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Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Get your bunkers ready!


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when i hear him say "space force" with that moronic tone :806: and then unveil his grand vision with the word choices of a 6 year old accompanied by all those imbecilic facial expressions,  i just wish that a tiny flying saucer would appear and vaporize him, then giving a warning to all the hairless monkeys that wish to export their feces-flinging ways beyond earth's atmosphere


and maybe they could beam up that adulating shill, mike, for study---they could apply a serious regimen of conversion therapy with exhaustive anal probing utilizing all their advanced scientific capabilities to fullest degree possible, and maybe put mikey in touch with what he really desires


this may reflect a lack of expertise on my end, but if that sort of obsequious grovelling to the earthly lord and master, and the hyper-hypocritical bubbly-brain brand of sanctimony he exudes was what hey-zeus had in mind, then something may have been lost in translation...or not




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