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  1. Part of the reason Taylor "hasn't gotten a legit shot", is because he can't stay healthy.
  2. The calf injury should be a red flag for him personally in terms of quality of life after football. I think it was the surgery leg and i I think it was a non contact injury. The leg just couldn't support playing pro football. Maybe I mis-understood. Add: Leaving after this season puts a nice bow on the story anyway. He gets to end on a high note after having come back from a terrible injury to turn around the team, spark them to the playoffs, and win come back player of the year. After some time to reflect on the situation, I can't see any way he doesn't retire).
  3. All he has to do is protect the ball, check it down, and make five or six plays during the game. Easier said than done.
  4. #4 looked good but it looked to me like the Panthers were playing soft. Keeping everything in front of them. Four man rushes, not much blitzing. I like how he played but am not buying it to him being the next Drew Brees.
  5. For the record, Foles was drafted by the Eagles. He left, then came back. But he was drafted by the Eagles.
  6. If nothing else, we can finally put the Haskins experiment to bed for good and with confidence.
  7. Very conservative game plan they must not be feeling great about opening it up with Haskins.
  8. I don't know enough about how the current contracts space out but it seems like the window on the D-Line won't be open forever and it's the strongest unit on the team. If we're going to win something, it's going to be while this unit is together. In that context, I *think* we should be in win now mode next year.
  9. Hope we get organized on the other side of the ball before the window closes on the D-Line.
  10. Our D dominated the third quarter, again.
  11. Wouldn't surprise me to see him get a renegotiated contract.
  12. We are better in the second half of games. That is a welcome change to the Gruden years.
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