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  1. The more I see of Obamacare the more I hate it. Our #1 expense each month is health care are rates are going up and the end of this period. Obamacare is a nightmare for people who already have insurance. I was for healthcare reform but not this crap. The Dems pushed this through to say they gave us healthcare without any forethought
  2. Was the name considered racist in the 30's when the team was named ? I am not a NA but I cannot see this name as racist, I am not insulted being called paleface, whiteskin or whitey. I think it gets a racist name because of what people said before the word. I see in old movies the cowboys calling them dirty redskins or murdering redskins. In my whole life I never viewws the word as racist But we are fighting a losing battle, it will mean more marketing money for Snyder as everyone will need to get new gear. I am sure many will be like me and never buy any that has a new name
  3. I just watched Chasing Mavericks on HBO, a film that flopped last summer. I thought it was a pretty good movie specifically because it was true and pretty much stayed true to the Guys life. I cant believe people would even try to surf 30-50+ waves let alone live to tell about it. Several have died trying. One of the lead actors almost died while filming it. I was in S.Cal in summer of 69 and the first time to the beach they had a sign as you went into the parking lot saying surf today 7-10. I We get to the beach and look at the waves and it looks like the beginning of Hawaii 5-0. e were used to body surfing in O.C. but there was not way I was going out there. The wave would break and break again on on the 3rd break is where we body surfed and that was bigger than anything in O.C. They said it was the biggest surf at Huntington Beach in 3 yrs. If that was 7-10 I cant imagine 30-50 On a side note I seen where a surfer at a place off of Portugal rode a 100ft wave to set a world record. I seen the interview and he said he really did not expect to live trough it. Most of these big wave surfers never expect to live a long life as they live on the edge video here
  4. CrabR

    Tunisian Revolution and the Middle East

    Most of Egypt's High ranking Army Officers have been trained in the US. So i have always had this feeling that they leaned towards us and supporters of the US. I also don't think they want the brotherhood in power on a side note I tired searching for a thread on Egypt and it said Search not enabled on this forum and yes I was logged in. Is it me or have others had this problem
  5. I cant edit my post so let as this.... I once read Marshall chose the name Redskins because of the Boston Tea Party and the fact they smeared their faces with red ochre to look like Mohawks, the name REDSKINS So just make our mascot look like a boston Tea Party member then it is historical and not offensive to the overly sensitive
  6. face facts they are going to make us at least get rid of the name if associated with Indians Why we will lose this article says a poll of Native Americans did not find it offensive, yet the article states "Redskin" is a racial descriptor for the indigenous peoples of the Americas this is a prime reason why i do not use Wikipedia, as a few editors chose on what it says I say we keep the name and get a new symbol instead of the chief. I like the Devil idea. All we would have to do is change the symbol and the fight song lyrics. As i said before Snyder should have had several college scholarship set aside each year for native Americans only. Last I knew some of the poorest places in the US were Reservations. We should start a Redskins charity and give to the needy native Americans. Set up collections at games and I bet the fans would do their part.
  7. The Redskins need to reach out to the Indian nations and ask what they can do to make the name Redskins a noble symbol and not a racist term to them. Maybe instead of the Breast Cancer Charity have a Native American charity drive instead. How many scholarships do they give out tot them ? If Snyder supported the Indian nations they would support Snyder. Without their support we will have to eventually have to change the name. I can see Mara taking away draft choices until we do. Wait isn't giant a racist term, shouldnt they be called large and tall Maybe it is because I have always been a Redskin fan but I have always viewed the term as noble and proud and not racist
  8. I seen 2 older movies for first time in the past couple days The Ice Harvest, good movie. It is dark humor and it has a really really sad and lonely Christmas. Connie Nielsen is hot as Renata, Billy bob Thornton is his usual self and John Cusack plays a good role kiss kiss bang bang, great movie val klimer and Robert Downey Jr. and Michelle Monaghan is nice eye candy, Funny crime drama
  9. I bet we change the name within 10 yrs. When we do will will also have to change the song lyrics I still say keep the name and make our symbol a redskin peanut instead of a Indian Redskins the fightin nuts
  10. the thing that has always bothered me about this series. They kill the zombies with relative ease, makes me wonder how the zombies defeated out military and cops Now I ask this, who will be the next regular to be killed off? I say Hershel, seems hard for a one legged man to survive. The Governor will return and kill him as Hershel sacrifices himself to save his daughters
  11. 2nd season of the wire was the weakest but it gets better with each episode of the 2nd season If I am not mistaken each season has a underlying theme pertaining to Baltimore, 1 Police dept, 2 waterfront, 3 school system and finally the 4 political scene For stoney26 TV series i would suggest not on your list Game of Thrones Big Love Southland Shameless the Americans Downton Abbey The Sopranos HBO mini series that are excellent Generation Kill John Adams Band of Brothers The Pacific
  12. there is a fine line between to much gvt and not enough. I believe we could cut 30-50% of the federal gvt now. Many things were put in place to protect us from greedy companies but they whittle con these constrains by buying congressmen. Lot at wall street for example. The laws were enacted after the 29 crash to protect the citizen from crooks. Then wall street whittled them down to cause the 08 crash. To date little has been put back in place to protect the average citizen from them The constitution was written 250 fifty years ago times change and it should be address every so often, I think it was Jefferson that said it should be reviewed every 20 years. It is not perfect and the founding fathers knew that I think Roberts made the right call on obamacare his argument was the best of the lot. The supreme court should have term limits as should congress. There should be a limit on campaign spending. Make is so much per capita that way it would be fair Here it is July and I am fed up with political ads, i lflip the channel every time one comes on
  13. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Best movie I have seen in a few years. After the movie i went out and read all 3 books IHMO Rooney Mara nailed the part of lisbeth