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  1. Possible replacements for Cundiff thread
  2. That's badass. Thanks for the heads up, 36.
  3. Kosher ham is survived by a nephew, Kosher Bacon, a niece, Kosher CrabMeat, and a brother, ThatsNotKosher. :silly:
  4. If he had left off "signals," it would have been one of the best posts in the thread. As it is, it still rates a STRONG A-.
  5. I'll wear whatever the hell I want to. And if I take the time to stop and speak to you in the supermarket while I'm wearing my jersey, feel privileged. :pfft:
  6. Voice = gone. Left eye = busted (accidentally.) And "celebrating" another loss. Just a WONDERFUL Monday.
  7. Thanks very much. And damn. I just received a facebook message from an old friend I hadn't talk to in a while. He's having surgery to remove a malignant tumor from one of his kidneys Monday. Caught early, and the doc says just surgery, no chemo or radiation. Moral of the story: If you value your health, discontinue your friendship with me. *sigh* In all seriousness though, I know they'll both be ok. ---------- Post added September-20th-2012 at 11:02 PM ---------- On a lighter note, how long until someone registers the board name, "FAU_91Mazda?"
  8. I just learned that my best friend on this earth has a "severely herniated disc" between his C6 and C7, which is putting pressure on his spinal cord, and another nerve. Obviously, he'll need surgery, but will be putting it off until next month when his GF has a week off and can be home with him. He's one of the toughest people I know; but he's in quite a good bit of pain, which makes me sick. Any prayers, good thoughts/vibes, or healing energy y'all could send his way would be GREATLY appreciated.
  9. Dear Mr. Moderator who changed my "occupation" field on my profile.... You're a big ol' meany poo jerkface.
  10. My boy, OVCChariman, hooked me up. A personalized, autographed pic of Reed Doughty, along with a pair of signed Nike gloves he wore, stains and all. So incredibly awesome. VERY grateful to BOTH men!!
  11. Dude, I love it. As you know, I used to be a very, very negative person. It caused a lot of issues both personally and professionally. I regularly do active attitude checks and adjustments these days and, not surprisingly, more positive results have followed. My thinking on this is that anything that brings you back to a positive way of thinking is a good thing.
  12. You just made my entire day, man. Definitely good to be back in my online home. Missed you guys!
  13. With this melon, once will likely prove fatal.
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