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  1. Wright looks like he can have some gem upside to him. Hopefully we'll try him at PR as Sims Jr. is an East and West runner vs North and South. I can see B Mitch yelling at the screen every time he catches, hesitates, zig zags, and dives to the ground.
  2. how bout WFT fans? I am actually looking forward to a Turner called offense and seeing how Gibson and McKissic run CMC routes and fly around the field. Put Sims Jr in cris-crosses as well and get some chunk plays for once.
  3. Goodell is probably talking about Dan's investigation with the lady that defended Kavanaugh (didn't mean to bring up politics Mods just can't recall her name, show pity on me please).
  4. First he has to lose his net worth so he can't be above the law anymore. I'm curious if this so called internal investigation being run by that hired attorney of Dan's would have any of this information in her report. Too bad they didn't file a report first with a Frank Dreben nothing to see here line after ousting the bad apples, then these articles came out. Would show the corruption and idiocy of Goodell by not ordering his own impartial 3rd party investigation.
  5. True but it seems like Ron is picking that position as of now. Maybe Wright would eventually be the one to select future HCs and GMs but seems to only be on the business side for now.
  6. Maybe its a Covid fog but for some reason i read that as Joe Piscopo not Pesci and pictured him with his 88 magnum and his minions in Johnny Dangerously....still works. great old slapstick flick that one. Thanks for the unintentional memories of it.
  7. I wonder how they would do this, you bring up a good point. Lotto balls maybe like NBA but for all teams based on previous teams records
  8. I know it was brought back by Bruce but I'm going to miss the gold (yellow) pants. Reminded me of the old days which were good and not as controversial. Can always see Larry Brown running in those unis in my head. Good times.
  9. Isn't Washington Football Team what Peter King used to call us after refusing to say Redskins? if so he probably read that Schefter tweet with his pants around his ankles.
  10. “Your Mom puts license plates in your underwear? How do you sit?” don’t sleep on Top Secret for more great Val lines.
  11. Why when i read this i hear it in my head in the voice of DJ Khalid....which totally ruins the statement for me as anything but annoying.
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