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  1. greenspandan

    Paloffs is Now: 2007(merged)

    those matchups aren't nearly as brutal as 6-1 Dallas on Monday night vs our third string quarterback.
  2. Gold pants look great. Burgundy shirts, gold pants is the sharpest uniform the team has ever had.
  3. i wish the pants left a little more to the imagination.
  4. helmets don't match the unis. looks terrible.
  5. i think this debate might be entering its endgame. i wonder what the new name will be.
  6. why do you think we'd go white on white? didn't gibbs retire?
  7. greenspandan

    The "Taken out of context" thread.

    we are so outclassing these guys. bad play call. not on white. man forbath just doesnt miss. feels good! lol this isn't the gameday thread! haha speaking of out of context. ....
  8. greenspandan

    The Beer Thread

    oh man, my Safeway just started stocking DFH's Palo Santo Marron and a few other very choice selections. i could be in trouble.
  9. alright, but who cares if white people are offended? my question is are native americans offended.
  10. i'd like to see some updated polling done of native americans. the last poll was like ten years ago and indicated 90% didn't have a problem with the name. it'd be interesting to see if that's changed. there are a variety of interesting opinions, of course, on what to do with that information, but it'd be nice to have a clear picture of what the consensus among the affected party really is. THEN we can get into what it means: should the redskins change it even if only a handful are offended? and if not, what's the tipping point? those are good questions but without a clear picture of what native americans currently think, it's a bit hypothetical. i know i encounter a lot of people who like to dismiss the poll just because they don't like its result. ya know, Romney didn't believe his poll numbers either. but it's true the poll most commonly cited with that "90%" figure is pretty old now.
  11. i second FIREFLY. just two things about it: one, the pilot might seem a little slow -- don't let that deter you! second, it's a show that rewards you for paying close attention to the dialogue. you won't get nearly as much out of it if you watch while websurfing or doing laundry or whatever. also, it's quick. a 2 hour pilot, 12 episodes, and a 2 hour movie.
  12. oh goodie a link to the national review.
  13. burgundy top / gold pants is by far the sharpest look the redskins have ever sported. glad it seems to be the "default" home colors now.
  14. greenspandan

    Annual "Where Do I Watch Games Thread"

    bump. on vacation in Canada
  15. greenspandan

    The Beer Thread

    Tried two new sam adams beers this week. they've got a Harvest Pumpkin and a Hazel Brown. I hadn't had either before. Harvest Pumpkin: if not for the label, i wouldn't really have been able to distinguish this from the plain old boston lager, the spices and pumpkin flavoring was so weak. not a fan. a shame, because i normally really like both sam adams and pumpkin ales. stick with DFH's Punkin' Ale or go for the best: Southern Tier Pumking Imperial Pumpkin Ale. Hazel Brown: this one on the other hand did not skimp on the flavor. the nose and flavor are overwhelmingly and pleasantly of hazelnut. the hazelnut is so heavy that it almost feels like a hoppy IPA, but with nuttiness instead of hops. very tasty.