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  1. ^^^^^ If anywhere should reopen schools in America, it's should be NYC.
  2. I live in a rural city for 12 years now. The explosion of houses and trucks that fly the confederate flag have proliferated. Now these are mostly in the backroads—you won't go into a development and see confed flags. But still it wasn't something you saw at all before 2016. People have become more comfortable showing their racism since 2016.
  3. That overt racism is great but the bigger, oft-missed insidious racism is way more subtle; loan officers, hiring practices, school districts, neighborhoods, housing, traffic stops, where roads are built, where schools are built, gerrymandering, etc. The south may have more overt racism, but the north isn't immune.
  4. So far, I feel like I overreacted to COVID with regards to keeping my kids out of school. But I know it's early in the game in a state that had it under control pretty well. We had a slight uptick early in the season and numbers came back down again. We were at 42 per 100k the past two week and now it's back down to 24.5. It's was 13 per 100k for the course of the summer. Infection rates also spiked a bit (because of college back in session) and we were looking at 4.9% positivity last week after being at 1.9% all summer. Now it's back down down 3.3%. Hospitalizations stayed down throughout.
  5. We went with an established cyber charter school, we figured they would already how to do this efficiently. For the most part it has worked out that way, but I've been the weak link in the chain. Being the "learning coach" and using a new (to me) platform WHILE working from home was a challenging the first two weeks. Cutting the kids some slack, cutting yourself (parent) some slack, cutting the teachers/tech support/admins some slack—is DEFINITELY spot on advice. Week 3 has gone well, kids are actually a day ahead of schedule. But the material is mostly review and I imagine it'll
  6. I have kept a physical activity log for almost two years now. I'm pretty good most of the time getting my ass moving. My weakness is food. It's all around me and so much of it tastes so good (when it hits your lips). Sadly, I can't out train my eating desires.
  7. Additionally, crunches and movement-based core work are outdated. What they have found is that resisting movement is the best way to strengthen the core. Think planks.
  8. For those that served, do you believe the "losers" "suckers" comment? What is the feeling you get from your friends who are active duty or veterans?
  9. These lunk heads are going to now exacerbate the problem by sending kids home. Defund the Universities!
  10. We did NOT get a matching dryer. We had spent a lot of $$$ recently on various stuff and this was an emergency purchase, so we decided to table the dryer for another year. I DO want to get the dryer. The dark one looks sharp, but we had to take first available since this was already on a 6 week fulfillment. So far I'm happy. There's notes to leave the lid open when not in use so it doesn't get musty. We tried a heavy blanket and it did that really well, but haven't tried anything like a comforter yet. My wife has no so far made no complaints like "our clothes aren't clean"—so that'
  11. I love it so far. We have 5 people in our family and it has the largest capacity. Our laundry used to pile up, because we couldn't wash it fast enough. For example, this could handle, easily, 2 laundry baskets full (not heaping) our old one could only handle one basket worth of clothes. According to Consumer Reports for reliability LG is top 3. Miele is top 2 and I forget the top one (it could be speed queen). We paid $703 for it total with Model # WT7300CW
  12. I got my new dishwasher from Lowes. No problem with delivery and install, but they are still holding my rebate hostage. This was right before the lockdown. But they did gangbuster business during lockdown so I'm sure they can afford to give me my rebate. Recently ordered an LG washer from Home Depot. Also pretty great experience. Long wait though, because of a lack of inventory. I was just reading that SpeedQueen might be the way to go. No frills, but super reliable.
  13. I don't like superhero movies, but I enjoyed Black Panther. RIP, brother.
  14. roku is about the easiest thing in the world to set up. if you can plug in your tv you can set up a roku. Roku has everything we want to watch. Simple. I love it.
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