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  1. Welp Padres just traded a bunch of prospects for Frazier, so..
  2. I actually like SD's team. They're fun to watch. So if he goes there, I won't be too mad about it. If I have to watch Max play for the Dodgers, ill never watch baseball again
  3. I mean, I'm on the same page as you. Just venting about how we manage injured players
  4. I think the overall roster we have can be competitive, if nobody was injured. Problem is we like to keep our guys on the IL for eternity. No way Yan is STILL too hurt from just swinging the bat. Holding Stras out for almost 2 seasons now because of nerve issues. Wtf are our trainers doing?
  5. Not sure what the move is here.. trade everyone except Juan, and surround him with up and comers? But then you're betting on Juan wanting to stay through a rebuild. I guess getting a WS ring early helps
  6. Trea is getting fooled a lot lately.. what was he doing that AB
  7. Dugout celebration looked toned back too.. maybe Zim's in a bad mood today
  8. Must've not seen him. Can't see why there'd be clubhouse drama with a 3rd base coach ha
  9. How can our team be so exciting and so brutally hard to watch, all within a couple of weeks.. now I'm wishing we didn't have those exciting few weeks because they're only going to make the rebuild harder to watch
  10. so orioles are so bad, the day after losing to them once everyone is talking about trading max and trea
  11. Mets are getting reinforcements at their only weak spot (pitcher), and we're losing to the worst team in baseball. Needle is moving one way
  12. Of course our up and coming offense stalls against a AAA pitcher on one of the worst teams in the league
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