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  1. Now Huddy is trying to hide the fact that he's hurt.. another "surprise" IL addition coming up?
  2. Ya it's all a guessing game right now, but I think they're guessing less than a year for covid-19 because it seems natural immunity for this is much less. People are getting reinfected after just several months. But yeah, we won't know till we get there
  3. And then he goes on a tear immediately after ha. Never doubt Max
  4. Our only consistent pitcher loads the bases with 1 out in the top of the 1st. Yikes
  5. Ya June/July is gonna be interesting. My guess is the summer will look pretty good with most people having fresh vaccines and spending time outdoors. I'm more worried about a huge outbreak around Thanksgiving/Holidays when people are then used to being back to "life as usual", back indoors with family, and their vaccines start to wear off. Pfizer says we'll need a booster right around that time, so we'll see how many actually care enough by then to get it
  6. Some people were wondering if today's verdict would make cops think twice. I'm thinking it does the opposite. They're hot-headed, undertrained bullies who care more about showing who's boss
  7. This is gonna be super disappointing if we only get 1 this inning
  8. Random question for anyone in the know... looking at tickets and noticed that only April games are on sale right now from teams. But then noticed quite a few tickets available on StubHub for a game in July. Are those season ticket holders selling tickets down the road, or is it people that don't even have tickets yet trying to sell them?
  9. ya... everything (covid start, injuries, bad starting pitching, etc) is compounded with the fact that we play in an extremely gifted division. even if all those bad things get corrected completely, it's going to be much harder to make a comeback this year than 2019..
  10. ya hard to tell with the mask. i just saw his forehead muscles between his eyes tighten way up in a confused look, but could be wrong
  11. the shock in his eyes when the judge said guilty to the first charge was all you need to know about cops in these situations. even with high-res, multi-angle video (and witnesses) of him murdering someone, he was STILL shocked that he was found guilty and would have to face repercussions.
  12. Glad the jury did the right thing, but worried that this will allow politicians take their foot off the gas on real police reform. Holding bad cops accountable is step 1, but the entire system needs to change. So I hope people arent just satisfied with this one trial
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