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  1. mammajamma

    2019 - 20 Washington Capitals Thread

    Ya, reirden has some work to do.. The new look defense and bottom lines are not at all synced up yet Vrana left wide open
  2. Still can't get over the fact that we never trailed once the entire NLCS.. went from being 2 innings away from elimination in both the WC & NLDS, to complete domination
  3. Ya just looked at "TickPick" and the same seats as stubhub are $400 more on tickpick. guessing thats the fees Some kind of new regulation really needs to happen with these resale sites
  4. dumb question that probably has already been asked, but you guys are swell, so whatever... tickets - im assuming everything sold by the Nationals are spoken for, correct? im not seeing any option to purchase through them. just want to make sure before i give the evil empire (stubhub) hundreds of dollars in fees alone
  5. Was wondering about that. Always interested, during the away games, where the tv broadcast is going to pan to in Dc when something good happens. Will it be at the park, the bullpen, or somewhere on the streets like during the Caps run They're going to have to kick Doo out of the stadium haha
  6. This is so awesome. Gives me chills and makes me so glad they were able to do this at home. Now if they can win it all at home...
  7. Ha, when you have a week to get over your hangover
  8. Makes no sense that many of the biggest cities in the US have 24/7 subway, but one of the richest cities in the world struggles to stay open past 11
  9. Really need our bats to come back. They've been dead since the first. Let's get a couple of those back and we're ok
  10. Well it's a little different situation than normal, because if we can hold this, we have a week off.. so any pitcher is available really.