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  1. Google celebrating Cesar Chavez on Easter = Hilarious.
  2. Sounds like you had a black out. You may not have had much, but its much more likely you were in a "brown out" since you remember bits and pieces rather than got roofied
  3. Thanks to the Wire, I know now that "number 1 male" means black male. Maryland code. I do find that interesting.
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  5. the past 3 weeks have just been painful to watch. I know several others who have given up on the show. I will bet the gov doesn't die on the season finale, or he will die and then be back next season, cuz he didn't actually die. I wish Andrea had just knifed him in his sleep. That would have been some good ****. Instead it was all to predictable what she was going to do.
  6. House of Cards is A++ American Horror Story was pretty good (only seen season 1) Personally, I have found this season of The Walking Dead boring and almost unwatchable. The writing is just so bad and I can't seem to care about any characters. But liked the first 2 seasons Also, LOST is on Netflix, and that was the best show ever made imo
  7. The lincoln lawyer. OK I just the whole "Leaving Las Vegas" stuff above...great movie, sad that I have known a few to do the same. Spoiler alert: did not work out the same
  8. Has the US postal service cut out delivering mail on Saturdays yet? Anyone?? I need to know asap
  9. I'm gonna be brief in this thread.... I have traveled and lived overseas and their is more of a community sense over there. The attitude is pretty much "we will gladly take care of our own" and they can't understand the poverty in America while others live these amazingly lavish lifestyles. I get both sides of the basic argument on health care, and its a complex issue. But, I think that the world in general (all of it) is moving towards this socialized medicine. There are a lot of poor people who maybe are born with conditions that really get screwed. So why should my money that I work hard for help pay for the crack head who refuses to work hips replacement? Well, maybe because he is a person too and that a life of not working and being lazy, doing drugs, drinking, scamming welfare isn't much of a happy life... And people do change...It's not unheard of I dunno I just speak from experience of living overseas. Everyone was cared for and I didn't get the impression that the care was that much worse than a private USA doc. The entire attitude was just different. Basically, it made me think how some people are really and truly born ****ed in this country of no fault of their own. While, in another country, they would at least have their health.
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