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  1. Skinz4Life12

    The Non-Winter Weather Thread

    Any chance my 8am flight out of bwi on friday to san diego isn't canceled?
  2. Skinz4Life12

    Tax Bill

    I didn't realize the new tax plan increases the standard deductions so much. if state income tax deduction is eliminated I'm not sure if I will even itemize anymore.. also...will we still file our 2017 returns under the current rules?
  3. Skinz4Life12

    Tax Bill

    Will we be able to deduct state income taxes or was that removed?
  4. Skinz4Life12

    The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)

    ^^^That dude was creepin hard and got caught
  5. Skinz4Life12

    The Beer Thread

    One of my favorites! I buy it every chance I get at some of the local markets in SD. I still need to try Pliny the Younger..
  6. Skinz4Life12

    Random Thought Thread

    I don't have central AC in my house but I suppose the heat could need fixed during any given winter
  7. Skinz4Life12

    Random Thought Thread

    My friends who have been there say its a ****hole. We are only staying 1 night there at the end of our trip to see the Parthenon and some of the other historical sites. The rest of the time will be in the Cyclades.
  8. Skinz4Life12

    Random Thought Thread

    Haha for sure, will do. This is my wife's #1 place to go, so she's even more excited than me. We've been talking about going for a long time
  9. Skinz4Life12

    Random Thought Thread

    Going to Mykons/Santorini/Athens in a month...really excited!
  10. You can't make this stuff up... Wish RedskinsMayne and a few others would come back in here and try to defend this stuff
  11. I just heard that it was on June 21st that Kushner had to amend his SF86.....jesus, that feels like 3 months ago the way this story has been developing.. the fact that he originally tried to hide this meeting that he was included in is pretty disturbing. how has his clearance not been revoked at a minimum?
  12. If we still need more evidence, it makes me wonder how we convict just about ANYONE in this country