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  1. Spiderverse was awesome. Even knowing about the good reviews going in I have to say, it far exceeded my expectations. Great animation style, voice actors, story...definitely worthy of the hype. Re your question:
  2. I went through the same. My old league imploded after a few years of it. If you find one or get enough posters in this thread to start your own I'd be interested
  3. you anti-mixing meat people are crazy. And, for the anti-CFA people, i would add that the chicken egg and cheese on a biscuit from CFA is the best fast food breakfast out there. Last Crusade is better than Raiders of the Lost Ark. I really don't hate the Patriots that much at all. No more than any other decent non-NFCE team. James Cameron is a hack. He hasn't written a compelling character since Sarah Connor.
  4. For comedy, another vote for How Did This Get Made, which is incredibly funny. Bang Radio Hour. I've been listening for a few years now. It's legit hilarious. Judge John Hodgman is also pretty entertaining (couples/friends take their petty disputes to the internet court of John Hodgman). This American Life is great. I also like Nerdist. Chris Hardwick is an insightful interviewer, and will sit down with someone for an hour and have a real conversation with them. Gets some pretty big name guests See what all the fuss was about with Serial. It really was that good (season 1, anyway).
  5. by doing the little things. Don't take politics too seriously. Try to unplug from it from time to time. It's good for you mental health. You didn't become friends with them for their political beliefs in the first place, I assume. If you can't have civil conversations about politics, talk about something else, and don't engage on that topic if they bring it up. If they post a lot of crap on FB that is getting in the way of your friendship, unfollow them. It's good to have friends with varying political positions. Helps you remember that people who disagree with you aren't a bunch of monsters who want to destroy this country. Just good people with differences of opinion on issues that are infinitely more complex in the real world than we treat them in conversation.
  6. "if any man eat of this bread, he shall live for ever: and the bread that I will give is my flesh"
  7. Lol just to clarify I have never made that mistake myself. It was a piece of advice given to me by the guy who gave me his bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers recipe ?
  8. At least you didn't go to the bathroom halfway through... Capt. Hindsight says, invest in some disposable plastic gloves I made some pulled turkey and Alabama-style white sauce last night. Damn good eating
  9. Seen on my way in to work this morning:
  10. That is tremendous. Impressive by any standard...except the only one that matters
  11. Okay. Same hypothetical but this time you want to move to a new state for a job or to care for a relative or for one of the many other reasons people move. Your current insurer does not sell policies in your new state. The folks who do sell there won't sell to you because you had cancer. Or your insurer decides to get out of the private health market altogether. Now what?
  12. Because if they don't, then any insurance purchased on the market (not through your employer) is illusory. Let's say you have a privately purchased plan. You've always been insured your whole life, and paid your premiums every year. Then this year it turns out you have been diagnosed with cancer. When it comes time to renew, your insurance company can (and will) jack your rates to something astronomical. Way more than you could possibly afford. You can't go to another carrier because you have a preexisting condition and they won't cover it. Now you've lost your coverage, permanently. Non-employer based coverage, without a mandate to cover pre-existing conditions, is little better than emergency-only coverage.
  13. Unless my eyes are deceiving me, Ted Cruz is proposing a...compromise? Is that still a thing? The article goes on to talk about how they're proposing trimming the Medicare cuts and increasing opiate funding. Obviously the devil is in the details, particularly the detail of exactly how much of the Medicaid reduction is being left in place, but that first part at least seems like a good idea, and maybe one of those elusive "fixes" to Obamacare everyone has been pining for, with one caveat: IMO they should have to offer plans at each tier if they also want to offer non-compliant plans. Offering only a bronze catastrophic plan, or only a platinum plan, doesn't really further the goals here.
  14. T is a 30k foot guy, not a details guy in any respect. And if you're part of the team and having these convos with Russia, there are a few good reasons to keep T in the dark about it (he's a blabbermouth, plausible deniability, etc.). Whatever was going on there, I don't think he knew the full scope of it. But he's plainly concerned about SOMETHING that Flynn knows, and has gone to great lengths to try to stay in touch with him, end the investigation, etc. to keep him from flipping and spilling the beans.