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  1. RabidFan

    Welcome to the Redskins Chase Young DE Ohio State

    I'm in this camp plus good if we get multiple picks for Trent as long as we resign Scherff (will injury clause) and Flowers. As someone stated if we get Tua we have to replace Moses...perhaps Scherff can move over and Wes Martin fills in at G. Sorry for the OL talk but if Trent is gone we have to replace but rather not use our 1st rounder whatever it is.
  2. RabidFan

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Harrison Bryant looks like a gamer. Ran some routes with bursts out of his breaks.
  3. I kinda get what Mel is saying. Hard to disagree with Tua's talent over Dwayne and we already have DL but knowing our luck even with new staff that we'd be snakebit with more injuries....but hell that could go with any of our picks. Snakebit Snyder.
  4. Its illogical that this regime would leak such a thing if they wanted out of the Haskins business. If they did they would praise him up so he has trade value if they were going to draft Tua or another QB. So this stinks of Jay or maybe O'Connell saying this crap.
  5. RabidFan

    Ooooweee Dunbar wants to be traded!

    Whoever is guiding him is presenting bad optics ESPECIALLY with a new coaching staff after Ron said basically "buy in or get out". Christ kid, give it til new league year to see if they come to you after hopefully handling the big ticket items first like Ryan, Trent, Scherff. The "Ize gotta gets mindze" mantra is lame for a person in his sitch. Its his fault that he ****ed and requested a trade in media to then back off then ask for contract talks. Damn backwards ass thinking. Ask first and if the team tells you straight up No or you're not in their plans for a contract talk right now, then ask for trade.
  6. RabidFan

    Jordan Reed Is In Concussion Protocol

    and Batten down the Hentges
  7. RabidFan

    Cuts to get 100 million in Cap Space???

    Well stated. I said before that I read early off-season that Kerrigan had already instructed his agent to work on finding a way contract wise to stay with the team. Can't have enough rushers IMO (see how Giants and Eagles beat Pats and suffocated Brady in the SBs). Ryan has been nothing but steady, professional, and a great piece on and off the field in DC. He's due having a quality coach, scheme, and team. He's earned a chance at success here so I hope they an work it out.
  8. RabidFan


    I remember reading that Jay hand picked Richardson to come and be his deep threat. He pleaded with Bruce to go sign him. Glad those 2 jamokes are gone.....Norman and Richardson too.
  9. JMS, appreciate the breakdown as very informative. Didn't we offer Scherff $13M a year already and he turned it down? I think he wants more than that and isn't that a lot for Boston considering his recent contracts? Maybe we can shave a little off that for Brandon. IMO, I don't think we'll trade Kerrigan as he's been a pro's pro and consistent and beloved by the community, fans, and Snyder. Plus there was a report of him already telling his agent to work hard with the team and his contract to keep him here. I for one hope he stays as you can't have enough pass rushers as seen by Phi and NYG taking down the Pats in the SB. And our depth in most spots has been not starting caliber so I'm all for it if we can make it work financially. He's a ROH player for sure so would love for him to retire a Skin.
  10. Lotta guys standing on tables. LOL As you said of Kiper was true, and also that Jay had an eye for talent in Ionidis and wasn't he one that suggested Dunbar move to DB? I also recall Jay "standing on a table" for Trey Quinn for multiple rounds and we ended up with him in last pick of draft. And the undrafted Sims Jr has outplayed him and grabbed his starting slot gig. I'd like to know who was in charge of the undrafted signees over the past 2-4 seasons as we seem to be pretty good at that.
  11. RabidFan

    2021 Superbowl odds... yes, they are already out :)

    So she's the opposite of Joey T's predictions. Maybe Larry Michael should have shown her the Skintangibles every week for the last several years. HaHa. I know those are going away but always gave me a laugh at their absurdity. I know most abhor Larry here but I'd love to have his gig/s.
  12. RabidFan

    Welcome to the Redskins Chase Young DE Ohio State

    How does Young compare to either Bosa? Curious to hear by those watching him all year.
  13. RabidFan

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    How does Young compare to either Bosa? Curious to hear by those watching him all year.
  14. RabidFan

    OC - Scott Turner incoming

    Kirk is 9 years older and was drafted in the 4th round. Plus we know he's meticulous when it comes to his daily minutes schedule. Dwayne had a superb year in college for and was a Heisman finalist. He's very entitled and jury is out for me in regards to his maturity and humility. Ron will find the truth either way.
  15. RabidFan

    OC - Scott Turner incoming

    All great things but what percent of young kids would do that? I hope he does but if he isn't doing what the coaches have already asked, we'll see a vet get a shot. I know the bearded Haarvard grad Fitzmagic could pick up the system quickly.