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  1. purbeast

    Scuba Diving

    I'm leaving tomorrow morning for Grand Cayman and do my first checkout dives on Friday and the final ones on Saturday. There's a chance I'm doing 5 more dives to get my AOW or I may just do some of them, depending on my comfort level. I am very intrigued to do the night dive but also kind of nervous. Once I saw it's 30 feet max I'm leaning towards doing it. I also want to do the sting ray city dive that is just 15ft too, but it qualifies for the AOW. But again it just depends how comfortable I feel. But damn, packing with all my gear I have to bring another carry on and my wife isn't happy about it LOL. But I had to put my wetsuit in there and my booties too, which takes up quite a bit of space. They also aren't light so fighting them in my checked on luggage wouldn't work and I'd rather just have a smaller luggage to bring. Also my fins are larger now too then my previous ones. I also got my dive computer and I love getting new gadgets. I ended up getting a brand new Suunto Zoop Nov for like $300 but then I found someone selling a like new (8 dives) Suunto Zoop Vyper for $375 with the USB cable, bungee adapter, the protective adapter thingie, and a bag for $375. I ended up getting that instead because it comes with a digital compass and also has the ability to have AI if I want to go that route in the future, so I said might as well upgrade for a few bucks more since it came with accessories I wanted anyways. Plus, I could pretty much sell it for the price I paid for it if I didn't want it. So I'm going to return the Zoop Novo that I got when I get back. I'm both excited and nervous about it all but I think I'm kind of psyching myself out to be honest and I think once I'm in the water I'm going to feel right at home.
  2. purbeast

    All things Sports Talk Radio - DMV (met)

    It's the heart of the NFL season right now, of course NFL is going to be the #1 talk. The Redskins were also atop of the division with a 2 game lead 3 weeks ago, and now have 2 QB's break their legs in back to back weeks, which is not normal. It would be stupid to not to be discussing this stuff. They also have Alan May come on fairly regularly and discuss the NHL. Wizards get about as much coverage as the NHL as well. It's the middle of MLB off season and they have been talking about the talks going on in Vegas right now, so I'm not sure what else you want them to talk about. Personally I'd be 100% happy if they never talked about MLB or the Nationals anymore.
  3. purbeast

    Gameday Thread

    There goes the stat padding.
  4. purbeast

    Gameday Thread

    Vintage Cousins.
  5. purbeast

    Gameday Thread

    Pretty crappy that the Seachickens got away with a clearly illegal play on that FG attempt.
  6. purbeast

    Xbox One Vs Ps4

    Reminds me of Mario Party.
  7. purbeast

    The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The JOHN WALL ERA

    Austin Rivers just crossed himself up.
  8. purbeast

    The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The JOHN WALL ERA

    That hoodie that Wall is wearing is fire. I love that thing. Too bad it's ****ing $150, what a rip off. I also won't be spending money on gear until they look a bit better.
  9. purbeast

    Xbox One Vs Ps4

    The Last of Us Uncharted 1-3 The God of War games Burnout Paradise Street Fighter 4 EDIT: Totally forgot about Ratchet and Clank games too. Hot Shots Golf Out of Bounds is also great.
  10. purbeast

    Xbox One Vs Ps4

    Nah we don't have to talk about a game I don't like, I won't waste both of our time
  11. purbeast

    Xbox One Vs Ps4

    It was unreal how many copies of Smash they had at Best Buy last weekend. Like literally 200+ and the dude said they had already sold so many. I've never been a fan of Smash Brothers because it's too casual for me. It's more of a party game IMO. Yes I know there is a hardcore scene, but still even then I find it extremely boring and they basically turn off all of these options to get it the way they want it to be. I also don't like how normalized everyone is. I hate how many characters there are too. But as mentioned, it can be a blast if you're playing with your buddies right next to you and no one really knows what they are doing. I just prefer games like Street Fighter that are way more technical and challenging control wise and that I feel have more mind games. There's also way less randomness to those games.
  12. purbeast

    Pathetic crowds at home opener

    Those numbers seem inflated as **** considering how it looked on TV.
  13. purbeast

    Gameday Thread

    This is pretty great.
  14. Did he just misspell smoking 2 times in one tweet? Or am I missing something? The replies to this tweet are great. Click through to view them all.
  15. purbeast

    Gameday Thread

    Of course a ****ing terrible pass by Dak that gets properly defended bounces perfectly and goes to of all people Cooper for a ****ing game winning TD. I guess in the end it's better the Cowboys won for the Redskins possible playoff positioning (LOL) since their only shot now is a wild card. I gotta say though hearing Cooper in the interview after the game that guy sounds like a good dude and I couldn't hate on him. Next week I'm out of town and I'm not even going to be going out of my way to watch the Redskins game. I did early in September when I was in Grand Cayman but that ain't happening this time while there.