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Lots of little regrets out there, of course, but nothing that time hasn't healed. I am a much more thoughtful and kind person now than i was in my youth.

Actually, I have one. Not really a regret, but certainly a "what if."

About 20 years ago, I took the Foreign Service Examination, and was offered a commission. It was my dream job, but I turned it down, largely because my wife did not want to give up her career and follow me around the world as a diplomat's spouse.

So now I will always wonder what it would have been like to have been in the State Department.

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Not persuing sports with as much gusto. I was quite good at volleyball, tennis, and soccer but got lazy/burnt out. Not saying I could have gone pro or anything, but you never know...

This,I put work ahead of football

other than that it is minor things that I'm fairly certain worked out best the way they did.

in general I'm content

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I've been involved with a lot of criminal activities, some extremely violent. I regret that I felt the need to go down that road.

I regret that I got so angry after my Mom died and I lost my family and started a war with everything else.

I regret a ton of things I've done. Sometimes I regret getting tattooed, sometimes I don't. I regret not learning how to play music, but then I probably wouldn't be a writer.

I regret cheating on a girl I dated a long time ago. I regret cheating on a lot of girls, but if it wasn't for that one, there may not have been the others and maybe I wouldn't be so alone. Of course then I wouldn't live on a tropical island, although some days I regret that too.

I think the only things I truly regret is things I've done that have drastically changed others lives in negative ways, due to violence. Of course being that extreme, has led to me being the sweet gentle kind soul I am today.

I've learned to accept a lot of things I've done and let go of my regret in most cases. There has been a lot, but it's made me who I am, I wish it wasn't at other cost, but most days, I like me and I think I've done well to be a good kind man.

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Hell yes. And I really don't believe anyone who says that have absolutely no regrets.

I regret many decisions made from 2006-2011. The biggest regret was walking down the aisle to something I deep down knew wouldn't work out. I'd take that back if I could.

That said, the experience helped me mature very quickly and I've come through it a hell of a lot wiser. So it wasn't all bad :)

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Nothing major, I would say. But even with the regrets they didn't turn out so bad and you live with it and adjust.

-Probably would not have bought my first car new. I could've bought a nice used car and saved a bunch of money.

-Probably would've chosen a different major in college, chemistry or engineering.

-Probably would've gone to the bars less in college and the first few years out of school, not saying not have fun but just not default to a bar several days a week. Gotten involved with more activities. I burned through too much money in a hedonistic lifestyle.

-I broke up with my college girlfriend and should not have let it affect me as long as it did

-Been more serious about my career from the start. Not that I'm nowhere now, but I def slacked at my first real job.

Again, no biggies, thank God but I think we can all rationalize that our actions decisions eventually ended us up in the best place but there's truth to the fact that if I'd made the decisions above differently, I think my life would even be more positive now.

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Though I'm very happy with my marriage, I always wonder what would have happened if I had spoken to my high school crush years ago. We keep in contact after high school as friends, and we both admitted that we had crushes on each other but neither of us ever spoke about it.

She now is an operations manager for GE in Atlanta making $155,000 a year, and she models part time...... :(

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