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  1. Keep the gold for only the burgundy jerseys....Burgundy on Burgundy is turrible, unless its Caliendo dueling Ferrell as Ron Burgundy.
  2. I hate Bruce and don't miss him but really loved the gold pants as it brought me back to the olden times when we made our first SB. Monochromatic reminds me of the suits Michael Irvin wears...blech.
  3. I assume just like last week that Alex will be rested and on the side maybe throwing thru Thursday with Taylor getting all first team reps until seeing if Alex can go on Friday. This is a good use of time by Ron for Taylor but also will lead to rust for Alex though he has to rest that leg. Taylor will be ready if called upon I assume and he'll know the gameplan for this week. I'm sure Alex's mental reps and experience has him understanding the gameplan as well.
  4. Looking at that Matchup with rankings, we'll need our DTs to push up front and win those matchups. Tom isn't too mobile so won't be leaving the pocket around the ends as Chase and Sweat will chase him down easily. Then Stunts swinging our ends around to come up the middle could be great. We need to look at our scheme vs Pitt as Brady has a similar fast release like Ben. Either way, just happy to have more WFT to root for this season. Woot!!
  5. Was just thinking that as the Giants are moving the ball well vs Dallas.
  6. Appreciate that stat. I have PTGS. Post traumatic gruden syndrome.
  7. Greaaaaat. Our record blows in prime time.
  8. He's probably already got a "C" tattooed on his chest in the same spot anyway to show off to the strippers.
  9. Well as the Ole Ball Coach would say...."Hindsight is 50 - 50".
  10. Wright looks like he can have some gem upside to him. Hopefully we'll try him at PR as Sims Jr. is an East and West runner vs North and South. I can see B Mitch yelling at the screen every time he catches, hesitates, zig zags, and dives to the ground.
  11. how bout WFT fans? I am actually looking forward to a Turner called offense and seeing how Gibson and McKissic run CMC routes and fly around the field. Put Sims Jr in cris-crosses as well and get some chunk plays for once.
  12. Goodell is probably talking about Dan's investigation with the lady that defended Kavanaugh (didn't mean to bring up politics Mods just can't recall her name, show pity on me please).
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