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  1. The coronavirus being here has absolutely ZERO bearing on whether I would get a flu shot or not. Neither does anyone calling this winter a twindemic. I would get one and get one every single year. I don't care if you say twindemic at work or not it's just a buzzword to get people scared. I work in software engineering and the buzzword cloud gets thrown around all the time even though we all know it just means server.
  2. Yeah, the term "twindemic" would mean that there are 2 pandemics at once. So now the annual flu season is a pandemic? GTFO.
  3. I'm sorry but anyone or source using the term "twindemic" is doing absolutely nothing but fear mongering.
  4. I guess it depends on the airline. He flew Southwest I believe and out of BWI, which is a big SW hub so maybe the terminal he was in was just not as full? How did you feel about the whole process though as far as safety goes?
  5. I am with both of you on this. I'm taking my precautions as everyone should be but I've grown open to the fact that I can start living my "normal" life a bit. I've been hanging out with my brother for Redskins games which we always do, but our gatherings aren't as large as they typically are. It's just been us two instead of us and a few friends. I am going on my 3rd week in a row back at the gym. I'm specifically going at an off-peak time so there will be no crowds and everyone has to wear a mask while in the gym so I feel comfortable. I've been hangin
  6. I'm like 6 episodes into Cobra Kai season 2. It's pretty bad but I like it still. Season 1 was way better. It reminds me of shows like Full House where it was just so stupid/cheesy but I loved it.
  7. She also wasn't tased for "not wearing a mask" as the person recording the video stated. She was tasted for resisting arrest most likely.
  8. The hardware isn't even finalized a year out. They also make huge deals with the CPU/GPU makes and have proprietary products in the consoles. They have to manufacture millions of these and that is on top of the millions of normal products those companies make. Those need to be made before they can even start making the consoles. This stuff takes time. Whether they launch in November with X amount of consoles or March with X + Y amount of consoles, there will still be X+Y amount of consoles out in the wild by March. I don't understand what holding back the launch would do. It
  9. Then I'm not following what you meant by your previous post.
  10. I guess you aren't understanding. They are bottle necked by the amount of consoles they can manufacture by launch. They will have X amount of consoles at launch. There are 10X people who want them. Therefore 9X people won't get them, and X will be sold as preorders. They can't just magically make more consoles. They aren't sitting on warehouses full of unsold consoles at launch that just aren't being distributed.
  11. They don't start manufacturing consoles a year in advance so that is simply not a realistic possibility.
  12. This has not been the case for consoles for about 2 decades now. The demand is much higher than the amount of consoles that can be manufactured before they release them.
  13. There is nothing special about that article. It's providing zero new information. It's telling us all everything we already know and have known for 3 years now. It won't change anyones mind about anything.
  14. You are starting to sound like bama ass EB on the Junkies now. After he always cries about his Apple stuff breaking on him, now he's crying about his goPro stuff breaking on him all the time. If your electronics keep breaking on you, chances are you're doing something wrong.
  15. I've had every console at launch since PS2 other than Wii U, and the only one that ever had issues was the 360 with the RRoD. I'm willing to roll the dice.
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