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  1. Yeah, all you have to do is take a look at Czabe's "likes" on Twitter to see what kind of **** he believes. Smh
  2. It's amazing to me that management and/or the other Junkies haven't pulled him aside and told him to STFU. I refuse to believe they aren't losing listeners from all that ridiculousness.
  3. DC sports radio is apparently full of bigger idiots than I could have imagined. Smh
  4. You come at "Big Shooter" you best not miss
  5. I love Frank's voice for play by play but he was making a lot of mistakes with players, yardage, etc. by the time he left. I'd imagine that would be even worse 16+ years later so I think this is a case where they should look to someone new.
  6. It was brought up several times on a few local radio shows that Bibbs actually took more snaps than normal in the game Alex Smith was injured. I'm not sure that accusation holds up if that's the case.
  7. The more I think about it the more I believe the skins PR/legal department were doing their best to get all kinds of hype and rumors about this story to lessen it's impact once it came out.
  8. People keep missing this point. Potentially, a lot of people would be tipped off a story was in the works and on the verge of being released. This doesn't mean the paper is necessarily intentionally leaking the story.
  9. Don't worry - people in her Twitter mentions are making jokes for everyone. Pretty cruel tbh, especially since nothing about any of this has been reported/confirmed.
  10. Most likely the leaks are coming from someone with (or formerly with) the Redskins and/or someone featured in the story. These people would have been given a heads up about the story and content to be included and had reason to let things leak. I highly doubt the leaks are from the Post.
  11. How is it possible any of this Bibbs stuff is true? Wouldn't someone have evidence of the stuff on IG actually happening?