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  1. It’s coming down steady since 430pm here south of Annapolis, MD.
  2. It’s starting to stick to roads here, south of Annapolis.
  3. What’s the word on this Sunday storm, family? I am reading 3-5 inches of snow for the Annapolis, MD area. News is over calling it at 7-10 inches.
  4. I haven’t been on the forum in years. Saw some nasty weather predictions and my first instinct was to come back here because the Guru’s always get it right!!
  5. Under Options, switch to Wait Mode. Slows down combat.
  6. So full disclosure.... total Final Fantasy nerd/fanboy here. Played them all. Ive been playing Final Fantasy XV for two weeks now. It's incredible! Definitely worth a buy. They've built two games in one. You can continue to play a turn-based game or have a slash-fest. CGI cutscenes are incredible as always. They even made a full film to give a thorough backstory of the world they created (on Amazon Prime). So so glad to see FF put out a good game again. The last few have not lived up to the predecessors.
  7. Man. That's messed up. No warrant? ****ty attitude? You know those cops talked all kinds of trash after they left too.
  8. Wow. What the **** were the cops thinking?
  9. So I want to take an existing cabinet and stuff a beer/wine fridge in it. Anyone down a project like this?
  10. McGregor wants to move up to 155 lbs and win a different division. The Aldo rematch would have to be quick. Within a yr
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