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  1. Elessar78

    Kobe Bryant Killed in Helicopter Crash

    And Scottie Pippen STILL crying Kukoc got the last second shot.
  2. I'm late but really enjoying Better Call Saul
  3. Elessar78

    Best Workout Music

    The steady beat of iron smashing off iron should be enough for you, girly man.
  4. Honestly, IF we get to that level of concern—who gives a rats ass if you fall behind 1 year? 4 years of school? If you're alive after a massive outbreak then you get to go back to getting educated.
  5. Saw that. Bummer—It reminds me of how I enjoyed X-files when I was a teen. lead is great: original Hamilton cast, Kristoff in Frozen, Mindhunter needless to say NOT typecast
  6. Mindhunter S2 is the most enjoyable series I've watched since True Detective S1
  7. Based on your example, you're looking for a car between $7500–$10,000. Start there in your search. There's still so much negative around leasing. You'll spend $6500 over 3 years and have no car at the end. If you buy a $7500 car ($200 over 3 years), you'll have that car at the end which you can sell for, say, $2500—which you can put toward your next car. 100K miles isn't the hurdle that it used to be decades ago. To me, that's half life. Maybe less for reliable makes like Toyota, HOnda, Subaru. We've put over 300K miles on our Toyotas over the past twenty or so years. The electrical stuff like power windows and radios would fail before the engine would, just as a point of reference. Just did a quick search on AutoTrader and I saw a 2005 Camry with 150K miles for $5,500. Just an example. You could negotiate that down.
  8. Elessar78

    Random Thought Thread

    Well done with A1 and a side salad. THAT's how steak is meant to be consumed.
  9. What if Jack Ryan is Jim Halpert's most committed trolling of Dwight's Agent Michael Scarn/Threat Level: Midnight?
  10. Elessar78

    Random Thought Thread

    Magic Johnson was crippled by a virus. You don't see him laying around ****ing.
  11. Elessar78

    Random Thought Thread

    Need some Pho.
  12. Wait does he say it like, "I know more about __________ (topic) than anyone else. I'm an expert. Believe me."
  13. Elessar78

    Random Thought Thread

    Was Sheryl's burning she-shed the product of a hate crime? "Lightning" my ass.
  14. The Irishman. I pain houses. I liked it a lot. With that said, it was another Scorcese/Mob movie. Same cliches, but I have to begrudgingly agree that it wasn't tired. Damn you, Marty!
  15. Elessar78

    Random Thought Thread

    Prease no.