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  1. Robert Davis, Cam Sims, Trey Quinn Those 3 are going to need to massively step up ... because then it's what ... Paul Richardson and Josh Doctson? I think we are going to be drafting at least 2 WRs come April. One earlier and one later. We simply need the bodies, and Im not sure we have the cap space to get one in FA.
  2. I mean look. For years we have had issues at Safety. You're telling me that we could have HaHa and Landon in the back-end of our defense? Both Bama boys? And people will find a way to complain? I know Dix didn't live up to expectations last year, but let's not forget he was PFFs #2 Safety at that point in the season when we traded for him. I think a lot of folks want to blame the defensive collapse on him, when it was a number of other factors. Also, anyone else find it pretty remarkable that after years of neglecting the middle of our defense that our defensive core could be: Clinton-Dix + Collins SDH + Reuben Foster Payne + Allen All Bama Boys, and that is a mean interior of the defense.
  3. There's a couple mid-round LBs from Alabama this year that have high pedigree but were either hurt or underwhelmed last year. I think the Skins are primed to get one of them.
  4. HaHa Clinton-Dix was a pro-bowl caliber FS before last season. I would chalk last year up to a down year and learning a new defense. He's also best as a roaming FS, which is where DJ was best too. Having Collins and Dix would be a nice tandem, IMO. People are too short-sided with these guys. There are down years (See Reed, Norman). That doesn't mean you cut them the first chance you get. Teams stick with guys because they value them knowing the system and understand their upside.
  5. Balancing draft picks and rookie contracts with high-paid quality starters. Where we have avoided going is re-signing OUR mid-level guys (Long, Grant last year, Smith, Crowder this year). To have an OL with 3 high-paid linemen, you need 2 rookie contracts. As your rookies come off their deals and you sign them for big money or you draft a replacement. That is why I dont think we can afford to sign a high-priced LG ... we have to draft one. So Roillier and Rookie OL are your starters along with Moses, Trent and Scherff. You simply cannot pay 4 high-end OL. There has to be contractual balance.
  6. Extending Scherff would lower his 2019 hit. He's due $12.5 million. Even if we signed him for a $13m a year extension, his Year1 hit would likely be in the $8-10m range, saving us some dough. This is typically the case, but our 2021 cap room is pretty subsantial. So even pushing some of these big deals down the line like we did with Collins should help the current cap situation. Smith, Kerrigan, Norman, Trent, and Reed off the books though, and guys like Ionnidis, Allen, Payne, etc. needing to eventually get paid, so you're going to need to replace those guys somehow. But plenty of future cap space available beyond 2020.
  7. Over the Cap has us with $16.8 million in cap space now, factoring for Collins and the two releases. $5m for draft capital $5m for in-season maneuvering $6 million to spend in FA. We'll likely need more, but can make more by extending Scherff, restructruing Kerrigan (unlikely) or outright cutting Vernon Davis.
  8. I did a few mocks where we got a 3rd round LG and a 6th Round OT. I know this is a dead horse (at least I feel like it is for me), but OL tape a while to develop. Some never do (Arie) and some do (Long, Moses). Remember, we drated Christian last year and he was deemed very raw, probably a year too early to enter, and a 2019 candidate for R1 at LT. I didn't expect much from him last year. People wrote of Spencer Long and Morgan Moses after they played little their rookie years, and both turned out just fine. Trent (Pro Bowl), Moses (Pro Bowl), Christian (3rd round 2nd year guy) is fine for depth. Adding a 6th round T/G combo type would be a nice complement to this group, IMO. Martez Ivey is one guy I have my eyes on. Lots of pedigree but "falling" to later in the draft ... could be a nice 4th OT with Guard potential.
  9. We're still very much in Tier 1 of Free Agency. There's a TON of unsigned guys. I would imagine we bring in a veteran LG (Re-sign Cooper even) ... rumor we are kciking tires on bringing back Johnathan Sullivan. I think we'll get a couple of these guys in here, then go draft another Guard and possibly a late-round OT too.
  10. Unless we re-sign Dix and AP, I don't think we should spend big on anyone else. Just get a few guys in as depth pieces at ILB and EDGE. Set up Anderson as your other Edge to replace Smith and go draft a guy in the 3rd or 5th to provide rotatinal depth. Same at ILB. Go G, WR, QB, TE, etc. early in the draft.
  11. Cutting Reed would save us $6 million. You realize Jesse James just signed a $7m APY deal ... and some other TE I literally had never heard of also got a $7m APY deal. Cutting Reed is not a prudent move, especially with no successor. Drafting his replacement is a must over the next 1-2 drafts, but I do not think going TE in FA is a smart move at all. Chemistry is huge. Reed had a down year, yes. But if you had said "give me Jared Cook over Reed" before this season people would have called you crazy. Don't put too much stock in 2018. I think HaHa may have priced himself out by having a poor-ish 2018. I think we could probably get him upped for a 3 and $23m type of deal.
  12. JamesMadisonSkins

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Trade Rosen for a 2 and maybe a future 2/3 ... trade back sending 1.15 to Pats for 1.32 2.32 and 3.37 and do something like this (on top of signing Collins and an Edge in FA)
  13. JamesMadisonSkins

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Yeah I want to trade back from 15. There should be an Edge rusher there someone will covet as that might be the final spot to get the last elite guy. Which would be a need for us. But we may need to make a conscious decision to reload draft capital to properly set the offense up for Rosen. We cant fill every need every year. We may have to go with Ryan Anderson and a cheaper FA to replace Preston and maybe look toward the 2020 draft to restock defense with that elite CB or Edge. I think we should prioritize WR, TE and LG to give Rosen some talent. Use FA to get a safety and maybe an ILB to make the middle defense elite and wait to upgrade the edges of the defense until 2020. Collins, R. foster upgrade our defense just fine. A later 1 and a 3/3/3 would allow us to go WR, TE, LG and get a defender in the first 2 days.
  14. JamesMadisonSkins

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Late 1st round to mid 2nd WRs I’m intrigued by ... Hakeem Butler Marquise Brown Deebo Samuel AJ Brown if we can come away with one of those guys + Rosen while adding a couple 2/3’s I feel confident in our offense in 2019
  15. JamesMadisonSkins

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Jimmy Moreland in the 5th if we don’t address DBs earlier.