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  1. Also, let's not forget that Snyder has been sailing the world on his yacht for the last 4 months. If he did that year-round and had a competent person running the team that would change things, but he always inserts himself, and has a terrible track record of putting people in positions of leadership that do not belong there. Maybe if Snyder stays away on his yacht and hires and keeps a legit front office / team executive that would be one thing. But to have the newly hired head coach running the operations and coaching the team is not a good look. Rivera just got here, yet he's dr
  2. My point is, if the fear here is that Snyder won't sell, then we need to do more. Fans just clammering back because Rivera are only going to make this worse, because it allow Dan to get away with it and for this cycle to be perpetual. There's really no scenario where I see myself coming back with Snyder as owner. I've never been able to "adopt" another team, so I might just go full-time fantasy football fan.
  3. New ownership. Pretty simple. I really don't think you all are understanding how truly toxic that building is. Everyone that has ever worked there leaves there disgusted. It all starts from the top. Always has. Bruce and Jay may have been the big pushers of the culture over the last 5-6 years, but to think it was anywhere near normal before that, psh.
  4. Not sure how that happens. I interned for NBC4 in 2006. I spend a couple days at training camp. Was a dream come true. I specficically remember being told, when helping to shoot the hit from the balcony overlooking training camp with Sonny, George, etc. not to make too much noise. Everyone was whispering. It was outside of Dan's blacked out corner office, and everyone was whispering, from Sonny to George, not to piss off Dan. This was 2006. The owner sat in his corner office and had a reputation for barking at people who got in his way. That experience was eye-opening for me. It wa
  5. He is quite literally incapable. 20 years of evidence. Aint happening. Like I said, unless Snyder sells, this team is going to continue to be a joke. And I guess the NFL is cool with the absolute trashing of a once prideful franchise.
  6. Great. Where's Dan's track record of giving headcoaches more than 12-18 months of a leash before he starts meddling? Cool, Rivera, our head coach, is being asked to clean up a culture, run an ENTIRE organization (business and football) ... wtf man. No. The NFL literally gave the team a business-man straight from the league to clean things up. He was fired within a year. Give me a break.
  7. Ron IS a beacon of light. But so was every other reputable coach before him. I have very little faith that this will work long-term. Once Rivera is gone, there's no guarantee this organization won't revert back to its old ways, as long as Snyder is at the helm.
  8. I'm torn between whether to put my faith in Rivera or move on. I know as soon as Rivera gets the can in 3-4 years, that nothing will have changed. I feel this is my best time to get out, if Snyder isn't forced to sell. I cannot support a team that is run by this guy. I've always felt this way, but if this gets pushed under the rug, I feel even stronger about it.
  9. Whatever does or does not come of this. There are tens of thousands of disgusted fans with old crappy ragged HTTR outdated gear. We need to apply pressure on Snyder to sell. The fans need to apply the pressure so the NFL knows we are done with this. I live 5 minutes from the bubble. Someone go out a barrel out front and lets all start burning our old gear. Send a message. Protest. Idc. Protests get **** canceled. We need to cancel Snyder. ASAP.
  10. Things I think are just internet rumormongering: - Snyder is connected to Epstein / Gizelle - Snyder paid off the referees Things that are rumors that are fully believable/likely: - Booz culture - Terrible culture/management from the top - boys club culture that probably had some sexual assaulting and propositioning going on - Anything Jay Gruden or Bruce Allen related seems likely
  11. I think I need to take a step back on this. While it is all believable knowing what has happened in the past, sme of this stuff is straight QAnon level conspiracy stuff. Nothing is proven and it's literally all speculation.
  12. I have become a fantasy football fan. I root for my players. Not sure that will ever come close to filling the void, but it's a start.
  13. After EVERYTHING he has overseen. The disfunction, the controversies, the misgivings. The poor management of the team. Everything that has happened that has driven away the fan base. I don't care if it comes out that Bruce Allen is responsible for a bad sexist and boozy culture - that has the be enough in this day and age to force a change. To just allow Snyder to keep running this ****-show with everything that has happened under his watch, I just have no interest in rooting for a team with such a person at the top.
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