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  1. Disagree. Holes are there on a lot of plays, Kelly and perine lack good vision. OL not elite at run block but they are good. What's more likely, one of the best OL in football can't run block well and hardly ever holes, or 2 below average backs have poor vision? Plus CT does just fine running it so he's further proof OL is at least decent at run blocking.
  2. Josina Anderson reporting ARob deal to Bears is 3 years, $42m. Too rich for Skins. Would've been nice, but money is better spent on defense. There are a couple good speed options that will cost around half, maybe less, of what ARob got.
  3. I'm a teacher and a gun owner. While it may make sense to have a couple staff members trained and conceal carry, you wouldn't be able to have enough to make a significance difference in response time without sacrificing the safe school environment. Students and staff mostly will not be comfortable going to a school every day where they think half the teachers are packing. School shooting isn't ominous every day like that would be, so it's not something most parents and students are going to agree to unless it's just a few staff members. Besides that, your solution is flawed because it's focused on dealing with the shooting as it happens and not on stopping it from ever taking place. Find the commonalities among these shooters, determine warning signs to watch for, teach this in homes, workplaces, and schools. This incident today, students said they knew who it was before the name was released. They expected it of that kid. Imagine if some had spoke up before now. Like looking for signs of suicide is taught, so can this. And of course there needs to be better gun laws on the books. Training and mental health screening conducted by gov. should be required on first purchase and renewed every so often like a license.
  4. elkabong82

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    The Redskins site lays it out well what he does. http://www.redskins.com/team/staff/eric-schaffer/819b8c58-3134-48d7-b525-8fa34651542c
  5. elkabong82

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Give Eric Schaffer his due
  6. elkabong82

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I don't think the issue is with the scout department, or even the draft team. The problem IMO is and has been free agency and the team going too conservative every year. Eagles built through draft and free agency, same with Jags, Patriots, etc. We must make several solid pick ups this free agency, can't keep swinging and missing and/or settling for $5 mil bench guys.
  7. Yes, absolutely he is. Can't get him and re-sign Cousins and still add to defense though. If Cousins goes elsewhere then definitely get Landry, a top OG, and the D pieces desired. We could draft a QB round 1 then, like Mason Rudolph, who would come in to a really good situation with what should be a top 10 D and an offense with plenty of weapons.
  8. If Brown won't sign with us before FA for under $10 mil/yr then let him hit FA. He is fast and can run stop, but can't cover well and doesn't call plays. reat for lots of tackles though. He's very good, but ILB is not expensive these days and I don't think the market will give him 10/yr eaither, just like last year. If he doesn't sign with us before FA at $8mil/yr or less, then I wouldn't be surprised if we get him back after the FA market sets Brown's value for $6-8/yr. Brown is very good, not elite IMO. But I'll take very good at $6-8/yr at ILB.
  9. Jsteelz on Twitter just said Kapri bibbs re-signed. Good stuff! Best RB on the roster after Chris Thompson
  10. Defense wins championships and that is the side of the ball that needs improvement. They got better this year with pressures, INTs, and 3rd down, but points allowed still bad. Lots of offense but no defense we've already seen with this team and it didn't work. Have to have defense.
  11. Yep and it's why FO needs to talk with him to figure out his plans. I like to think Norman's comments before were simply frustartion on the season. But if he does opt out then we'd definitely want to re-sign Breeland of course.
  12. Eagles and Rams have not yet shown their teams can sustain success. So I'm not as interested in their model just yet. I'd prefer simply looking at Superbowl winners. That's the model for success that we want. Recent ones: Patriots, Broncos, Patriots, Seahawks, Ravens. Past 5 years winners. Each had top defenses. Patriots have had good role players on their offense but not really any elite talent on offense outside of the QB and TE. Broncos rode that defense, even with Peyton at the helm. Seahawks had Lynch. Ravens also top defense, ok QB that was on a hot streak, good run game. IMO, based on recent results, you definitely must have a top 10 defense. On offense you need a good QB and then some aspect of the offense that is elite. Reed would be that for us but the health means he can't be counted on. But then we have Doctson developing, we have Crowder, Chris Thompson too. I'll add in that Grant and Harris are good role players. Outside of adding a reliable vet WR2, that offensive unit is good IMO. We have to continue investing in Doctson as the #1. He has that potential. This team I doubt will have the resources to re-sign KC, do what's necessary to create a top 10 D, AND still have money to get an elite WR out of free agency. I'd sooner us go for a bell cow RB in free agency as that is important to a winning team and cheaper than a WR1 would be. Kirk showed he doesn't need a ton of skill position players to produce. If the defense could be relied upon to keep opponents under 20 each week, our current offense when healthy can generate 20+ each week and that has us going far then. Yes, and what I am saying is that my preference is the opposite. I'd rather us hang on to Norman and let Breeland go, use that money on other positional groups. It won't be as much, but Norman is elite talent which you need on D, and also given the market I don't think Breeland's contract will be significantly less than Norman's, so it's not like we'd be saving a ton of money to acquire a bunch more players.
  13. You seemed to suggest the team should move on from Norman and keep Breeland. That's what I took from the "married to" part of your post. I think it's other way around. Keep Norman, let Breeland walk unless signing him doesn't prevent getting bigger priorities of KC, Brown, and NT.
  14. We MUST have a top 10 defense to win a championship. CBs need to remain a top unit. Have to keep Norman for that. Plus, the way the market is, Breeland will command a contract that will be close to what Norman makes. If he accepts a team-friendly contract extension that's one thing, but priority should be KC, Brown, and a NT IMO. Doubt there's room also for Breeland with the assumption being he can command a big contract in the market. Better to let Breeland walk and elevate Fuller, then let Moreau take over slot. Key to winning football games is keeping a top unit a top unit. That being said, team brass needs to talk with Norman and guage his interest in staying here because his comments lately warrant looking into. If he doesn't look to be a part of this team for next 3 to 4 seasons, then team should consider trading him and re-sign Breeland.
  15. I don't think we need to add a bunch more stuff around Kirk. If we have a top 10 defense, which we should with those additions and need if we want to win it all, then the pressure comes off of the offense. Doctson, Reed, Crowder, Thompson, and a good vet WR combines to make a very good offense IMO. We just need younger depth behind Reed of course due to injury concern. I think Doctson will develop into our WR1. We just need guys taking all the attention off of him. Would I like a WR1 and stud RB? Of course. But I don't think Jay is going to get one. He seems resigned to stick with mediocre backs. I'm holding out hope Perine develops more but not hopeful. That, and with the resources allocated to Kirk, Brown, and a FA NT, I don't see us being able to also afford a WR1. Maybe we can hit on a good one in the draft though. But if we could find a way to re-sign Kirk, Zach Brown, sign Logan or Poe for NT, AND also bring in Allen Robinson, yet still have enough future cap space to re-sign some of our own when their contracts come up, then yes I'm all for it. That could make an elite offense with Robinson added in. My concern is I don't think the team could afford it without sacrificng other spots and I'd rather the resources go to defense since, as the saying goes, defense wins chamipionships.