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  1. So ... yeah. Trump is busy attacking a player on the Women's soccer team while they are in the middle of their WC run.
  2. LOL that's just an example. You can get pork chops pretty cheap too. Same with ground turkey and make some tacos out of em. But ... that takes more effort than sitting in a drive through on your fatass for 15 minutes waiting for food.
  3. And it boils down to my original reply. RE: Lazy
  4. I mean I'd be willing to get that 99% of the people who eat fast food have the means to cook at their home and already have skillets, ovens, etc, since pretty much everyone has access to one unless they are homeless. Now you are blaming marketing? LOL okay. How about people take personal responsibility for taking care of themselves? I know, I know. Tough concept to grasp. Again, it boils down to people being lazy. They are too lazy to learn how to eat healthy and not break the bank. People would rather be lazy and unhealthy. Look at society there is a reason that there is an obesity problem when there is the entire internet out there full of information on how to eat healthy and live a healthy lifestyle. Back in the day, before the obesity problem, that wasn't even a possibility. But people are too lazy to educate themselves. Again, it's very easy to spend less on healthy meals than it is on junk food meals, but people don't want to do that. I mean look at a grocery store. The perimeter is basically the only "healthy" food. The entire interior is pretty much processed crap. And I'm not saying I don't eat any of that myself either, but it's not the majority of what I eat, and it's in moderation.
  5. You can get fully cooked rotiserie chickens at any grocery store for $5 and that is more than enough to feed a family of like 2, 3, possibly 4 people. Then get a can of beans or some veggies you can heat up in like 3 minutes on a stove top. That is far cheaper than getting fast food or something for a family of the equivalent. "Not having time to cook" is nothing but an excuse. I cook pork a few times during the week and it takes 3-4 minutes to cook on a skillet. And if you don't even want to bother with that, you can bake chicken in an oven. Sure it takes like an hour to actually cook, but it's effortless. You just put it in a casserole dish with some seasoning on it and let it cook, turning it once. It just boils down to people are inherently lazy as ****. I see it every day. Hell even at the gym I see lazy asses who can't be bothered to put their weights back. We're just a society of lazy fat ****s. I find it amusing that you see all these fat people worrying about dressing fancy and spending money on fancy clothes, but the one thing they have the most control over with their looks is their weight, which in turn is also their health, and yet they completely want to ignore it.
  6. This is a common misconception and just not true.
  7. purbeast

    All things Sports Talk Radio - DMV (met)

    You guys are all lunchin. Jordan is the greatest athlete to ever rock a Washington jersey.
  8. purbeast

    All things Sports Talk Radio - DMV (met)

    Why does Grant Fat Paulsen sounds like he's choking on his fat neck almost every time he starts a new sentence?
  9. I was reading your reply right after I started it and thought you were joking 100%. Then I heard the latter part of it lol.
  10. purbeast

    All things Sports Talk Radio - DMV (met)

    Well 106.7 has been cut off for the rest of the day at work. I will be listening to old man Doc until I leave in an hour or so. Grant and Danny just started playing that Baby Shark song that my 4 year old son learned about 3 days ago from his 3 year old friend and were having a full segment discussing it.
  11. Yeah, I know, they mention this at the end of the show
  12. purbeast

    Scuba Diving

    Got some of my gear in yesterday but have yet to put it together still... I still need to decide on my regs but I'm leaning towards Atomic Z2 for both performance and price, and I'm probably ordering my wing tomorrow once it's back in stock.
  13. Just finished Chernobyl after starting it 2 nights ago. Wow. If that is accurate and how it really went down, it's really sad how preventable it was and how many lives were lost afterwards due to incompetence.
  14. purbeast

    Good Night. Malaysian Three-Seven-Zero

    I'm still not seeing how this current event would change anyone's mind. From your quote, it has happened a few times before (without proof for some of them) and now happened 1 more time (again, without any proof, it's all just hypothetical). I doubt this one more time is going to change people's mind. In the grand scheme of things with how many commercial flights there are and people traveling, the odds are microscopic that something like this will happen to you. It's basically irrational to have a fear of flying due to a hijacking from people on the inside. These are the numbers from 2017, and this is US only. https://www.bts.dot.gov/newsroom/2017-annual-and-december-us-airline-traffic-data I'll continue to "take my chance" with flying without fear of this happening.
  15. purbeast

    Good Night. Malaysian Three-Seven-Zero

    I don't have time to read this, but the comment about making you think twice about ever flying again is just silly, and based on your paragraph, I don't see why it would make one think twice about ever flying again. Too many people already live their lives fearmongering for illogical reasons. This sounds like another one of those.