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  1. Google celebrating Cesar Chavez on Easter = Hilarious.
  2. Sounds like you had a black out. You may not have had much, but its much more likely you were in a "brown out" since you remember bits and pieces rather than got roofied
  3. Thanks to the Wire, I know now that "number 1 male" means black male. Maryland code. I do find that interesting.
  4. ---------- Post added March-30th-2013 at 12:11 PM ----------
  5. the past 3 weeks have just been painful to watch. I know several others who have given up on the show. I will bet the gov doesn't die on the season finale, or he will die and then be back next season, cuz he didn't actually die. I wish Andrea had just knifed him in his sleep. That would have been some good ****. Instead it was all to predictable what she was going to do.
  6. House of Cards is A++ American Horror Story was pretty good (only seen season 1) Personally, I have found this season of The Walking Dead boring and almost unwatchable. The writing is just so bad and I can't seem to care about any characters. But liked the first 2 seasons Also, LOST is on Netflix, and that was the best show ever made imo
  7. The lincoln lawyer. OK I just the whole "Leaving Las Vegas" stuff above...great movie, sad that I have known a few to do the same. Spoiler alert: did not work out the same
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