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  1. This topic is loaded but I just want to say that I'm glad to see you back and am sorry to hear about your health issues. I'll definitely be rooting for you to get back closer to 100%.
  2. I know I've beaten it to death but EB has no credibility. He's been doing nothing but denying Covid and slinging conspiracy theories for the past year. Maybe it will be proven to be correct down the road but I don't believe a word that guy says until verified by others. I'm also not sure why JP Finlay thinks it's okay to call himself a reporter but doesn't understand why people get pissed when he doesn't vet something he tweets or retweets.
  3. I lost my mother to cancer a year ago and I wouldn't wish that on anyone and certainly wouldn't celebrate someone having it. With that said, it doesn't mean I give a single **** that someone like Limbaugh is now gone either. The guy did horrible **** on the radio for decades, mocked dying AIDS patients, normalized seeking out a racist audience, etc., etc. Sorry, I'm not popping champagne bottles but I'm certainly not going to mourn the guy.
  4. JFC DC sports media/radio personalities are a disappointment over the past year.
  5. Lol the way things have gone the past decade or so the only scenario I see is someone even worse slides into that spot.
  6. Hopefully it isn't like his short-lived show with Bram Weinstein where it quickly became awkward and uncomfortable once it was obvious BMitch had determined he couldn't stand Bram.
  7. I just finished watching this as well. I thought there was a great movie somewhere in there but I felt Malek was really miscast and I kept waiting for a payoff that never seemed to come. I was entertained throughout but was left very disappointed. I'll give it a C-.
  8. I'd rather they just have a guest on he can try to discuss that **** with that will just humiliate him and make him look like a moron. Bill Burr kind of did that to Joe Rogan early on in the pandemic pointing out how absurd it would be to listen to Rogan over some people with actual education and qualifications.
  9. It has been interesting learning over the past year that Eric Bickel simply can't comprehend the difference between fact vs. opinion and that people calling him stupid or deciding he's not worth listening to isn't some sort of infringement on his right to express an opinion. This guy has been quoting any random Twitter user to try to prove his point and been wrong about almost everything since this entire thing started. His outright refusal to admit that COVID didn't slow down completely over the summer and that hydroxychloroquine was a complete scam is infuriating. I always though
  10. Galdi is still an upgrade over most of the programming on that station. I like him better with a co-host but he knows what he is talking about and can talk a lot of different sports without it sounding like he is making it up as he goes.
  11. Try the NBCS app and log in with your YouTube credentials. Should be two options - choose the local broadcast.
  12. This dude has a lot of nerve. "not well known enuf" from the guy spreading misinformation daily for the past 9 months.
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