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  1. RabidFan

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    That is very well put and how I feel. I don't want to overpay for Rosen (nothing higher than a 3rd would be ok...be cheap bruce) nor overdraft someone but Colt is not going to last more than 3 weeks a year. Case hopefully can at least stay healthy but he's a journeyman and we need a starter for the future. Some move has to be made this year at least with one of our 3rds and that would mean we'd be drafting with our 1st rounder next year on a starter.
  2. RabidFan

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I think a 2nd pick is plenty for Rosen, we don't need to add any picks from next year. He's not a can't miss prospect so don't break the bank with so many holes. Plus he seems like an overconfident dbag. Nothing wrong with confidence if your talent supports it. I've said before that I think Lock an Grier have the moxie for being a leader of men out there an hoping to elevate others around them. I'd prefer elite Edge, TE, or OL at #15 or trade back and get OL or TE in first and get an extra pick as we have several holes to fill: ILB, EDGE, WRs, OG, CB, S, ....sheesh
  3. RabidFan

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Oh he sucks alright.
  4. A 'laggy stream'? You should get a shot of penicillin for that. LOL
  5. RabidFan

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    How about the old "un-named source" canard?
  6. RabidFan

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I previously said that after watching the QBs at the combine, it looked like Lock and Grier had the swagger about them...the "it" factor if you will. We've heard the Skins like Lock, Jones, and now hearing Haskins which would go into the "sniffing around the Jets #3" is all about. As SIP said, if lock falls to 15 or to 12 i would take him. Grier hopefully could be had in the 2nd or 3rd but teams go crazy for QBs at the draft so one might jump to back of 1st to get one and that additional contract year. Sets up perfect for New England to get more picks and richer.
  7. Randall Cobb visiting Dallas....wish we would bring him in as he can play outside as well so Quinn can man the slot.
  8. McKinzy was flying all over the field when healthy and had a burst that Mason did not. Perhaps the offseason and more reps will get him going. It took a while for Ionidis and Murphy to get going so we can only hope that MCkinzy can,
  9. Now we're reading the tea leaves on posted emojis...what has this world come too. What happened to the "hey this guy is supposedly at Mortons" rant. Ha Ha
  10. Remember when they gave Shane Matthews (was it?) Sonny's number? That was blasphemy. I think Taylor's is unofficially retired by Snyder himself which is a classy move. Has anyone worn #28 since Darrell retired or 81 since Monk has? memory fogs as I age and booze it up nightly. True but he'd be a good mentor ala Henry Ellard for the youngins. Plus he'd truly outplay the other vets like Quick has.
  11. Nelson in 2018: He appeared in 15 games and made 63 catches for 739 yards and three touchdowns last season. that would be good on our team. Just released
  12. I'm sure the Bears will offer Ha Ha more money than we would. Ha Ha kinda was shocked about the easyness of Club Jay when he arrived (as many free agents do) I remember reading somewhere. Bring on Tre Boston and fill some other holes. Didn't Doug say we were eyeing some June 1 cuts from other teams as well. Perhaps we save some reserved dough for that or at least wait until then to cut or restructure people if money is needed. I don't see why we aren't working hard to extend Scherff as its a no brainer and the cream of the OL FA crop has been signed so the agent knows the values to shoot for. Come on Schaeffer, do your magic.