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  1. Pogba was stellar. He's not Man Utd pogba. I think the combination of Pogba-Kante is a dream. Zidane-Makalele 2.0?
  2. guarantee you this guy votes for small government, free markets. "Hey Gov. Abbott, Sen. Cruz use your power to fix this, you government entities. I've been aggrieved." Reminds me of a saying I coined: Gov't should stay the hell out of people's lives. Unless it's something that's important to me.
  3. Both are great players with vastly different skill sets. I'm a big Kante fan, personally. I think you can build a team around Kante, while Pogba would be the icing on the cake, someone you add to a good team to make it special. Kante has that Mascherano quality.
  4. EUROoooooS.... I got a France/Wales final with France winning.
  5. I dimed her out to her hospital, didn't name her by name, when she was spouting stuff off about COVID myths. They wanted a name, but I wouldn't give her up. I just wanted them to kinda prod their nursing staff.
  6. My sister-in-law is an antivax nurse. SMFDH.
  7. This last year was tough, but not wasted. Not all learning is from class, from experience. My kids learned empathy, toughness, adjusting, sacrifice. I, as a dad, stayed home with them while I worked and they did school. We got to spend a very unique time together that never would've happened otherwise. By March 2021, we had all reached our breaking point. I wish we could've been tougher but they were sad, I was frustrated—it was time to go back in school. I'd watched closely all year and there weren't obvious outbreaks in schools here, so masking and distancing efforts—even without
  8. Show them how to burn a couch. "Why you do this?"
  9. My leg got broken, compound fracture, playing soccer. But I'm back to playing. High level. Like a boss. I'm a mental giant/titan.
  10. I went down a rabbit hole last night and watched vintage Steph Curry in the 2008 NCAA tournament. ridiculous.
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