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  1. Gibbs Hog Heaven

    2020 ES GM's Mock Draft....

    It is with great reluctance, as I've had, in the main, great fun doing this from our very first draft what, 5/6 years back now?, that I'm going to have miss my first ES Mock. I'm just too weighed down with things right now to fully give this the total dedication it deserves. And knowing full well just what that dedication entails, it'd be unfair to give a commitment that I may not well be able to keep down to time restraints with other obligations. The only thing I'd ask as a founder member, which I've no doubt won't be an issue, is that ala the season I did the 'Skins, the Cowboys are only on 'loan' for the upcoming draft. And I will resume my role as Dallas GM in 2021. As I'm sure most of the other founding members/ long time, one team, GM's can attest, the investment put into their respective teams over the duration makes them personal to you. And coming back to another team just wouldn't sit with me at all. So if we're all sound with that, I'll hand over the keys to the Star for this year so the 'temp' 'Boys GM can get to work ASAP. And wish you all great drafting fun as per. Apologies guys. Not a decision I've taken lightly but I just don't have the time to do the draft proper justice this year, unfortunately. Hail.
  2. Gibbs Hog Heaven

    ES Soccer Thread

    Ta la. Appreciated. But I swerved it due to travelling back down South the day after for a night and an early morning flight out of Stansted Monday. Atletico have been getting proper ****y today ay? It was cringe embarrassing the way they celebrated the end like the tie was won. Must have been a good 15 minutes after the final whistle they were still on the pitch doing a lap and milking it. But then you throw in the way they've been getting WAY ahead of themselves today ..... Ermmm, lads? Yers do know there’s another game to play in this one right? Here’s hoping they do think it’s done before another belter Anfield European night hits them like it has SO many others over the years. They NEVER learn! Talking of, having a ref at Anfield that’s at least neutral and fair would be nice like. That fella last night was an absolute disgrace. No complaints with Atletico’s ****housery. Simeone was a complete prick as a player and he’s an even bigger one as a manager. Old school Argentinian who knows every trick in the book. And more that aren’t. But it doesn’t help when the fella the middle is giving most every 50/50 to the home side and not only letting them get away with there nonsense. But adding to it by making up his own rules! Where again does it decree you stop the game for anything other than a head injury? The ****houseey aside, big credit to Atletico for their tactical discipline and work rate. Rarely if ever teams can match us the full 90 for work rate but they did and then some. BIG tip of the hat to them for that. Madrid is still boss and P all over Barcelona. I think because it doesn’t try and just is what it is. Whereas Barcelona has goine WAY too far down the tourist route. One of the great capital City’s of the World. Our relationship with the Atleti fans is still as strong as ever. BIG props to those of them below us with the majority all applauding us on their way out. Didn’t think the Calderon could be matched in Spain for noise but they’ve transplanted to the belter new ground great. But then a great support is a great support regardless of the venue. Massive respect for Atleti fans. (I’d hate to watch that style of footie every week like but each to their own.). Sad to leave their wonderful City again earlier. So all in all another great trip following Jurgens Reds in our European playground. Frustrating game but that was forgotten by the time we finally got out of the ground. Safe in the knowledge we have Anfield and all her might the second leg. With the ridiculous record of Klopp having never lost a two-legged European tie in now 4 European campaigns at r’s. As a mate said, the 10 journeys we loaded up the metro on Monday will come in useful when we’re back in Madrid the quarter-final playing Real. Up the Rioja Reds! Hail.
  3. Gibbs Hog Heaven

    ES Soccer Thread Conn doing his usual, outstanding investigative job into football corruption. Hail.
  4. Gibbs Hog Heaven

    ES Soccer Thread

    Not into shirts but I wish that was a thing. I'd buy that one haha. #taintedtitle (Although what the UEFA finding's make City's Christ only knows?). Hail.
  5. Gibbs Hog Heaven

    ES Soccer Thread

    Teams now, sadly, as they have done for years, devalue the FA Cup as the money's just no longer in the tournament. And that filters right down the leagues madly. Not just at the top. But then the FA have devalued its own marquee competition for years with semi\s being held at Wembley etc. The complete current joke is the unfair officiating of the tournament, with VAR only available at PL grounds. One standard of officiating for one game. One for another. I hate to rank trophies but if you were, you'd go the biggest prize in the game, European Cup, then the PL, then the second European major, the UEFA Cup, dependent on personal interest, or the FA Cup. (Neither generate much prize money. Just the prestige of winning a major trophy which is sadly lost on today's generation brought up with clubs, IMHO, disgracefully disres[ecting both.). And the League Cup, sadly now, a long distant last. Hail. *Edit* Talking of the FA Cup, credit where credits due. BIG kudos to CST for getting this reduced from the £40 they tried to pull. Tuesday night in London, having to be settled on the night making booking trains iffy is hard enough in itself so the extra 10er saved is really welcome. Excellent news and another big fan triumph.
  6. Gibbs Hog Heaven

    ES Soccer Thread

    The fume without even trying. Christ we're good. #theunbearables You have to presume UEFA believe they have a watertight case to bring this down. They never go after major clubs to this extent knowing the legal repercussions that will come back at them. There's more to come out on this. And Everton being investigated could well be in the S themselves. Hail.
  7. Gibbs Hog Heaven

    2019 ES GMs Mock Draft - Final!

    I'll need to have a think on this year as I have a proper heavy schedule right now. On the one hand, I could do with a break from drafting. (I don't believe there's any half-way here. You either go all in to do it properly or not at all. You can't half-ass it and the dedication it takes to go all in people who don't draft wouldn't believe. At least that's my approach anyway.). On the other, I've been scouting for a good while's now. Half in prep. Half through force of habit having been with you crazy btards since the get-go. Let me give it some serious thought. One thing though. Ala the one year I pulled the 'Skins, I'd only be giving the Cowboys up as a 'one year deal' if I don't participate this term and would naturally want them back in 2021. WAY too much invested to just flip teams this far in as I'm sure everyone, along with whoever this years Comish is, will wholeheartedly understand. Hail. *Sidenote* Having been the Commish three drafts back (? I lose count), and knowing full well just HOW mentally draining it is doing that ALONG with taking care of your own draft, I fully endorse the Commish/ Redskins GM idea if that's what the Commissioner at that time wants. With the obvious caveat of any Commish who's had the Redskins before forfeiting the right and the usual 'Skins selection process coming into effect. Seems a fair reward for the task of taking on running this madness,
  8. Gibbs Hog Heaven

    ES Soccer Thread

    Are there any more records left to break? I'm losing track. Hail.
  9. Gibbs Hog Heaven

    ES Soccer Thread

    The two youngest competitive sides ever fielded by Liverpool Football Club. The kids are alright yanno'? Hail.
  10. Gibbs Hog Heaven

    ES Soccer Thread

    Still buzzing after last night. That would be your World Champion Liverpool Football Club disrespecting the FA Cup. Oh the absolute fume when that backfired on all the social media gob****es lastnight. Not least, and utterly madly, the L'pool 'fans' out there who were shouting about how we'd given up on the FA Cup. Time to give your heads a SERIOUS F wobble! Outstanding, composed display back-to-front in a game Shrewsbury barely troubled us. MASSIVE props to Critchley and his charges on a really enjoyable Anfield night. Interspersed with the absolutely bizarre, and TOTALLY wrong, use of VAR in one leg of the tie and not the other. Yes. We benefited. Yes, I'm sure the Shrewsbury goal probably was offside. But when VAR is used in one game and not the other, it's a complete and utter joke and makes a complete mockery of the whole competition. So much so I barely even celebrated after their goal was chalked off down to the absolute absurdity of it all. Not least the well over 2-minute wait to get to that point. But that aside, what another brilliantly fun night watching the kids put grown men to shame. From Curtis jones becoming the youngest ever captain in our 128-year storied history, and putting in a dominant, commanding Captains display leading from the front ..... through Adam Lewis having a superb debut at LB displaying the wand of a left foot that's had those of us who watch the youth levels closely telling everyone that will listen 'Yers think Yasser's good? Wait until Lewis is back fit! He's heading the pack to back-up AndyRobbo' ..... Neco Williams the other side showing again why he's now the defacto back-up to Trent in another superb display .....Sepp looking WAY more composed now he knows what to expect at a full Anfield the more he experiences it. With his Dutch compadre Hoever as classy as ever alongside him ..... one of the totally unheralded jewels at Kirkby, Leighton Clarkson, who's being developed as a playmaking 6 the way we desire, having a great full debut ..... Liam Millar running himself into the ground for the team on his full debut ..... and all points in between from anyone I've not mentioned. Proper Liverpudlian heroes the lot of them. Just another superb night following, for last night, Critchley's Reds as they stride on toward Wembley and the final piece in what we hope will be a historic quintuple. And all the first team rightly keeping the integrity of the mid-season break with our manager standing up for EVERY player at EVERY club and making sure it was fully adhered to and much-needed rest, mental as much as physical, acquired for the stresses still to come. Just a shame the FA were THAT petty as to not allow any official broadcast and more couldn't have experienced in the ridiculously talented lads we have knocking HARD on the first-team door. The youngest competitive side ever fielded in our entire history. For the second time this season. 7 teenagers and 3 debutants! Who's just put a team of experienced, grown men in there place? What a ****ing Football Club this is! What a bunch of disrespectful btards them Scouse ****s are! To play with the Blue ****es song before the 3rd round ...... *Sings 'Go to school, are we ****, We're gonna' win the Cup!' Roll on Chelsea. Up Critchley's Creche Reds! Hail.
  11. Gibbs Hog Heaven

    ES Soccer Thread NO stone left unturned in the pursuit of excellence. But Klopp's just a chest-thumping rah rah guy who hugs people. Hail.
  12. Gibbs Hog Heaven

    ES Soccer Thread

    For the second time in this gloriously historic season, let's hear from the Liverpool 'Manager' ..... Proper looking forward to this. Mad to me how people have been so quick to dismiss us as being out of the Cup. Shrewsbury will have never experienced anything like a sold-out Anfield under the lights. And if the support is anything like the outstanding, 90 minutes solid vocal the young guns got down at Villa, the arl place will be rocking behind them. Should be another really enjoyable, fun ride with the kids who've far outshone themselves already this season and done every last one of us and themselves so proud. *Sings 'We're on the march with Critchley's Army .....' Up the next step to the quintuple Reds! Hail.
  13. Gibbs Hog Heaven

    ES Soccer Thread

    Just because we can never talk about England's top defender enough- Hail.
  14. Gibbs Hog Heaven

    ES Soccer Thread

  15. Gibbs Hog Heaven

    ES Soccer Thread

    When you've more eyes on the 23's at Wolves qualifying the PLIC than the first team in a PL game just doing what they do ..... ..... Then you know you're not only in a whole different league to the other 19 teams. But you're playing a whole different SPORT! Talking of 19, that's 19 points clear of City as we march imperiously on to title #19. In January. Stop and look at that. NINETEEN points' clear of CITY. SEVEN WINS. before JANUARY is even out! Is there anything left to say about these ridiculous Reds that hasn't been said multiple times already? WOW!!!!! Tonight's records- 106 points from the last 38 games. (W 34 D 4 F 90 A 23.). The most any side in history has ever taken over a 38 game span. ANYWHERE! The first side in English top-flight history to reach 70 points in a season this fast. (The previous best is through 27 games. This was L'pool's 24th game of this historic season.). Only the 13th team ever to beat all their opponents over a season. And the first time any Liverpool side has achieved that feat in the top flight. 41 straight PL games unbeaten and counting now. (W 36 D 5 F 98 A 27,). The third-longest unbeaten run in English top-flight history. And the second-longest in PL history. Just beyond words what these lads are doing EVERY single game. And to top off the night, the boy wonder went and did this at Wolves- That side that played tonight at Molineux, with the addition of Curtis Jones who made his second league appearance at West Ham, the perfect Birthday present before he turns 19 tomorrow, with a rocking, sold-out Anfield behind them ..... Let's see how Shrewsbury deal with our 23's. I'll HAPPILY take our chances next Tuesday! Up the bloody unbelievably good Reds! Hail.