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  1. My state says that I am eligible by virtue of where I work (manufacturing sector) and health conditions. But the hospital I'm signing up at isn't honoring those, they are keeping it to 65+ even though on their website it explicitly says 16–64 with qualifying medical conditions can schedule a vaccine. What say ye?
  2. On one hand, SALT is a big money thing for those of you that live in high COLA/Blue areas. On the other, it's also a very regressive tax.
  3. Either way, someon's getting pegged.
  4. Ever live in DC area? Everyone is an expert on everything.
  5. Crabs are Maryland food. We dont touch those sea ****roaches in VA.
  6. Just so y’all know. I identify as hungry.
  7. Why do the national guard sleeping in the Capitol have to sleep in the hard floor?
  8. His tirades against LJ/gramama/Larry Johnson were unintentionally amusing for me
  9. Obama bio. Good stuff so far 10,000 hours has been debunked as an inaccurate application of the underlying studies.
  10. COVID isolation eats away at me. I feel like I’m following the COVID rules very strictly—had to make concessions on one or two fronts. I live in a red county and I feel like most of the people we interact with are disregarding the rules. But I keep thinking about “my people” in the DMV, in California, in Washington, NYC, the nurses, the docs, friends, colleagues, and family on 6 continents— are all telling me we are doing the right thing and it’s just the people near me that aren’t. It’s still rough. That’s the dance they do before they wipe out your village. The music. It d
  11. Like for many of us this was such a tough year. Mine wasn’t as tough as others and some of it was good. Got to spend a lot of time together as a fam, didn’t lose our jobs, we stayed healthy (knocking on wood). Wife already got dose 1 of the vax. It’s been hard the last two months though. Work has been insanely busy. Homeschooling two kids. Political disagreements with family. COVID disagreements with family and child care. Getting Exercise got tougher too—maybe just the winter months. Isolation from friends. I’m just glad my kids have each other and they a
  12. Dude. We skillfully switched top of ticket votes while maintaining down ticket votes. As not to arouse suspicion. We got mad game.
  13. Doesn't make sense. The assumption is that that demographic are the major spreaders. But there's no data yet to show that the vaccinated CANNOT spread the virus. (unless I missed it) I asked my county commissioner on that. "I'll get back to you" was basically the answer.
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