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  1. Maybe you're right but I feel like he would have thought the wake up call was being demoted to third string. Instead, he went and did something else that raises serious questions about his maturity and desire to be a professional within a few weeks of the message being sent.
  2. This. Let someone else deal with his bull**** - if they want to.
  3. At this rate, Simba better hope the XFL v3.0 works out so he can keep his career going.
  4. Yeah, I mean I'm just frustrated that some can't seem to accept that the guy might be talented but also seem to have retained the maturity of a high schooler. There are just too many examples of his maturity being an issue and I think it's been ridiculous to act like multiple coaching staffs just wanted to see him fail or whatever the prevailing theories are with those that seem to still be infatuated with Simba.
  5. Yep, clearly this is everyone against Simba and has nothing at all to do with maturity.
  6. I've hated this guy ever since I used to watch The Apprentice and think Trump was nothing more than an entertaining moron. However, lately I also feel sorry for him. I'm not sure if he will see a prison cell (although he probably should) but he should definitely be entering a rehab facility ASAP after the election.
  7. Here's hoping to Haskins taking this opportunity to reflect and mature as a teammate and as a quarterback. Whether he was actually sick or not won't matter in the long run if he can decide to make some changes and be more professional.
  8. I'm sure it has been mentioned on previous pages but this is straight out of his agents playbook. Jalen Ramsey did the whole "sick" thing with the Jags to force a trade but I have a feeling the market was a lot stronger for an all-pro corner than it is for ol' Simba.
  9. It didn't translate very well to the next season when they won even less games. *shrugs* While they might not have been the dumpster fire that is the current WFT, I wouldn't call that any sort of immediate success.
  10. We must have different definitions of "out the gate". Shanny went 6-10 and 5-11 his first two years here.
  11. Why? She is a team spokesperson at this point.
  12. Just a weekly reminder that EB from the Junkies is absolute trash. His latest "Liked" tweet:
  13. Y'all are throwing out stats like that was the reason he is on his way out of town.
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