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  1. If we're going to run it, I'd like to see us sneak it on 2nd and 1. Especially with the D-tackles over the guards. And such a big QB.
  2. It's a positive thing. I'm also not inclined to give this organization the benefit of the doubt on anything. Not yet anyway. As someone once said, "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice.. you can't get fooled again."
  3. Love that it appears to be written by a normal human, not a PR team.
  4. Hard to argue with the result. Twenty seven straight points on offense and a defensive shutout.
  5. What happened in the locker room at half time may turn out to be as important as anything he did on the field.
  6. It might have been a small one, but I saw him take a step forward. It's encouraging to see him get better game by game.
  7. Good defensive lines are supposed to dominate bad offensive lines, and they did. Can't ask for anything more.
  8. Saw this on nfl.com. I guess it makes sense in this context but still looks weird.
  9. Looking back over Barber's career, he played in all 16 games each of the last three years. 15 games his rookie season. Seems pretty durable (finger's crossed).
  10. Interesting insight in to Gibson's projected workload. Sounds like they're going to work him like McCaffery.
  11. I think Al Noga was our big free agent signing that first year of free agency. Oy.
  12. Sounds like Logan Thomas is having a good camp. Plus plenty of opportunity.
  13. I like the temporary name and wish they would keep it.
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