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  1. People really mad at Rizzo after all of the talent we have on this team? Kinda odd. Watching the postseason highlights, and his pickups for last year alone may have won us the trophy
  2. Man, just finally watched the documentary today and it seemed like every single time we started to rally and come back in games, it began with a huge Rendon hit or walk.. not sure we'll match that clutchness with whoever replaces him
  3. wow, no more sendly at 3rd is interesting. people were calling for it all year, but he was decent in the playoffs from what i remember/dont remember
  4. weren't the yankees making a big fuss about this in the ALCS? Wouldnt be surprised if they were still doing it. Funny thing is they lost every home game against us (where they couldve used the cameras, etc). so maybe the nats got tipped off and made adjustments, and the astros couldnt hit without cheating ha
  5. what do you guys think the timeline will be for rendon/stras offers?
  6. all of this reminiscing has me watching the postseason highlights. completely forgot about Zim's 2 out broken bat hit to the outfield in the 8th inning... if his bat didnt break, that was for sure a 3rd out, and the inning wouldve been over... that alone shouldve been proof that we were supposed to win it all ha
  7. very true, but obviously not sustainable in a full season, even if we somehow keep all the big pieces.. gonna have to figure that out or it might be another scramble to make the playoffs
  8. i'll never forget the moment i scared the **** out of my dogs when Soto got that hit in the WC game... i screamed very loud at Howie's grand slam in the NLDS, and at Eaton's 2 RBI hit at the end of Game 7, but i still think the loudest was that Soto WC game hit.. im actually surprised the neighbors didnt do a welfare check
  9. the irony is that our historically bad bullpen didnt blow one save the entire postseason
  10. Gotcha, makes sense. I was originally just wanting one with the WS Champs patch, but they only come in white for regular sizes. Which is fine I guess, but would be nice to have other options. And I think they only have like 2 or 3 players that have jerseys with the patch. I ended up with the white Max jersey. but then did a search for Doolittle, and didnt even see his name on mlbshop. So I guess you're right about doing the custom - just cant get the patch with that as far as i can tell anyway, do you know when the transition is taking place? i might just wait till that happens since those nike jerserys will probably be nicer anyway my issue is that if it really is just a regular season award, davey still had a better regular season (record) than 2 out of the 3 nominees..
  11. anybody know a good online store for legit nats jerseys? mlbshop is a little limited with both players and colors. i found "" had a lot more, but doesnt seem legit
  12. Moving on. Positive vibes only for the World Series Champs. Honestly, Davey getting snubbed pisses me off more than anything. MLB is cancelled for that
  13. Davey had a better regular season than 2 of them.. had the best turnaround ever.. and many of his gambles in the postseason got us a WS trophy Not to mention, it shouldn't say "of the year" if you're not including the whole year
  14. wtf... i was 99% sure he was gonna win it all, but to not even be nominated.... something fishy there. would love to see their reasoning
  15. interesting. ya, i'd love to have Howie back, even just for a clutch DH spot