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  1. Dude probably couldn't even shoot a 74 in 18 holes of putt putt.
  2. Yeah man had I not headed to the beach the day after I finished it, I'd be missing it too. It was just such an awesome and unique experience.
  3. Naughty Dog pretty much sets a new standard at every release of their cinematic games. I mean I remember when Uncharted came out it was incredible. Then part 2, etc. They always out do the previous one. It's incredible how they have come along and what they can do. Even little mannerisms in TLOU2 I noticed, like the way people move and every little detail is just incredible. As for Ghost, having an english dub shouldn't even be an option. No way I'd play it in non-Japanese. Definitely in color mode for me though for the reasons you mention.
  4. Just remember though, we got Ghost of Tsushima in a few weeks.
  5. Where are you located? I mean I went to the clinic on Saturday because I had a headache for like 3 days that wouldn't go away and a fever that was like around 99, but I think my thermometer may be jacked up, but it felt very similar to my lyme disease a while back so i thought it was coming back. I went to the clinic and told them this and they just asked me if I wanted to get the covid test while I was there, so I did. I had a temp of 98.8 when they took it there so pretty normal. This was Saturday and I got both results today. Both negative and I've felt fine since Sunday pretty much so not sure what it was.
  6. Got my covid results today and it was negative. I figured it would be since I feel fine now but was hoping it would be positive because I feel fine now lol
  7. I'm down in Holden Beach in NC right now and the blue tent there is ours. This is as crowded as the beach gets down here so it's perfect for us. We're in our own little bubble down here. I did feel a bit odd today when I went to the fishing store to get some bait and the person working there was maskless and I was the only one in the store asking her what bait to get. But she was super helpful and she never made me feel uncomfortable about it or anything. Only other store I've been in is Food Lion this morning to grocery shop and all employees and customers were wearing them, although it was super empty because of the odd time I went.
  8. Yeah I was thinking about all the females as I played it, but I was perfectly fine with it. I actually thought it was kind of cool how Abby was kinda buff, like from a character point of view. I was talking to my friend during the PS5 reveal about how many of the games they showed had female lead characters too. It's just a sign of the times. It doesn't bother me in the least.
  9. I don't know about you all but I have been super salty about all the hate that TLOU2 has gotten and pretty much all of the hate stems from the story leaks months ago and people making up their mind they were mad about the story, months before ever playing it. And now that it's out, those people are trying hard to "be right" and keep hating the game while playing it. I guess salty isn't the word because I really don't care, but it's just annoying to read and hear about it when it pretty much boils down to people being mad that the story didn't go the way they wanted it to go. But again, they made their mind up months ago when it leaked before they ever even played it. I legit had seen/read NOTHING about this game other than the first trailer until I played it. I purposefully avoided any media/spoilers/etc and now I'm catching up on it all.
  10. Oh you wait. You ****ing wait.
  11. I think my feelings for A are exactly what Naughty Dog intended them to be. Like to a T.
  12. We talking about good ol' A ?
  13. I 100% prefer linear games with a clear focused path/goal/story than games that let you explore more open worlds.
  14. Wow great explanation of a lot of things I definitely felt but didn't put into words...
  15. It's been out for 9 days now. And I'm still not working (but getting paid lol). 27 hours in 9 days averages out to 3 hours a day. Which is still a lot lol. But I've been doing like 1 or 2 sessions a day.
  16. I just went to the clinic because I have had this headache for like 3-4 days that won't go away really even with various medicines. Other than that I feel like fine. I have taken my temp often throughout these and once had 99 temp and then today had a 99.1. I then tried my left ear and it was 99.7. I was getting different readings depending on which ear. But this thermometer like first 2 times are always like 98.0 or 98.2, like it has to warm up. So I don't know how reliable it is. Then I went to the clinic and they took my temp and it was 98.8. This was taken orally. When I got home I took it and it's still showing like 99.0 in right ear and 99.7 in left ear, then 98.8 immediately after in left ear. So who knows. Anyways it feels A LOT like when I had lyme disease the first time in 2018 so I'm wondering if it's like a flair up. They took a lyme panel today but also asked if I wanted a covid test too since I was there. I opted to take one. It was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I kind of psyched myself out and then when I took it, it was uncomfortable but not nearly like I expected. I thought it would be like a 10/10 as far as uncomfortable but was more like a 2/10 or 3/10. And they hold it there for like a 10 count. I will hear back early next week about both of them.
  17. Just finished it. My total play through was 27h4m on whatever the default difficulty is. Perfect 10/10. Thoughts in spoiler below.
  18. Okay I HAVE to be right at the end of TLOU2. Last night I turned it off at this part that basically sets up the very very end. Then I turned it off because I was tired and had a headache and didn't know how long the ending would be. I'm about to go down there and finish it and it's going to be bitter sweet.
  19. I nearly spit my ****ing drink out watching this clip. https://imgur.com/a/hYr64hJ
  20. TLOU2 is like Return of the King. I keep thinking it's about to end and it keeps going. Except I'm happy it keeps on going and don't want it to end, unlike Return of the King.
  21. Thanks man I just placed an order for these. Watched a video on youtube and the fit looks great. And he compared em to the glue masks that I have been wearing the whole time.
  22. It will be for indoor and lifting weights at the gym. I have one of those buff things that I got in Aruba years ago to use while ATV'ing. It is one that covers your neck and you can pull up over your face too. I feel like that would be too hot to lift with though but haven't tried it. I did wear it into the liquor store with a hat and sun glasses on and felt like they thought I was about to rob the joint. Literally couldn't see any skin on my face.
  23. Comfortable for sweating and working out in?