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  1. Can't wait to see Defenses try to stop Terry, Sims Jr., and Gibson running crossing routes at the same time. Any of the 3 can take it to the house at any time with their speed. Then maybe have a TE or AGG on field run straight down the seam on sideline and all we need is some time for Dwayne to let the ball fly.
  2. Hopefully we can sign moss undrafted
  3. Prince would have been a nice RT prospect for future..sucks Philly got him. Moss would be a nice ender to the draft. Him or Bryant. I'm sure Danny would love the optics of having HOFer Randy Moss in his suite during games.
  4. Fyi, NFL.com has Ismael as 5th best center and Dallas guy was 6th. comp was JD Walton
  5. We’re up so commercial break. Lol Hall comped to Bradberry so makes sense
  6. This. The early years were the Young and the Restless with his firings and high free agent spending. Gibbs 2.0 was the Bold and the Beautiful making 2 playoff appearances. Then Bruce drafting oft-injured players and our recent injury woes have been General Hospital. Finally the ousting of Bruce and hiring Ron as our Guiding Light. HA
  7. Skip is a Cowboy fan so of course he hates us getting Chase. He'll probably talk up Lamb being the next Jerry Rice.
  8. Would taking Winfield allow them to package Harris with a pick to us? Harris is on an unsigned franchise tag so they would save a lot of money shipping him out.
  9. Ouch good call. maybe if they trade for trent they cut him and no one claims him. I just am sick of Moses.
  10. I'd take a day 3 pick if they throw in Rieff....maybe he could supplant Moses yellow flagged arse. lol
  11. True but he would have been the best QB we'd had since I was a wee lad.