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  1. I want to call John out on his "HE'S A GUARD" tweet. I know the context here is Leno is the LT and Charles kicks to LG long-term, but think it's pretty telling that Charles is starting out at LT.
  2. There's a difference between what I would do and what I THINK the team would do. What I would do: 1. Allen - Extend 2. Payne - Extend 3. McLaurin - Extend 4. Holcomb - let go after contract, replace with draft pick in 2022/2023 5. Thomas - Let go 6. Settle - let go after contract, replace with draft pick in 2022/2023 7. Sweat - Extend 8. Young - Extend What I think will happen: 1. Allen - Extend 2. Payne - let walk 3. McLaurin - extend 4. Holcombe - let walk 5. Thomas - Extend 6. Settle - Let walk
  3. Mock drafts are notoriously hit or miss but there were many that had Cosmi in the 20’s but the tackle run never fully matriculated. But I know there were many who were high on Cosmi so the 1st round part doesn’t surprise me. Happy to hear we were so high on him.
  4. Moses being cut or traded is ultimately a net of $16m in cap space in 2022. Why? We aren't going to re-invest that $7.5m this year on spending. So it's money that is going to roll into 2022 one way or another. So that's $16m in cap space for 2022. Of course we don't NEED that cap space this year. But the point is it would roll into next year, and that $16 million will be very nice to have in 2022.
  5. I'm not as concerned about the succession plan. If Cosmi balls out at RT and switches to LT, you just need to replace him at RT. You could do that by extending Lucas and drafting a player for long-term fill-in. Or Cosmi plays well at RT and Leno or Lucas ball out at LT and you work to extent one of them while drafting another OT. We just signed a quality starting LT for $5m 2 weeks after the draft. I'm not too too concerned about our future situation at those two positions as I trust it'll be worked out.
  6. Assumption 1: Cosmi is our 2021 RT and kicks to LT in 2022. Assumption 2: Your starting two OGs in 2022 are two of Charles, Flowers, Schweizer Assumption 3: Logan Thomas and Jon Allen are extended Assumption 4: Jamin Davis is your long-term MIKE backer and Bostic is gone in 2022 Your holes are: 1. QB (Massive) 2. RT 3. LB That's really it for immediate needs. Obviously other needs will emerge this season as players get hurt, under-perform, etc. But the team set itself up very well to not need to make major moves in 2022 off-seas
  7. My guess is the Allen extension comes in at around $20-21 million per year, so get ready for sticker shock. Based on some of the other IDL contracts I would expect the cap hits to be: 2021: $13m 2022: $16m 2023: $21m 2024: $24m 2025: $26m FWIW, that impacts the team's cap space as follows with available cap space: 2021: $17m 2022: $39m 2023: 95m 2024: $173m 2025: $230m *Note: Allen would be the only contract on the books for 2025, although that would be Jamin Davis' 5th year option year. We've got a lot of talent
  8. It's all manageable. You extend Allen now through 2025. Payne through 2026. Sweat through 2027. Young through 2028. You might just have 1-2 years where those 4 are all being paid big money. But you'll defnitely need to keep drafting and drafting well to make sure the talent is coming in behind these guys. But there will ALWAYS be the Charles Lenos and Bobby McCains of this world who you can sign to come in and play for 1-2 years on the cheap on prove-it deals late in FA to round out a roster. So i'm not too concerned about paying studs and dealing with the trickle-down
  9. LT: Leno, Christian LG: Flowers, Charles OC: Roullier, Ismael RG: Scherff, Schweizer RT: Cosmi, Lucas Most of the players who are slated to make our opening 53 on the OL are flexible. Schweizer might end up being the LG3 and RG2 on the depth chart. But to make things even and pencil players in to where I think they'll end up on the 2-deep depth chart, the above would be MY guess. I don't know if we keep 10 OL. And unless Christian makes some otherworldly progress and suddenly realizes the potential we thought he had when we drafted him, I would expect that he's
  10. Yeah, the OL has some question marks. But Moses just bought them some time to figure out RT, but he had cap casualty written all over him. Only reason I and others didn't jump on that is because he was seen as a locker room guy and a veteran to keep around "on the cheap" ... but that's the only thing that really changes here. Roullier, Cosmi, Charles and Ismael are here for 3+ more years Flowers and Schweizer are here for 2 more years Leno, Scherff, Lucas and Christian are here for 1 more year. You're going to have to figure out one of the Tackle
  11. In terms of cap analysis, this likely creates an OT hole in 2022. I think most of us assume Leno starts at LT and Cosmi kicks to RT. Unless Charles is slated to start at LT or RT longterm (beat guys think he's a Guard), We'll be looking to kick Cosmi to LT in 2022 OR ... possibly looking to get a long-term LT if Cosmi sticks/excels at RT. Leno and Lucas are on the final year of their deals and will be FA's going into 2022 unless they're extended. So that leaves Cosmi as your only long-term solution at either Tackle spot beyond 2021, unless Charles is still slated to start there eve
  12. Agreed. But this could simply be fit/culture/natural roster turnover. Cutting/trading Moses right now gets the team to $20.7m in cap space in 2021 and $55.4m in 2022, per OvertheCap. Since I think the McCain deal is the last major signing of any kind, I have to think we end up rolling at least $12m into 2022 cap ... giving us around $67m when all is said and done next year. If we are willing to cut Moses, I'm pretty surprised in hindsight about the franchise-tag for Scherff. Gotta assume it's to preserve some continuity on the OL, but also speaks volumes for
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