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  1. I thought the same but then I'm still left wondering why these people wouldn't just vote for impeachment the first time around.
  2. Did anyone actually try to "cancel" TH? I'm about as anti-Trump as you can get and it seemed like many just felt like I did - slightly annoyed and then moved on to thinking about next season.
  3. Yikes. I think you take sports just a tad bit too seriously.
  4. Yeah, I checked before I posted and it was definitely liked at the time. It's not really the most infuriating thing he's liked or said over the past 10 months but I thought it was a good reminder.
  5. I'm not sure what they're doing over there. I already thought G&D had too long a time slot and now they are moving to the second most important time of the day. Congrats to them but I have trouble believing there weren't better local options.
  6. Just another reminder to never tune into the Junkies again.
  7. I wish I was optimistic. I feel confident they'll just pack the same rhetoric in a slightly prettier package and get right back to where they left off soon enough.
  8. Excuse me but I'd say there is a tiny difference between what happened in Richmond/other cities and storming the damn Capitol building.
  9. I also have a hard time believing they'd have let it get this far if these were protests from Hillary supporters back in 2016.
  10. You can't be serious. Something is physically wrong with Cam and he's looked washed all season.
  11. Lol I remember getting killed on here last year for saying it was cringey and telling about how his teammates saw him. "That is what you want out of a leader! You must not have played sports at a high level." and things like that.
  12. Imagine using a Dwayne Haskins thread to bash Kirk Cousins . Sorry, but this organization would be in such a better spot if they had done the right thing and signed Cousins to a reasonable contract in 2014 - or if they had just let him go instead of having the two lame duck seasons.
  13. 1) They had the option to sign him to a very team friendly deal and didn't do it that could have locked him up for several years and given them cap space to sign talent in other areas. 2) Kirk won a playoff game just last year, which anyone on this board would kill for after 15 years.
  14. Kirk absolutely does not suck right now lol. I believe he was just named NFC Offensive Player of the Month in November with some ridiculous stats. Vikings are a mess for a lot of reasons but Kirk is still one of the better QBs in the league.
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