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  1. I would have kicked it. Even as bad as we were, I thought we were the better team in the second half and had all the momentum. Kick the PAT and go to overtime with confidence; having just tied the game late.
  2. https://twitter.com/thecheckdown/status/1316918781793521665?s=20
  3. I think it was intended as a motivational tactic but it was a gamble that failed. Now you've painted your self in to a corner. I get it though, you want to see how the kid responds.
  4. https://www.turfshowtimes.com/2020/10/8/21505995/rams-preview-week-5-washington?src=rss Lots of stuff in this article about the Haskins goings-on. Too much to quote here, but one interesting thing is a comment about how there was a de facto QB competition in training camp and Haskins beat out KA who didn't look good.
  5. I'm of the opinion that we are rebuilding anyway so why not play him? What, you'll win 6 games instead of 4, with Allen? The only people who think we'll win the division with Allen or even Alex Smith are looking at the situation through rose colored glasses. I am not a Haskins supporter I think he was a bad pick and we're seeing it. But the only way to know for sure is to play him and there's nothing to lose this year anyway. Plus, what if it "clicks" for him? You won't know if you don't play him.
  6. This smells like a motivational tactic and I bet we see him named the starter again; perhaps sooner rather than later.
  7. Its weird to me that they couldn't tell before the season that Haskins wasn't ready. I guess maybe not having those pre season games really affected their ability to evaluate him. Because if you had known, you could have had him sit for some period of time to "develop him".
  8. Common refrain. Dating back to Greg Blache and beyond.
  9. Felt like a team that knew they were going to get beaten even before the game started.
  10. Yes but it would still be a wasted first round pick. A team with a potentially dominant young defensive line has a small window to win, ideally with a QB on a rookie deal. It will be a blow if Haskins doesn't pan out. If he doesn't - whether he's Snyder's pick or not - it may spell the end for seeing what this team can be with a competent QB and the D line in tact.
  11. Not great timing for a developing QB looking to take a step forward. He's going to get an Ravens team looking to bounce back after getting handled by the Chiefs.
  12. All that aside, this coaching staff is obviously able to adjust better than the last during games and I for one find that to be a sign of a considerably more professionally run operation.
  13. When I said the same thing to my friends, they looked at me crazy. Couldn't get their heads around "how that would work". I love it. It's not even nameless per se. Just, Washington. And it maintains lineage to the old team without injecting something new like a redwolf or some other mascot. Just drop the derogatory part.
  14. If we're going to run it, I'd like to see us sneak it on 2nd and 1. Especially with the D-tackles over the guards. And such a big QB.
  15. It's a positive thing. I'm also not inclined to give this organization the benefit of the doubt on anything. Not yet anyway. As someone once said, "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice.. you can't get fooled again."
  16. Love that it appears to be written by a normal human, not a PR team.
  17. Hard to argue with the result. Twenty seven straight points on offense and a defensive shutout.
  18. What happened in the locker room at half time may turn out to be as important as anything he did on the field.
  19. It might have been a small one, but I saw him take a step forward. It's encouraging to see him get better game by game.
  20. Good defensive lines are supposed to dominate bad offensive lines, and they did. Can't ask for anything more.
  21. Saw this on nfl.com. I guess it makes sense in this context but still looks weird.
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