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Guys I need recommendations on the next TV series I should start watching.

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I kinda stopped watching Walking Dead. I'm just not drawn to it, I record it with the intention of watching it but never have the desire to find out what happens to the group. I was watching regularly up until 2 weeks ago.

the past 3 weeks have just been painful to watch. I know several others who have given up on the show. I will bet the gov doesn't die on the season finale, or he will die and then be back next season, cuz he didn't actually die. I wish Andrea had just knifed him in his sleep. That would have been some good ****. Instead it was all to predictable what she was going to do.

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Yes. Try again. Season 2 started off very slowly for me, and at first I couldn't get into it either. It really does set the stage for everything that happens after it.

I just started watching Justified and I've enjoyed that one as well.

Yeah, I started Season 2 right after the intense ending to Season 1, it just couldn't match it.

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Does anyone like Sons of Anarchy? Netflix is suggesting it to me but I'm not really feeling the premise. I haven't seen it mentioned in here, either.

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Son's of Anarchy is a very good series. I recommend it too. The Sopranos on Harleys perhaps? Not as good as The Sopranos, but worth watching.

Suprised no one mentioned Boardwalk Empire, I would guess it's the current flagship series on HBO today.

Another that comes to mind is House of Lies which is originally on Showtime. Half hour show, but very entertaining and funny.

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The Wire season 1 was incredible. I couldn't get into season 2 but I should try again. I hear seasons 3 and 4 are even better.

2nd season of the wire was the weakest but it gets better with each episode of the 2nd season If I am not mistaken each season has a underlying theme pertaining to Baltimore, 1 Police dept, 2 waterfront, 3 school system and finally the 4 political scene

For stoney26

TV series i would suggest not on your list

Game of Thrones

Big Love



the Americans

Downton Abbey

The Sopranos

HBO mini series that are excellent

Generation Kill

John Adams

Band of Brothers

The Pacific

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My 2 favorite shows on TV right now are Justified and Southland and I recommend them both.

I agree with this. Southland is a really exceptional show and Justified is good ol' redneck fun.

I would watch the original House of Cards (BBC) before I watched the new one. They're different enough to stand alone but you get a feel for how Spacey makes the character his own by watching the Brit guy (who is outstanding) first.

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i second FIREFLY.

just two things about it: one, the pilot might seem a little slow -- don't let that deter you! second, it's a show that rewards you for paying close attention to the dialogue. you won't get nearly as much out of it if you watch while websurfing or doing laundry or whatever.

also, it's quick. a 2 hour pilot, 12 episodes, and a 2 hour movie.

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I just finished season 2 of Game of Thrones and it's been my favorite series outside of The Sopranos. I'm pumped about the season 3 premier this Sunday. I was also really into The Walking Dead but have found the third season to be pretty boring overall. The first half of the season was decent but this whole Governor / Rick feud has been drawn out. The show was a lot more entertaining when it had the group on the move trying to fend of the zombies, not the Governor's group... IMO.

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Game of Thrones and Boardwalk EMpire are the two best things going currently on HBO. The Wire is my all time favorite.

Justified on FX is great. And my sleeper pick that nobody has mentioned is Hell on Wheels on AMC. Really good show about the east west railroad being built.

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A lot of people dont know about this series because its a Crackle.com exclusive right now.

Its called "Chosen" and this series has a galloping pace from the first scene. Its great, and has a great cast of actors. The guy who played Peter Patrelli in the show Hero's (Milo Ventimiglia) is the shows main charactor. Go on Crackle.com and see for yourself. It has the quality of an HBO series.

Here is a trailer or two.


the second trailer has interviews with the cast.


Also, have you checked out that new series "Vikings"? on the History channel?

Very good as well.


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Thanks to a really boring Free Agency period i just recently caught up on Breaking Bad & Game of Thrones & now working on Boardwalk Empire after a Jumbo recommendation.

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Again, if you like sci-fi and cheeky British humor, you can't go wrong with Doctor Who.

Start with the revamp from 2005. Or, if you're too lazy, the new season starts this Saturday on BBC America. Plus, he has a brand new companion..so you won't be too lost.

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Big fan of Lost, Game of Thrones, Firefly, The Americans and Walking Dead.

One more that hasn't been mentioned yet - Fringe. Just a fantastic show (think X-Files but focused on next generation science/technology, and the people who would use those things for less than noble ends, rather than aliens). Developed a really stellar overarching mythology, and brought itself to a very satisfying close at the end. It starts off kind of episodic the first half of the first season, with each ep just a new mystery for them to solve, before it really gets going. But man does it get going. Very original and creative.

Parallel universes, alternate timelines, and John Noble (the steward of Gondor) as a brilliant but unbalanced scientist with a taste for licorice and LSD.

Ratings weren't great, but it had a super solid cult following that kept it going for 5 seasons.

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Scrap those choices and watch Lost. You can thank me later.

Well that's if he hasn't already seen it. But yeah, that show was amazing. I was originally one of those "How many episodes can you put out about a bunch of people being lost on an island?" Haters, but I finally said "What the hell" one day and watched the pilot. That was all i ttook to get me hooked. Simply amazing, and definitely not what I was expecting prior to watching it.

As for current shows, I've been watching a lot of Boston's Finest/Southland ( they both follow each other Wednesday nights starting at '9 on TNT). Boston's Finest has been very good so far IMO, and I've been a fan of Southland for awhile.

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