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  1. Elessar78

    Random Thought Thread

    Or they did consider it . . .
  2. Elessar78

    Random Thought Thread

    The new Joker movie looks legit.
  3. Elessar78

    Is a mountain lion roaming NW DC?

    Not sure, but I see a lot of cougars in Georgetown on Thursday nights.
  4. Elessar78

    Random Thought Thread

    Never seen it. Which one is it? Any good?
  5. Elessar78

    Random Thought Thread

    If take a page from Crazy Horse and run the Brave line, while the rest of my troops flank your sad wall and wipe you out.
  6. Elessar78

    Random Thought Thread

    10-13 year old Elessar had a mad crush on Paulina Porizkova back in the day.
  7. Elessar78

    Rental Car Insurance

    Actually, no* Typical fender benders, scratches you just drop off the car like nothing happened. If someone gets hurt then you may need to spend more time but you'd do that regardless. So yes, it's peace of mind AND no hassles. They really don't care. It's a write off and insurance is just another revenue stream. Their insurance company and your insurance company may fight it out as to who pays but that doesn't affect you.
  8. Elessar78

    Rental Car Insurance

    Also see if your credit card has automatic car insurance included if you charge the rental to that card.
  9. Elessar78

    Random Thought Thread

    A dairy queen at the Dairy Queen last night.
  10. Not that we should celebrate it, but it IS a nice perk of living in a modern economy. I was listening to this BBC podcast about the development of payments being made via mobile phone networks in the developing world. In Afghanistan, police officers started getting payments via this network directly into their bank account using a PIN. They were shocked and was sure there was an error—they were getting paid too much with the new system. But what was happening before was that their superiors were taking money out of their cash salaries. So yeah, when stuff like this happens it's a huge anomaly.
  11. Elessar78

    Uplifting Stories Thread

    ^^^ They need to change the air filters in my building. The pollen is making my eyes water reading this story this morning. Props to all those people that came out.
  12. Elessar78

    2019 NCAA Football thread

    I think it's like the British accent Americans get after living in the UK for like 8 months.
  13. Elessar78

    2019 NCAA Football thread

    Has Saban always been THIS southern in his speech? Alabama has REALLY gotten into his blood. When he was at Michigan State, I don't remember him being so Good Ol' Boy.
  14. Elessar78

    Random Thought Thread

    one of my favorite bill burr skits-talking about his genocidal plan
  15. Elessar78

    18th anniversary of 9/11 today.

    I live in MAGA country. Things I've heard people say about muslims, in a professional work environment, convince me this is the case.