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  1. Son's of Anarchy is a very good series. I recommend it too. The Sopranos on Harleys perhaps? Not as good as The Sopranos, but worth watching. Suprised no one mentioned Boardwalk Empire, I would guess it's the current flagship series on HBO today. Another that comes to mind is House of Lies which is originally on Showtime. Half hour show, but very entertaining and funny.
  2. Another top tier series to watch is American Horror Story.
  3. AllWorldSkinFan

    The "Ask a Mechanic" Thread

    I got a 93 Chevy S10 4 cylinder. Sometimes it has no power maintaining high rates of speed and it sputters a bit around the 45 to 55mph range on the speedometer. Some days it hits speeds and is able to maintain or even accelerate normally. Sometimes I notice that there is a lag, and if I'm paying close attention, I can feel it 'correct itself', then it produces normal power for the rest of the trip. When the power is lagging, I can barely get to 55 with the pedal all the way down (going up slight uphill on highways). I changed the PCV valve, spark plugs, put some cleaning juice in for the injectors already. Anything else I should look at replacing or checking out. I do not ever get a check engine light.
  4. AllWorldSkinFan

    The last movie you saw......GO! (After you read the OP!!!!)

    Human Centipede 2 Come on MAN!!???