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  1. got hot at the right time and the team clicked together right when they needed to. same thing is happening to a lesser talented Canes team right now. i think, in hockey more than any sport, how a team "clicks", moves, syncs,etc together is probably more important than overall talent
  2. To be fair, they were probably the hottest team in the months leading up to the playoffs. And they're only getting better. We should've beat them (which makes all of this that much harder), but they've earned it. They're ridiculous at creating scoring chances, and have been all year. Its just their goaltending has brought them down a notch. I wouldnt be surprised if they won the whole thing. Don't see Boston or CBJ matching up with their style
  3. Definitely agree. Nobody cares about speed when the QB is white... But black QBs have to be Mike Vick to be a good QB? It's a terrible double standard
  4. The comparisons to Russell etc are ridiculous. Haskins is smart, extremely athletic, with a great arm. And his ability to audible/fix protections is something we didn't have with Kirk or Alex
  5. mammajamma

    2019 NFL Draft discussion thread

    Can't believe the skins had an A first round.. needed a QB (got the best QB in the draft) and more pass rush (the guy everyone wanted). Hope Jay doesn't get in the way of Haskins since it wasn't his guy, but the dude is legit. On to OL next please!
  6. Eh.. i disagree. I think they still had the talent to beat carolina in 5-6 games, but when kuzy and vrana are no shows for the entire series, then lose oshie, it takes away a lot of scoring potential. Even having 1 of those guys for the last 2 games wouldve made the difference imo. Ovi/Backstrom were great, but they cant do it all
  7. and if kuzy wouldve gotten that pass in OT when he was wide open and if they shot the puck instead of trying to make a fancy pass with 2 minutes left and if they stayed aggressive to the puck in the 2nd/3rd like they were in the 1st, instead of watching it come to them .... ugh...
  8. This is my attitude now too. Rooting for SJ, but if not them, anyone but Boston
  9. Eh. Hags and jensen were pretty big pickups for us. He couldn't have guessed that Oshie would be out, and Vrana and Kuzy would forget the bus to the playoffs. Definitely need fresh blood on D during the off-season though
  10. I think NYI are the best team left. Trotzy about to go back to back now
  11. mammajamma

    ***2018-19 NBA Playoffs Thread***

    Stars always get away with pushing off. Then big men get called 9 times out of 10 just for putting their hands in the air and dont initiate contact. Its why NBA has the worst rules/officiating in sports and is hard to watch these days
  12. would be nice if todd would make some adjustments before wednesday as well, regarding their forecheck. they still dont know what to do about it. they had zero zone time until it was too late
  13. ya but he fell in the direction he was being held/pulled... so not really embellished.. seems like our only zone time was on a PP. is it just me or does it look like our forwards are playing back a little bit? we finally get zone time and we have 1 guy down on the puck and everyone else hanging out on the blue line
  14. welp. at least we get the extra day off to come back to earth
  15. Slow start, but man, when they turned it on, I got flashbacks from how they played last year. Hope they keep up the intensity also, carolina might want to consider putting somebody by the net on their penalty kill, or its going to be a quick series