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  1. If anyone was going to crassly bring fascism into this of all topics in a lame attempt to be funny ..... But regardless, what, prey tell, is the 'EPL?' Hail.
  2. Encapsulates just where I'm at too. Sadly waiting to move on. To quote one of the two greatest English exponents of the arts 'Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.' Memory's my friend. They can't take those. Hail.
  3. Grealish? Wouldn't bring someone like him into the changies regardless of perceived talent. Immature idiot never has and never will grow up. I also don't see Sancho leaving Dortmund to do anywhere until next summer personally. Not in this climate when clubs are finally having to conduct themselves like actual business' do and cut there cloth accordingly. Hail.
  4. As I muse on what I personally perceive my teams history and heritage being taken away from me and ending my connection to them, I wonder how, for example, the good people of Green Bay, who live for their football like arguably no other place in the NFL, and who suffered through some equally dire times like we have since the last of our 3 rings for 2 decades and more from Lombardi to finally getting back to and winning the SB (with their franchise a complete league wide laughing stock); would have reacted had that ownership group wanted to rebrand them for financial gain? Which is the main cr
  5. Don't generalise mate. I respect your POV but I'm the complete opposite going forward. I'll be losing something that's been one of the most important parts of my life for nigh on the past 4 decades. For all the wrong reasons. That's a pretty spectacular impact on my life personally speaking. Hail
  6. I sadly make you right mate. More sadly, when it is, I’m done too if this is all our history and heritage means at the expense of the all mighty dollar. (Let’s not pretend this is about anything else.). 2020 Trump America in glorious technicolour. Hail.
  7. Where'd he end up? I'll add it under consideration for my new team search. Either that or I'd be done with football. (That one ISN'T a joke.). Hail.
  8. Absolute crock of ****. This might well be the final nail for me after night on 4 decades if we bow to this absurdity as looks likely. Seriously. Hail.
  9. Made me laugh- https://mobile.twitter.com/paddypower/status/1277963090936492034 Hail.
  10. Hopefully, after completely ignoring and pissing all over Jürgen's last spot on message that should have gone without saying, the irresponsible idiots among our number, not least the absolute low life scum who desecrated their own City Friday, will heed his latest spot on plea and condemnation- Hail.
  11. I see the Police have got 2 lads. One for serious assault and the other being the horrible lil’ rat who’s given me the most shame and embarrassment through a few days of heaps of it. The absolute low life ****house who caused damage to the Liver Building. Talking of horrible rats, Sky’s been bombarded with calls for them to sack Carragher again after he defied all pleas to be out Friday. Hail.
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