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  1. RabidFan

    Skins at Filthadumpia Game Day Thread

    Without going thru 100 pages, does anyone know the actual snap count Smallwood played? I looked online and couldn't find a site that had Special Teams snap counts and our run game was terrible.
  2. True but doesn't mean he has to like it. Remember how he was always in Sean Payton's ear about lack of carries? I know he's getting close on many legendary stats and thinks he takes care of himself enough to last some more time, so he probably doesn't want to be a part time player. I'd give him the ball until he breaks Emmitt's record. LOL
  3. Yeah and we could have thrown in Doctson. LOL
  4. RabidFan

    Press Release: #Redskins Quotes- Gruden

    like when Carlos Rogers left here and had a pro bowl year after getting Lasic fans ripped the org. But we told him many times to get his eyes checked but he wouldn't when he was here. Good times.
  5. RabidFan

    The 2019 nfl cuts and who we should be interested

    Eagles or Dallas will pick him up
  6. 2 on IR? Is one Bryce Love I hope? Anyone on PUP?
  7. RabidFan

    Redskins receiving corp is beginning to shape up

    Sims could have been beaten out by Sims Jr last night since he's a returner. Harmon and Davis have the big bodies like Cam so one of them will be the odd man out unless we can unload Doctson or just cut his arse. Keep the youth and send Quick and Josh packing.
  8. RabidFan

    The current status of the Redskins o-line.

    Totally agree with that. Also think Persh should make the team as he can play C and OG and its not like Bergstrom has been lights out. Martin hopefully takes over at LG soon.
  9. If they are playing hardball with Trent, I'm not opposed to it. If they are planning on trading him as he is pulling a Champ Bailey "i want out" scenario, then do it but wait till get as much as possible. As preseason goes on, needs from all teams will increase and the value could go up. Once he is traded or damn close to it, they need to have a written much higher offer (than given before) to Scherff as he has kept quiet and worked every day. Sounds like Martin is coming along at LG so having youth in the interior OL for years to come would be great.
  10. The Christian thing makes zero sense. If you're a baller stud, you welcome competition and beat them out. When the whole team realizes Christian is a project, you laugh. Anyway it's been said for years by our coaches that Ty was a starter on any other team thus he would get his chance so you need a backup swing tackle. So I don't buy the narrative that Trent (being top 3 LT's in league) feeling threatened by Christian being drafted. That is BS reporter pot stirring ****e. Makes no sense yet if it's real than Trent is very paranoid. Hell he saw Christian suck year 1 so why feel threatened. Trent has been suspended 2x for weed, yeah he plays hurt but suspensions didn't help us either. As Theisman said when he signed his new deal 2yrs ago he was the highest paid LT, you can't **** if market changes during your deal. I get if he's physically altered from unnecessary facial surgery, that would piss me off for sure but come out and say it. We are grown men.
  11. RabidFan

    Fun With Eli's Drunk Pic

    and now the liver spots on her shoulder make sense.
  12. RabidFan

    2019 Starting Free Safety will be......

    And I thought they'd be training Holsey at the slot position along with Moreau last year until Moreau had to come in due to injuries. Stroman got killed on the outside so maybe they switched and them and thought more of Stroman than Holsey.
  13. RabidFan

    2019 NFL Draft discussion thread

    Don't sleep on Holcombe too....tackling machine and Kyle said he's smart enough to call the defense. Be great if Ruben works out and the nIcredible Holcombe can unseat Mason the man who hates fans. LOL
  14. RabidFan

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    The Lizard King has spoken.