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  1. Skinz4Life12

    The Non-Winter Weather Thread

    Any chance my 8am flight out of bwi on friday to san diego isn't canceled?
  2. Bittrex...but they may still be closed to new registration so definitely look at Binance
  3. Anyone else in XRP (Ripple)? It seems that banks have started taking to this platform as it has quintupled its market cap in a very short period of time. Who knows, maybe one day it (or something else) will replace SWIFT
  4. Ripple and Stellar Lumens will be here to stay in my opinion. It will be really interesting to see what 2018 brings for these two platforms in particular
  5. You can always store your coins offline in a cold storage wallet
  6. blood bath last night/this morning. HODL! Nothing goes up like that without correcting. Bitcoin has corrected like that 6 times in 2017 alone XRP is still cruising
  7. I personally buy through bittrex. You can also buy through binance which is another good exchange Let me know if you have any other questions if you are considering buying. It can be a little confusing because those exchanges don't directly accept USD
  8. Yes. Should have bought more but I got in when it was .44 cents
  9. there are rumblings of an LTC and Facebook partnership. If it turns out to be true it could be huge for LTC
  10. Agree, from what I can tell buying BCH is disabled on coinbase right now so I'm not sure what is driving that price
  11. Wow its at 8.5k on coinbase and 3.5k on bittrex. Massive arbitrage opportunity
  12. FOMO like a mother...Oh well, gotta let this one go until it all settles down. Looks likes its pushing 4k
  13. Fingers crossed that Ripple gets added in 2018 I was about to buy some BCH when it was $1400 a few days ago based on speculation that it would be added. Didn't think it would be added until 2018..
  14. Bitcoin Cash is causing all kinds of commotion right now