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  1. wtf is this nonsense now? even if there's nothing to this, i just can't see tx going blue yet with all of the suppression tactics they currently have
  2. ive moved from scared that trump contesting the election in courts is going to give him re-election (he's already played his hands), to scared he'll be re-elected due to discarded ballots that arrived too late in states like WI, MN & PA
  3. well if lil wayne says so... now just need to hear what ja rule thinks, and ill be ready to change my vote
  4. i'm hoping (assuming) biden has a few people on his team that have a master list of everything that needs to just be reversed in the first month
  5. If those northern, midwest states are really going to show a red mirage tuesday night (depends on when they start counting mail-in votes), then it should be offset by a blue mirage showing biden winning heavily in FL and GA. Going to be chaos, but it should be chaos for both sides the funniest thing to me is, these last minute "bombshell" made-up stories aren't even about joe biden.. you'd think that if they took the time to stir up these nothingburger controversies, they'd at least make them about the guy running for president
  6. the hypocrisy between the Wisconsin ruling and the PA ruling is out of control. So theyre saying they're going to wait until after the election to see if they "need to throw out ballots in PA"... theyre not even hiding their political bias anymore
  7. pretty sure the trackers just say if they are received and "accepted to be counted" (meaning, no mistakes on the ballot), but not actually counted
  8. I'm reading FL has had a record of early votes cast, and apparently they report early votes first. So there's a good chance Biden is leading FL once Nov. 3rd ends, regardless of the final outcome. Don't think he can win without FL, so I can see him walking back those words pretty quickly
  9. Does anybody know - Will counties count/report early votes first on election day? Or will they only report same-day votes until they close, then count early votes?
  10. Polls show a blowout. Now it just comes down to how many actually get to have their vote counted
  11. Wisconsin is expected to receive over 1 mil mail-in ballots, but can't start counting them until election day. But then can't accept anything received the day after election day. So are they going to make them prove that every single ballot they're still counting the days after the election, were received before then? How do they prove that if theyre not going off of the postmark. That's going to be a mess
  12. That would be the easiest to justify and protect as well. Put it in law that seats must match circuit courts (13), so it's not just a random number that they can easily to add to later on. Increasing to 13 and adding representation for DC and PR should be most people's demands if they take the senate/pres
  13. Ya, while the ruling itself is ****ed up, it really didn't change how Wisconsin has operated it's elections. Hopefully Wisconsin gets it's act together and changes that rule for the next election The only optimism I have for the supreme court regarding the election, is they're leaving state voting laws (whether right or wrong) intact for the most part. So if trump's team tries to argue about throwing out ballots that were legally received in a certain state, scotus's precedent so far would be to allow those votes. But again, might be reaching for optimism
  14. I haven't seen anyone give up. If anything, Ive seen more people talk about how important this election is now. If Dems don't win the senate, everything we're talking about is moot
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