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  1. Gibbs Hog Heaven

    ES Soccer Thread

    Special day for our mates. Generations of blues weren't even born to remember the last time ut happened! Hail.
  2. Gibbs Hog Heaven

    ES Soccer Thread

    When did we sign Lionel Richie? Hail.
  3. Gibbs Hog Heaven

    ES Soccer Thread

    As we commemorate the Ev's last trophy win 25 years ago today (that's TWENTY-FIVE years ago! A QUARTER of a Century!!!!! BIG club that they are .....) ..... A reminder of the last 25 years over the park- And they say L'pool have been through a drought period ..... Hail.
  4. My all-time favourite Redskin. (His HoF HC excepted.). If Chase has even half as good a career as the ‘Secretary of Defence’ we’re in for one heck of an enjoyable ride. Heartbreaking to read. And no less scary. Hammers home again just how F stupid and irresponsible I personally believe it is for team facilities to be reopening next week and for the 2020 season even being discussed as going ahead at this point. But that’s for another discussion elsewhere. God speed Dex. Praying HARD for you man. Hail.
  5. Gibbs Hog Heaven

    ES Soccer Thread

    RIP the poor souls who perished in the horrific fire at Bradford 35 years ago today. God rest those 56 men, woman and children, and the young Birmingham lad tragically killed the same day when a wall collapsed on him after rioting with Leeds. It wasn't our loss, but as football fans, Liverpool stands with you and we'll never forget. Hail.
  6. Gibbs Hog Heaven

    RIP Don Shula.

    Awww man. I'd somehow missed this and am only now discovering it Terribly sad end to my week Bona fide all-time great and a really classy, humble guy. What you saw on screen was the man off it by all accounts God rest Coach. Hail.
  7. Without question. NO WAY should Lamb have gotten out of the top 10 IMHO to start with. But you have to tip your hat to Dallas. They've had a belter of a last three days drafting and SIGNIFICANTLY improved their football team. Hail.
  8. To be fair to them, and presumably, this is the McCarthy influx, they've stuck true to their board every pick on gone BPA. Which doesn't often happen in Dallas. They have a want to go in looking for need normally. Fair F's for them for a superb strategy. The downside to that is they've absolutely killed it this draft. Hail. *Edit* Brugler had Anae ranked 89th overall. Beyond absurd value at 179 as you noted.
  9. @Cooleyfan1993 His house from what I've seen bud. Hail.
  10. Gibbs Hog Heaven

    Former QB Tarvaris Jackson dies in car crash

    What a tragically young age pass. Terrible news to wake to. Thoughts and prayers are with his wife, kids and family. God rest. Hail.
  11. Yeah, we DEFO need to get the arl' relic back among his peers. This going rogue **** is NOT good!!!!! All things being equal, as of right now, Dallas are exponentially a FAR better football team than they were three days ago. Hail.
  12. I'll start this with the full journey behind how I got to be a Redskin to start with. Just how did a happy-go-lucky, football-crazy (of the round ball variety) Scouse kid start on the path that's lead to this very post on the official message board of a football team (of the pigskin variety) some three and a half thousand miles or so from his home city? Back in November 1982, all young GHH wanted to do, as he had since he could remember, was kick a soccer ball around with his friends, and hope to get taken to the match on a Saturday if he was lucky. (Times were REAL hard in that absolute biatch Thatcher's England of the day, not least in my home city.). In Liverpool, soccer is the ALL-consuming passion. You're either red or, if you've REALLY sinned, blue. To not like soccer is akin to being an atheist. It dominates the landscape, with both clubs splitting family's right down the middle. Whether through the diverse cultural mix, or just the unique individualism of our nature; we've always considered ourselves different to the rest of the Country. Not English, but Scouse. And as we've dominated on the soccer field, like in comedy and music; soccer is a way to fully express our fierce local pride. So I was already a sports-crazy kid before these padded GIANTS from across the Atlantic entered my psyche. And enter it with the full ferocity of an EF5 tornado it did when the UK launched a 4th TV channel back in November 1982. (Imagine that you young guys and gals out there. We only had FOUR channels! And none of them through the night. The World would end if it was like that today. ). And with the advent of a 4th channel on TV came this weird and wonderful new sport in a weekly highlights package, American Football. And the spectacle of it all, these gladiators playing out their own tactical war and belting the living daylights out of each other in the process, all in glorious technicolour with team names of animals and warriors that just played into a 10-year-olds imagination. (That was how I initially picked this team that has gone on to be a life's love. I was always on the side of the guys with bow and arrows and headdresses when we played 'cowboys and injuns'; so to see this all dominant team called the Redskins, with a warrior brave on their helmets, was a match made in heaven.). My friends, most of whom followed their dads in mocking these 'soft Yank's with bigger shoulder pads than those worn in Dynasty; who would get their ass' kicked by real men like rugby players'; never got it or my quickly developing rabid passion. But it struck a chord deep within my soul that's lasted nigh on 40 years. When I think of the lengths I've gone to over the years to follow this team, it's enough to have me permanently locked away in an asylum. From sneaking back downstairs in the middle of the night when the house was asleep to catch late-night highlight shows or the very rare event of a live game, an NFC championship game or the SB in the early years, and in so doing being like a zombie in school the next day; through patiently tuning in a long wave radio to the American Armed Forces Radio Network, hoping to get some update of the Redskins score through whichever game they were covering (and it ALWAYS went incoherently crackly at the most vital times. Old school UK football fans will be nodding readily at the memory). And buying publications like 'First Down' on a weekly basis to feed my fix. All with no real outlet to talk to other like-minded fans as football was, and still is to a lesser extent, a cult thing in the UK. And then we had the home PC/ Internet boom. Which lead me to this wacked out place of ours some 15/16 years back. After a few years of lurking. And the rest, as they say, is history. Aren't you all just SO glad I discovered ES? (GROANNNNNNNNN! Go the collective readers! ). The passion has ebbed and flowed over recent years. The Sh ..... Sh ..... Sh ..... 'eror' of that SOB who shall no longer be mentioned really tested that long-distance commitment. And Gruden's inept brand of football/ coaching had me dipping in and out like I never had before and being pretty 'meh' most Sunday's. But the second half of last year really reinvigorated me and the pride and fight every week from the team in a horrible situation just reminded me about why I truly love this team and everything it should stand for. And under Coach Ron, taking that progress on, I can only see that bond being strengthened and reaffirmed once more. Win or lose, I feel safe in the knowledge we'll be doing it the right way, the 'Redskins Way' I fell so in love with under Coach way back in the '80's and leaving NO stone unturned and NOTHING on the field come Sunday's. The way it should be. Oh yeah, my first live memory ..... the one I can honestly remember, is the 1983 Super Bowl and Riggo running over McNeil. There must be memory's leading up to that, that I can no longer recall. But that stands out, not just for the awesomeness of being a SB Champion with your new-found love, but falling asleep on the couch, having sneaked downstairs in the dead of night to watch the live coverage of the show for the first time here with Nicky Horn et al (there's one for the old school UK'ers again), and being woken to a PROPER doing off me Ma the following Monday school morning haha. Not a bad way to start out on a life long 'Skins journey huh? Happy days. Hail.
  13. Gibbs Hog Heaven

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    We're either gonna' be stuck with this a/hole or we'll get buttons for him aren't we? Sighs. Hail.
  14. After picking a bona fide top 10 overall talent, and the clear top wideout this draft for me, to give Dallas a devastating three-pronged receiver threat, we need to get him back among the brain trust' ASAP if this is what rouge Jerruh brings! Still not sure how 16 other teams let Lamb slide but the 'Boys bagged themselves a beast. Hail.
  15. Gibbs Hog Heaven

    ES Soccer Thread

    The hardest, worst day of the year. EVERY year. Made even harder this year as we face today alone. Left to do our own, personal act of remembrance. Apart from the company of the same, great friends I share this saddest of days for all of us with every other 15th as we battle the heart-wrenching devastation that’s irrevocably changing the World as we know it. A frustrating but wholly necessary by-product of the lockdown. God rest our lost friends in the Heavens above. And God watch over the rest of us lucky enough to still be here. YNWA. JFT96. Hail.