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  1. Cause for concern and something to watch and address, but Hillary did carry them by almost 40 points in 2016. Maybe Biden just doesn't appeal to them, but it doesn't mean it's a Democratic party problem either? Maybe Tim Kaine's blatant pandering in espanol worked.
  2. I saw Fetterman lift a fire truck off a black grandmother holding a hispanic baby while wearing 3 masks. True story. Kelly is my ****ing Congressman. Hate him. He ran for office, because Obama shut down his car dealership in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis. He is a clown. He sends out polls before he does anything. When he wasn't sure about which way the wind was blowing in his district about the "election fraud issue" he sent out a poll.
  3. Is it trolling for a fight or trawling? In this context both seem acceptable.
  4. Nah, if you're gonna do it. Do it. There are already forgiveness programs for certain fields, but the terms are draconian (a missed payment voids your chance at forgiveness). You're really going to ask teachers, social workers, etc to give MORE time to undo their student loans? At that point, they may as well get a second job.
  5. Biden's not the idea of rural Pennsylvania man's idea of a man's man. Not sure if Trump is either, other than how he talks . . . even though they don't share **** in common other than skin color. Fetterman could certainly turn them. Wolf is seen as in the mold of Biden: egg-head elite that looks down on the working man. Even though he prob doesn't. Talks too slick.
  6. Aye. The Europa League matches should be wrapping up right around the time dinner starts.
  7. GOP is so dumb, if I were to do "the fraud" in PA I wouldve done it in person. I was wearing a mask, they didnt check ID.
  8. This is a public feed? I just came by to say...


    I'd hate-sex Kayleigh McEnany.

    1. Springfield


      Pretty sure this is public broski.

    2. Elessar78
    3. Springfield


      There we go, gotta keep it PG.

  9. that's cold (pun intended) . . . that's a mega spoiler to two people thinking of watching GoT. 

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