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  1. As someone who is 100% pro masks, the people on the sidelines wearing masks in professional sports is really stupid at this point and nothing but optics.
  2. I don't like working out with anyone unless it is just a one off. I hate talking to anyone at the gym too. I keep my headphones on and try to not make eye contact if I see someone trying to talk to me. I get annoyed as **** when people ask me to spot them. My goal when I am there is to get my workout over as quickly as possible. I time myself between sets and stuff to be sure I don't rest too long.
  3. What oppression is she claiming to live under?
  4. I saw that but there isn't really any info about when you can get it like the VA site does.
  5. I was trying to find one of those for MD but had no luck. I filled out the form on VA just to see where I fall in line, and according to that, I am 1C because I have asthma. I hope that is the case lol. It would be nice to get it as early as possible. I just have no clue how you can figure out "when it is your turn" in MD.
  6. My brother showed me his card yesterday. I'm jealous. He said the second shot made his arm A LOT more sore than the first one. First one was just like a soreness from any old flu shot he said but the second one was way worse. He also said he felt like crap the following day but it might have been because he did not sleep much the night before due to work. It could have been a mixture.
  7. I just looked on his twitter and he doesn't have that tweet liked. So either that is fake, or someone chirped in his ear and told him to unlike it lol.
  8. So what's happening between 10-2? I'm glad they are now on in the afternoon cause if I end up going back to work, I won't have to hear them all day while working since they will be on when I leave.
  9. Hey this can run at 2 resolutions too, just like your (and mine) 1080p/4k fancy schmancy consoles.
  10. I mean, this is clearly before Trump even went out and gave his speech. That is not after his speech when they were storming the Capitol.
  11. It's been 12 hours since the 12 hour banhammer was put on Trump's twitter account and there hasn't been a new tweet from him. Someone take his phone away?
  12. My 2 latest game pickups. I've never played either of these. I'm guessing probably nobody in here has either.
  13. LOL. https://www.c-span.org/video/?c4933530/user-clip-trump-voice-titanic I don't think they understand the irony of that music being played there.
  14. I love the fact that most of his tweets are flagged. You know that has to enrage the **** out of him lol.
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