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  1. 1.19: Zaven Collins, LB Tulsa 1.26: Alex Leatherwood, OT Alabama 2.51: Daviyon Dixon, IDL Iowa 3.74: Jainarius Robinson, DE FSU 3.82: Divine Deablo, S/LB VT 4.124: Rhamondre Stephenson, RB Oklahoma 5.163: Simi Fehoko, WR Stanford Trade* Daron Payne to Cleveland for 1.26 But, take out the trade, drop Leatherwood at 26 and go Best OT at 51 and that's still a solid draft. I would see Collins as the MLB and Deablo as the joker 4-2 LB to sub-in at either nickeblacker or SS. But I know there's some buzz on Deablo sneaking into Round 1 so I doubt
  2. Wonder if it makes Tim Settle appealing for a team for a 3rd or 4th rounder though? Considering he's entering his final year and is 4th in our rotation. We'd probably need to use a later pick on a replacement since we cut Brantley loose though. I think Allen or Payne could land us a 1st and maybe another pick. But I'm not really sure if I would be willing to send Payne, for example, to the Browns for pick #26. Maybe if we replaced him with someone like Tyler Shelvin in Round 3 or 4 who has some good upside, but considering it's a weak class these guys probably get overd
  3. I would really, really hate to lose one of our IDLs. I have advocated for NOT trading any of them. But if there's a time to maximize on supply/demand, this could be it.
  4. stranger things have happened. I was gonna say not possible, but if we trade up from 19 and retain 51, I could see it. we could get to 9 by giving up 1, 74 and a 1 next year. So in that instance we’d be able to swing it
  5. This is such a stacked OT class. We can land a starter in the 3rd. I also think there’s some very legit IOL talent. Trey Smith has huge upside. And if Wyatt Davis didn’t tear his ACL he’d be a high pick too. I’m tempted to hit OT and grab one of those guys as the heir to either guard spot. To pair with Charles or replace Scherff. TDN was offered 32 and 64 from TB for 19. 1.32: Terrace Marshall, WR LSU 2.51: Pat Friermuth, TE PSU 2.64: Stone Forsythe, OT UF 3.72: Trey Smith, IOL Tennessee 3.82: Dylan Moses, LB Alabama think that’s a big Dubb
  6. Man, this OT draft is INSANELY deep. We can probably get a legit starter at 74. I was all-in on Sewell Slater Darrisaw and Jenkins. To a lesser extent, Cosmi, Mayfield and Eichenberg. Jackson Carman is a big boy and I assume he kicks in to Guard, but him, the OT from Florida and Alex Leatherwood .... not to mention the big boy from UNI Brown ... this is a draft oozing with OT talent. Great draft to grab one ... whether it's at 19, 51. 74 or 82.
  7. Most of the Denver beat guys have them taking Parsons at #9. Think that's the likely pick even if a QB is on the board. That or a trade-down.
  8. Falcons can’t move Ryan. I think he’s have. $75m in dead cap this year because of the reworked deal he signed.
  9. 1. Lawrence 2. Wilson 3. Fields 4. Pitts 5. Chase 6. Waddle 7. Sewell 8. WFT - Lance 9. DEN - Parsons 10. DAL - Surtain 11. CHI - Jones? 12. PHI - D. Smith
  10. So this COULD be the sweet spot. And I assume there's some relationships still existing between CAR and WFT. I could certainly see us trading up to 8 to get ahead of anyone else coming up in that scenario. And regardless of what happens at 3 ... the 4th QB off the board likely goes at 8. It would probably take 19, 74 and a 2022 1st. I would probably pull the trigger as long as it was Lance or Fields. Then let Pats/Bears trade up to 9 or 10 for the last QB.
  11. Yeah, and what I keep reminding myself is that trades, especially early in the draft, are usually pretty rare. Obviously this draft could be different, but when trying to predict trades it's often best to just not try to. I think the Top 6 is either; Lawrence - Wilson - Jones - Pitts - Chase - Smith/Waddle or Lawrence - Wilson - Lance/Fields - Pitts - Chase - Smith/Waddle Certainly Sewell-Slater are very likely at 7-8 ... hard to see either team trade off a stud LT to move back into the mid to late teens. You take the blue chippers when they're on the board.
  12. Let's just assume that what Lombardi says is accurate. 1. Jacksonville - Lawrence 2. NY Jets - Wilson 3. San Fran - Mac Jones 4. Atlanta - Pitts 5. Cinci - Chase 6. Miami - Waddle Here's where I think this gets really interesting. The QB slide is on ... because I don't think either Detroit or Carolina trade out when they have Sewell or Slater staring them in the face. Maybe if the offer is juicy enough, but I have to think 7/8 lock in. 7. Detroit - Sewell 8. Carolina - Slater This is where it will heat up. Benjamin Allbrigh
  13. This makes so much more sense to me than Jones. The Jones assumptions are/were based so much on a random rumor or report. Fields seems like the more obvious choice given the draft capital. Guess we'll see. I mean that does have a massive impact on the draft. I could actually see Mac Jones fall down the board if he doesn't go to SF at 3.
  14. Restructuring Matt Ryan's deal guarantees he's in Atlanta 2 more seasons. Lance might be a good fit to sit behind him for 2 years, but you could also just stock up the roster to make a run at it with Ryan. I could see Atlanta trading back for future draft capital and current draft capital so that they can work around their cap situation. But in the end they have to have a trade partner. It's hard to see them going from 4 to 15 or 19. So the most logical choice would be Denver. But reading the tea leaves and what Ben Allbright has been saying, they seem locked into Lock for at least
  15. Here's the deal. If Lance and/or Fields (if we have a preference between the two) falls to 7 or 8 or 9 we HAVE to call and try to move up. Because 19 to 7 or 8 or 9 would cost 1+3 and our 1st next year. Or a 1-2-3 this year. I think you throw out the future 1st for sure. But if this staff has a guy circled you absolutely go get him. My guess is that it is Lance ... to sit behind Fitz for a year+ ... and if that's the case it's a deal worth doing. Mariota + Lance was my pipedream going into the off-season, so here's to being able to execute it without mortgaging the future.
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