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  1. https://twitter.com/PFF_Brad/status/1351573270869504002?s=20
  2. I mean, could you imagine if that "cheap free agent with upside" we bring in is actually RG3? That can't happen, right
  3. Josh Reynolds is an interesting name as well. He’s been quietly solid for the Rams and seems to always step up whenever Kupp misses time. He’d probably be on the 6-8m side. But he’s a solid addition if we strike out at the top or decide to add 1-2 mid tier guys. I don’t advocate for him by any means. I’d rather have one of the top guys. But he could be an option.
  4. Here are some figures at WR per Spotrac Market Value. FYI I expect Godwin and Golladay to get tagged. - Robinson: 4/80 - 20m APY - Golladay: 5/95 - 19m APY - Godwin: 4/69 - 17m APY - Fuller: 4/68 - 17m APY - JuJu: 5/78 - 16m APY - Samuel: 4/48 - 12m APY - Davis: 2/20 - 10m APY - M. Jones: 4/38 - 10m APY - Watkins: 2/20 - 10m APY - Pascal: 4/32 - 8m APY - Ross: 1/4 - 4m APY
  5. I mean, JuJu is the perfect slot receiver. But ... I am not a fan of his attitude. I feel like he'd be a bit of a locker room drama creator. He has put a lot more in terms of statistics than Woods had at this stage in their career. Smith Schuster exceeds (and in 3/4 greatly exceeds) the numbers Woods had in his first 4 years. Smith-Schuster's 2nd year statline has exceeded anything Woods has put down through 8 years, too. Woods: Y1: 40 - 587 - 3 Y2: 65 - 699 - 5 Y3: 47 - 552 - 3 Y4: 51 - 613 - 1 --------------------- Y5: 56 - 781 - 5 Y6: 86 - 1219
  6. I agree, but this year there are 12 teams that are starting out in the negative that will need to get creative ... and of those 12 there are about 7 that will have to shed substantial $$ meaning more "talent" will hit the market than normal. And on the other end of that, while there are 20 teams in the black, only 5-6 teams have capital to make multiple substantial plays (if they even wanted to). Usually you head into the off-season with a dozen or so teams with 40+ million in cap space and this year you only have 5. I think the combination of added talent hitting the market and teams having l
  7. Damn. Smart of him. He has a chance of being the WR1 next year, whereas he was probably going to fall to R2 or later at best this year with his concerns.
  8. I don't know who is or isn't eligible but someone I follow on twitter who is an analyst said Mac Jones benefited the most by attending the Sr. Bowl. Isn't he a true-Jr? Anyway, whether eligible or not, I would have liked to see him attend.
  9. I really don't think we have the capital to move up to #2. Just don't see it. I could see us moving up to #10-12 range if one of the 4 guys falls, but not Top 3. Problem is, #8, 9, and 12 are all potential QB suitors. #10 and #11 are Dallas and the Giants. Would they trade with us knowing we would be getting our franchise QB? Doubtful. But let's just say Denver is set on taking Lock but wants to add draft capital. To get to #9 from #19 would (per trade chart) cost us #19 and #51. We could get away with #19 and our two 3rd rounders too. Both would put us close to the val
  10. Those Keim podcast notes are interesting. While this is an absolutely stacked WR class in the draft, it is also an absolutely stacked WR class in the FA cycle. Which, hopefully, combined with the draft stock keeps the cap on some of these guys. Obviously Robinson will get paid. I have to imagine Godwin and Golladay get the tag. But then the second-tier guys might have their prices impacted a bit by the influx. JuJu, Davis, Samuel, Fuller, etc. We do have a lot of young WRs. Harmon and AGG are a bit TBD, so I can understand why the FO would want to potentially wait and see if/how th
  11. I could see this too. Not sure what the cost would be, assume it would be front-loaded and a 2 year deal in reality (given how these have gone lately). There are some things that could really help improve this offense and I think two of them would be adding a high-quality RB (on the cheap) and a legit WR2. Draft an OT and you suddenly have the makings of an excellent supporting cast. Jones + Gibson + McKissic + McLaurin + Samuel + Thomas would be real nice. Draft an OT in 1st round and WR in the 2nd TE in the 3rd and you have a very legitimate offensive support system.
  12. And finally, the veteran journeyman Free Agent kick the can down the road option ... where we sign someone like Winston or Darnold (if cut) or Mariota (if cut) or Tyrod to compete with Allen/Heinecke and use our FA $$ primarily on re-signing Scherff and Darby and going out and signing a legit LB for the defense and a WR (not one of the Top 3 but someone like Curtis Samuel or Will Fuller) ... leaving no major holes but needed upgrades in the draft. Let's assume we sign/re-sign: RG Brandon Scherff, CB Ronald Darby, WR Curtis Samuel, TE Gerald Everett, S Eric Reid, LB Jayon Brown 1. C
  13. the "trade 2021 and 2022 2nd round picks for Matt Stafford draft" *Trade down in R1 and add a 3rd* 1. Kadarius Toney, WR Florida 3. Walker Little, OT Stanford 3. Chazz Surratt, LB UNC 3. Trey Sermon, RB Ohio State 4. Sage Surratt, WR Wake Forest 5. Tre Mc'Kitty, TE Georgia 7. Josh Jobe, CB Alabama 7. Xavier Thomas, Edge Clemson
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