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  1. Was thinking that too but damn impressive vid. The Stringer “Ringyer” Bell of the NFL.
  2. Mike Strachan just sounds like he's destined for the Giants. I'd be thrilled with a starting OT and OG outta this draft.
  3. Could always add Sherman on outside post draft. His numbers were good and would give us a year to find another guy
  4. Im down with that. We know Scherff is gone next year. Or Hopefully Charles can play LG and we move Sweitzer to his natural RG spot, just need an LT. 3rd for baby zeus on draft day solves that too and opens up #19.
  5. Smith-Williams got more backup DE reps as season went along. And do we still have Brailford?
  6. Man I've been coming back to this page hourly hoping to see an alert of over 30 replies since last visit which would mean we did something. Been damn arse quiet since the quick event with Humphrey. All we see is alerts that other teams have picked up or resigned peeps that have been of interest on hear. Kind of disappointing but I trust the coaches on who they think will fit the system best and why spend money on an injured placeholder if we like someone in the draft? Ron and JDR are NFL linebackers so they of all people know who is good and has the sills to fit a system so i'm
  7. My thoughts exactly. If they feel Brown is better than Darrishaw then it it, trade back to get your 3rd back and draft Collins at LB or stud WR in first. TE, FS, CB, OG/QB thru 4th.
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