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  1. I'm a teacher and a gun owner. While it may make sense to have a couple staff members trained and conceal carry, you wouldn't be able to have enough to make a significance difference in response time without sacrificing the safe school environment. Students and staff mostly will not be comfortable going to a school every day where they think half the teachers are packing. School shooting isn't ominous every day like that would be, so it's not something most parents and students are going to agree to unless it's just a few staff members. Besides that, your solution is f
  2. The Redskins site lays it out well what he does. http://www.redskins.com/team/staff/eric-schaffer/819b8c58-3134-48d7-b525-8fa34651542c
  3. I don't think the issue is with the scout department, or even the draft team. The problem IMO is and has been free agency and the team going too conservative every year. Eagles built through draft and free agency, same with Jags, Patriots, etc. We must make several solid pick ups this free agency, can't keep swinging and missing and/or settling for $5 mil bench guys.
  4. Yet you keep posting on ES, giving the site traffic, and are posting in the gameday thread which means you're still following the team. Do the opinions of our Native American fans that post on ES and root for the team not matter?
  5. And how exactly would you feel if whites changed the name of something you weren't bothered by, or maybe even liked, because they claimed offense for you? Would you not be pissed off? Throughout the entire debate, the voices of Native Americans who like the team specifically because of the name, and we have a bunch of members and tailgate regulars to whom this applies, have been largely ignored by those saying it is offensive. Many of them even going as far as to say or hint that those people don't count as "real" Native Americans. That's messed up. Further, the offend
  6. I'll add that the other reason some question the poll results, other than not liking them, is because they don't understand the mathematical concept of probability and random sampling. Seriously, what are the odds of randomly calling people and getting 450 out 500 people that lied about being Native American and said they don't have an issue with the name? Or even just the odds of half of them lying? If the name is truly offensive to most Native Americans, then odds should heavily be that calling at random most would have said they are offended. Sure you h
  7. Honestly, when I first saw that tweet posted it came across as if Reilly was trying to downplay black-on-black crime. Not sure if he truly was, but that is exactly how it came across. He neglects to mention that the rate for black-on-black has never dropped below white-on-white at the same time. So while violence is dropping overall in the country, black-on-black remains higher than white-on-white. When you add the context that whites are the majority of the population at 61.3% and African-Americans account for just 13% of the population, that shows much, much more how bad the bla
  8. Disgusting. He should have gotten life, not a manslaughter charge w/ a 15 years recommendation from the jury. He shot an unarmed black kid for dating his daughter and lied trying to claim he thought the kid had a gun (dude's own sister even said the kid was extending his hand to shake as he had just introduced himself).
  9. So does US History with prohibition and the drug war. Once something desirable is introduced to the population, bans only serve to create black markets and thus more crime. What the right wing misses, however, is that just because control didn't work doesn't mean that it can't work. Instead of poitning out where it hasn't worked, WHY it hasn't worked should be looked at and seen if it can be fixed. Since mental health seems to usually be the root cause of mass shootings here, then a good first step would be to do what they've done with alcohol and create programs and
  10. Fair enough, but my original point is that many claiming they care about standing during the anthem are only doing so at face value and for symbolism. Most don't stand at home, most do little-to-nothing to show they actually care about the crappy pay and care for soldiers and vets, and while you may be a soldier that has served, thevast majority of folks are not yet take no qualms in our country upping the death toll in wars that are pointless and/or poorly executed/planned. If people had voiced themselves as loudly over the fake reasons for the Iraq war and troops dying there, as they do over
  11. Easy to view it that way when it's not you going over there. Add to it that I'll bet every dollar I have that most don't stand for the anthem when watching at home. Don't see many raising a stink over how poorly troops are paid and taken care of as vets, But hey, let's all freak out over symbolism instead of actual actions. It's much easier! The newest protests are in response to Trump's words. Trump deserves every bit of the dumping and if you're anti-protest against those protesting race-based police brutality, which historically has been te
  12. Many of the same people (not all) who get all up in arms about people not standing during the anthem being, claiming it is disrespecting our troops, never seem to get up in arms over those troops being sent into pointless wars and being killed
  13. They are advocting being traitors. Can't be an actual one until an action is taken. Texas vs White, 1869, Supreme Court ruled no state can secede.
  14. The South left the Union over slavery. Their cause was not just, plus no action was even taken by Lincoln to end slavery before secession was declared by each state. In fact, South Carolina seceded before Lincoln was even inaugaurated. They were traitors. They fit the literal definition of the word. Their actions led to the deaths of over half a million.
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