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  1. The first one doesn't happen very often in the middle of the day in a grocery store.
  2. The fact you are even thinking about this and having to make this distinction is a huge problem.
  3. JP's mom died last night I'm guessing covid played a major part in it. Very sad
  4. Sorry that you're such a simpleton Virginian who would rather play with your food than eat it. For hours on end. Then have to eat a few burgers to actually be satisfied and full. But hey, you're a lover!
  5. As a Marylander myself, I will say, Maryland crabs are overrated as ****. I would much rather have Alaskan king crag legs than MD crabs 10/10 times. Picking them apart is not fun and it's not satisfying at all and they don't fill you up for ****. Old Bay is good, but it's also overrated. Not as much as crabs themselves though.
  6. Yeah our friends who used to live in San Diego moved back to NoVa last year. Only reasons were because COL is ridic out there and all their family is back here. But now we have no reason to go visit San Diego really. I liked going out there but without having friends to visit, I wouldn't go out there. I would come back every time looking for jobs out there but the jobs out there pay way less than the DMV and the COL is like double, so F that.
  7. Finally I know EB's Extreme Skins handle. EDIT: And anyone who thinks any beaches in NC are "nice" beaches haven't traveled to many beaches. Anyone saying anything along the east coast, north of southern Florida, in general is a nice beach hasn't traveled very far. Sure they are peaceful and calm and can have a good time and I love going there with my family every year, but compared to beaches down in parts of FL where you can see your feet in more than 1 foot of water, they are crap. The only reason I go there is because our family rents about 5-6 hours a
  8. MD is down the list because it has places like Salisbury and Cambridge. VA being higher than CA? LOL O L
  9. VA being #3 is LOL. MD and VA are the same ****. Anyone who lives in the DMV area knows this. Any parts in VA and MD outside of the DMV area don't actually exist either so they don't count. Also the whole "Virginia is for lovers" bull**** should probably put VA dead last just for that dumb ****. And anyone who would choose to retire in VA, if the entire country (or outside) was in play, is LLUUNNCCHHIINN.
  10. Yeah she clearly thought she had her taser in hand. But ****, if you don't know the difference between a taser and a gun in your hands, let alone where they are on your person, you shouldn't be a ****ing police officer. The end result is the same whatever accident it was - a young black man is dead and now his kid grows up without a father. ****.
  11. Vanichek is having a HELL of a past couple of games. Some of the saves he is making are unreal.
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