade deadline. there wasn't a single call if I am not mistaken. You need to attempt to trade him by saying all the right things this offseason so you get SOMETHING for him but it's extremely unlikely. I think they will cut him prior to any summer activities. And if the trend continues it may come sooner than that. This is just one source: https://nypost.com/2020/11/02/nfl-trade-deadline-nobody-wants-dwayne-haskins/
  10. If Haskins plays they lose. Panthers 24 WFT 10 If Alex Smith plays they win WFT 31 Panthers 22
  11. I love Alex Smith but he's a stopgap. Haskins is obviously terrible - so the team needs to find it's franchise QB. If Haskins could play at all then they could stick with him but since that isn't even close to possible they need to move on.
  12. I don't believe that this team will win another game unless it's against the Eagles. Steelers L 49ers L (close but still a L) Seahawks L (Huge loss) Panthers (L but close) Eagles (W, maybe)
  13. Haskins has no value. His value will not continue to grow because he's not playing. He's not playing because he cannot run this offense efficiently. He can't complete short passes required of a starting caliber NFL QB. Take whatever you can get. In other news, Tua looks great. The kid in San Diego looks really good. Why do the Redskins draft HORRIBLE qb's?
  14. Haskins was not is not and never will the the answer at QB anywhere. I think it's a great move and I'm looking forward to it. Finally the offense won't be boring AF.
  15. The offense is boring because the QB play is awful. Imagine if the Redskins could get Luck out of retirement. Also, they didn't throw to the endzone because they didn't want Haskins to get any more INTs. His confidence is obviously low right now.
  16. now that they are down 14 you'll start to see Haskins really come to life. He's really good when the defense backs off.
  17. nice looking drive. Good throws, good runs, balanced. Hoping for some points
  18. No, but eventually if the offense keeps up the 3 and outs they will get tired and give up some plays.
  19. I agree - the defense couldn't get off the field on 3rd down last season. They couldn't cover anyone. They couldn't stop the run. They were all around bad. At least this year they have talent, determination, and desire.
  20. It's an entire body of work. I'm sure it'll be completely true by the 3rd quarter.
  21. Haskins SUCKS. The WFT is only asking the guy to be a game manager and move the chains. Keep drives alive. Control the clock and he can't do anything. The only time he starts to show progress is when the other team is up 14-17 points and playing soft. He. Sucks.
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