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  1. I might grab MS Flight Simulator. The scenes in the trailer flying over the beaches and Bora Bora specifically may have been what sold me on it.
  2. The thing I don't understand about these NFL player is that if they broke a bone in football, or pulled a muscle, or whatever, and their trainers/doctors told them exactly what they needed to do in order to get back to 100% as quickly as possible, they would do it without even thinking about it. So why such the hesitancy in this case when not only their own doctors, but pretty much EVERY ****ING DOCTOR IN THE WORLD is recommending people take the vaccine? I simply do not get it.
  3. If the WFT has to forfeit a game due to COVID related stuff, I am going to be ****ING LIVID that I will miss out on one of the games because of these stupid young ****ing idiots on the team.
  4. How the **** can you NOT like this guy? The whole team is JUST SO ****ING LIKABLE.
  5. Try giving hacksquats a go. Or leg presses. Any compound leg exercise is better than quad extensions and hamstring curls.
  6. I'd just state that your leg day is pretty much pointless if you aren't doing squats. Scrap the quad extension and hamstring curls and replace them with 4 working sets of squats. It's much better for you than those 2 exercises combined. Also not sure what "calves" means but I'm assuming some sort of calf raise.
  7. If I was the Suns I would let Giannis take that pull up 3 10/10 times. Sure he made one today but after he made it they said he's like 3/17 in the series. That is not good.
  8. I was talking to my buddy during game 4 about why don't the Bucks play Lopez and Giannis at the same time? The Suns have no way to defend it. And now they have Portis in there too? The Suns had no chance to stop them on defense and they can't get anything inside on offense really. I just hope this game isn't a blowout.
  9. Neighbor was telling me literally yesterday that the Rockville station is shutting down until like October or November or something. I'm guessing to cut costs.
  10. So what do flat earthers think about this? It can no longer be a government conspiracy that the earth is round. We now have 2 private companies who also can confirm it is round. How are they handling all of this?
  11. And it's going to work because the dems don't know WTF they are doing either.
  12. I can't be the only one who didn't even know that Wes Unseld Jr. existed until this coaching search right?
  13. I am not a huge fan of JP and BMitch. I don't listen to them for long periods of time but I catch them when I'm in the car on the way home from the gym. 90% of the time they are just BS'ing about their life and not even talking sports. And this is like in the middle of big events going on, like the NBA finals. It could be that the time I'm in the car is just what the time slot is for but they are always doing it. And I'm tired of heaving BMitch say "let me tell you something" 50 times in 15 minutes. I like both of them a lot, but I just don't like the dynamic they have on air
  14. They had his brother call in yesterday for a few minutes and his brother was even talking about how far off the deep end EB is lol. His own ****ing brother.
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