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  1. Tired legs all game, questionable calls/non calls, an extra goal to pitt that wasn't a goal, and still get a point on the road. I'll take it
  2. Also, what's the point of having the coaches wear masks if they just take them off every single time they talk to someone...
  3. Still watching replays on pitt's 2nd goal and still don't see it going in. Clearly hit the cross bar which shook the white box thing. There's zero video evidence (that I've seen) that shows it actually hitting the white box. My eyes are going bad tho so could just be me
  4. Samsonov seems a little slow to the puck, especially adjusting to the puck behind the net. Should be multiple wrap-around goals against us, but he's gotten lucky a couple times. Probably just early season issues and needs to warm up, but something to keep an eye on
  5. Who wouldve thought that being aggressive on your entries works better than passing backwards This team has potential to be great with decent coaching
  6. My wife was disturbed by backstrom ha. Kept yelling at him to blink
  7. I know we're early on, but zone entries looking way better so far ha
  8. Anybody see the article today about lung damage on all symptomatic people, and on 70-80% of asymptomatic people? That's millions of people with long term lung damage in the US The toll this thing will have on our health and health care system will be huge for decades
  9. exactly. i think there's a very obvious difference between sharing an unpopular opinion vs. inciting violence
  10. i mean, even IF twitter was run by the government, they still would get banned/arrested. "free speech" doesn't cover threatening/inciting violence, and the government can still arrest you and punish you for that
  11. i think what democrats have now accomplish that though. 2 wings of the democratic party - the progressive wing that actually wants substantial change that will help poor people, and the moderate wing that will keep things a little more thought out & realistic. those 2 can debate all they want, because lets be real, the other party has completely fallen off the cliff and are useless
  12. do they have any money leftover for a pitcher? or do they think voth and fedde are going to lead them back to the playoffs?
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