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  1. Fair enough. I like it. I like not having a new mascot. I like maintaining the colors. I like its unique nature.
  2. Maybe "satisfies" is the wrong word. It's a compromise. As you say, it is neither a full clean break, nor does it maintain the entire tradition. It is a middle ground solution. I like it for that reason. I also really like the idea of no new mascot.
  3. I like WFT because it satisfies both camps. It doesn't have "red" in it so it's a clean break from the old name. But it maintains the colors and doesn't introduce a new mascot so there is still a tie to the past.
  4. I love the QB situation in the sense that nobody is making a ton of money so there won't be financial pressure to start one QB over another. Yes, Fitzpatrick is the more accomplished player but if Heineke wins the job, there won't be a salary consideration hanging over the coaching staff's head. The best player will start.
  5. I prefer BPA and don't think that was the BPA.
  6. I live in CO and that's the talk on sports radio. If not, the Cowboys could take him at 10.
  7. Jerry Rice's other kid Brenden plays for University of Colorado and is really good.
  8. Broncos, Raiders, Falcons, Panthers, Chargers, Eagles twice, Giants twice. Meh. Not particularly scary IMO.
  9. Yea that's right. I was on top of the world for three quarters, then they scored 31 in the fourth.
  10. I live in Colorado and am pumped the WFT are coming to Mile High. Last time they were here was 2012 (RG3).
  11. I wonder what Bryce Love is doing this exact moment.
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