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Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Get your bunkers ready!

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Hopefully this thread helps narrow down some of the discussion from the election thread. This one is for things related to his cabinet appointees, administration, policy discussion, etc.  I'll start by posting this:





Per AP:  Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn offered job of National Security Adviser

Per AP: Mike Pompeo is Trump's CIA director

Per NYT: Senator Jeff Sessions for Attorney General

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Trump sucks
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Was it necessary to open up another thread for this  ?????  !!!! Huh? Huh? Huh?

Just kidding just echoing the forum police.


Heard some talk that Bolton may being considered for National Security Advisor, LTG Flynn (R) as SecDef, and Sen Jim Inhofe as EPA Chief. Oh and apparently Ted Cruz for the Supreme Court.  You dems should have to be happy with those choices :rofl89:

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I really hope his kids do not get clearances.  That his children are running a blind trust already is bad enough, but for them to be running a blind trust AND have clearances?  Yeah, no.  That's a recipe for us finding out 6 years down the road about secret deals with Russian oligarchs that involved US policy.

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Establishment Republican defense officials may still try to push back against a Sessions nomination as Pentagon chief, sources close to the transition say. The main alternative is Stephen Hadley, one of George W. Bush's former national security advisers, who unlike many other Bush alums shrewdly refrained from criticizing Trump during the campaign. Other possibilities include Bill Clinton's hawkish CIA director, Jim Woolsey, who endorsed Trump in September, as well as former Sen. Tim Talent of Missouri and outgoing Sen. Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire.

Some Republican national security figures were quick to express misgivings about Sessions, after days of media speculation that Trump would pick Hadley in an attempt to build relations with mainstream defense Republicans.

“Sessions can’t attract anybody, especially never-Trumpers, to come off the fence,” said one Republican defense official, who like several others requested anonymity to offer their candid assessment of Trump’s team. “He’s going to need at least a fraction of them.”

Said another GOP defense official: “Everyone I am talking to is saying they will consider [joining the administration] but only if it's a serious SecDef. … We need to work for someone we trust and would be proud of.”


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Would Senate Republicans even confirm a Ted Cruz nomination to the SC? They do kinda hate the guy. Plus, could he really nominate a guy he called Lyin' Ted for months?


This is really shaping up to be a disaster. The ones that will feel it the worst will be many of his supporters. 

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Here is a nice little Tantrum from Slate over Trump being able to put Scalia's replacement on the Court.



Really weird write-up. Wants the Dems to do everything to stop it and then admits that there is nothing they can do stop it and bemoans their killing of the filibuster. Just a weird article driven by fury I guess.

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