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  1. All those cheeses are amazing because, you know, CHEESE! Each one stands well alone or compliments certain flavors and textures. But I chose "other" because I LOVE LOVE LOVE smoked gouda. I love anything smoked anyway but the creaminess of gouda and the smoky flavor it adds to any dish makes it my personal favorite.
  2. Yes, bench, squat and deadlift. She finished at 650. 260 squat, 120 bench and 270 deadlift. She was going for 700 at regionals but that was a little too ambitious. She was determined to go big or go home.
  3. My sophomore daughter started powerlifting in December in the 132lb division. She added 150lbs to her total between the first meet in January and regionals at the end of February and finished 11th in the region out of about 300 girls. The goal for next year is to make it to state!
  4. I saw Hell Yeah! and Sevendust on NYE two years ago and both were WAY heavier than on their albums! White Chapel and All Shall Perish opening up for Hatebreed at House of Blues in Dallas may be the loudest show I've ever been to.
  5. **** the Cowboys! **** them all to death!!
  6. Only if the have a front hand grip or a rail for a scope since that would make them (look) "military grade".........
  7. I know I'm late to this thread but "military grade" weapons are already illegal for private citizens to own. You can't walk into Bass Pro Shops and buy a rocket launcher or a case of hand grenades or even an AUTOMATIC RIFLE. Those are military weapons and are illegal. People are way too hung up on what a rifle looks like. If you can only fire one shot with one pull of the trigger then it is not an automatic rifle and not a military weapon. Whether an AR-15 looks like an M16 is irrelevant. With that being said, I have no problem undergoing a stronger background check if I want to purchase any firearm.
  8. Like clockwork, another Romoment!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!
  9. Why doesn't Floyd fight Broner at 147? Nobody even mentions that fight as a possibility.
  10. I disagree from the standpoint that Hopkins has always been bashed for having boring fights because he has super human defense and is a counter puncher. The casual fan wants to see Rios/Alvarez every time out and don't appreciate the beauty of the true boxers. Those are the same people cheering every time Canelo threw a bomb and whiffed or hit Floyd's gloves. It's actually kind of comical.
  11. Game of Thrones and Boardwalk EMpire are the two best things going currently on HBO. The Wire is my all time favorite. Justified on FX is great. And my sleeper pick that nobody has mentioned is Hell on Wheels on AMC. Really good show about the east west railroad being built.
  12. Wow, Donaire didn't even rate a couple of comments at fight time? Another spectacular knockout but he's so superior to most of his competition that we expect that now I guess.
  13. Holy ****!! That was awesome!!
  14. Ortiz got exactly what he deserved. You intentionally headbutt someone in the mouth you better put your hands up because that guy is going to try t take your head off.
  15. Zab got what he deserved. That was no low blow. It got him on the hip bone if anything. He was playing it up as a low blow and it bit him in the ass. He was getting beat up anyway so it just saved him from taking a needless punishing for the rest of the fight.
  16. Wow, what a joke. Williams took a beating. Really?
  17. After the first one I actually said to my buddy jokingly, "Man, he's getting beat so bad he should just keep doing that. Just keep hitting the other guy in the dick until he gets DQ'd." Didn't think that would actually be his strategy. LOL
  18. It was a Leonard/Hagler thing. They gave the decision to the busier guy, not the one that landed the harder more effective punches. I thought it was close just because Alexander was so busy and he did get in some good shots. Kotelnik was definitely the more accurate puncher though.
  19. So is that finally a bit of respect, however begrudging it may be, for Floyd? Like I said all along, Shane is fast but his speed is not in the same league as FLoyd. I have to admit though that I wasn't sure that Floyd would be able to hang on in that second round. Major credit to Shane for rocking him like he's never been rocked before. Now let's all lhope that Manny comes to his senses and takes the blood tests.
  20. I'm with you. Manny knows that he will have trouble with Floyd's style. And he knows that Floys is the only one with the quickness to match his. If the fight doesn't happen, it's all on Manny.
  21. Hopkins definitely won the fight but I lost a lot of respect for Hopkins last night. He's the one that made it a street fight and then acted like a little ***** when Roy gave him a taste of his own medicine. Hopkins gave Jones a deliberate low blow in the 5th when he knew the ref couldn't see it but Roy didn't say a thing. Then in the sixth, Hopkins gets a little tap to the back of the head coming out of a clinch and rolls around on the mat like a little f'n baby. In the seventh, Hopkins purposely hit Roy in the back of the head so Roy returned the favor. Again, Hopkins cried like his dog just died. In the 9th, they were in a clinch and Roy hit Bernard on the belt, and AGAIN Hopkins dropped to the mat and started rolling around. He did mre acting in that one fight than Nicholas Cage has done in his whole career!!! Then in the 10th, Hopkins rushes in throwing punches and follows up with his patented "accidental" head butt but nobody seems to be mentioning that. Like I said, Hopkins clearly won the fight. Roy hardly threw any punches the entire fight. But all the articles I've seen this morning seem to paint Roy as the dirty fighter when Bernard was clearly just as guilty of dirty tactics if not moreso.
  22. You're probably right but crispy dollar just rolls off the tongue. :pfft:
  23. Shane is fast but he's not even close to Floyd in hand speed. To even suggest such a thing is absurd. I have a crispy dollar that says Floyd wins. If Shane wins, not only will I send you that crispy dollar but I will publicly bow down and testify to your superior boxing knowledge right here on ES.
  24. Shane is bigger and probably stronger, but you're insane if you think he's faster than Floyd. There's no denying that Floyd's defense is the best in the business by a wide margin. Him and Hopkins are the best defensive fighters of this generation, if not all time. I stand by my previous statement. If Floyd quits being a vagina and the fight happens, then he beats Shane in a lopsided decision.
  25. I'm a big Floyd fan but I agree, this is a chickens**t move if it's true. Mosley is a dangerous fight but I still think Floyd beats him decisively if he'll just step up and take the fight.